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Black Night

Gulshan Lake Park. Lucy was standing in front of the gate, alone and scared. This was definitely the last place anyone would like to put their precious steps unless some psycho had any suicidal thoughts lurking in their head. Lucy was no different from those normal people. And to her, right now, her boss was that psycho.

“This night is truly cursed!” She muttered under her breath before forcing her feet to proceed forward and walk in through the gate.

Lucy crossed the gate and the dark, cold environment of the park embraced her as soon as she stepped there. Lucy remembered about the latest murder incident here that she read in the newspaper, a few days ago. That digger's death and that horribly deformed face of his could easily terrify someone. After that incident, all the diggers protested to not work here anymore. To handle the whole situation, the investigating organization stopped the searching process immediately. But it was easy to guess they will come back soon to finish their search. They were just waiting for the right time to come.

The park tonight seemed took the responsibility to make Lucy’s dark, tensed thoughts more real. The top of those big, sky-touching trees there were like dancing and shaking their head at Lucy while cool breeze blowing there, needless to mention the ghostly shape and shadow that was formed by those scattered shrubberies here and there. Crickets and other insects looked like forgot to make noise. The whole environment was so heavy as if the park was holding its breath before something unwanted to happen. The only thing Lucy could hear at that moment was the noise of crunching dead leaves beneath her feet as she walked.

She was walking to her front when she heard a strange noise of thud from her left. There was an extremely tall and sky touching tree standing there with its extensive umbrella-like branches and those dark green leaves that were creating shadow enough to make some chicken-heart sweat and faint, right then and there. Lucy would never consider herself as a chicken-hearted, although, she’d have to accept that the sudden noise made her startle for good.

Lucy instantly adverted her gaze toward the tree, curious and excited. When her body responded to her brain’s command, she found herself making a motion to the tree. With each step, her heartbeat rate rapidly fastened in an awkward feeling of fear.

“Everything is fine, all cool, nothing’s wrong, just breath, Lucy,” Lucy said to herself, trying to calm down her unstable nerves while approaching the tree.

When she eventually made it to the tree and looked past it, she couldn’t help but gasp aloud. She couldn’t believe her own eyes. Just a few steps far from her, there has been a human figure lying on the soft grass. She saw him with the help of the light of the nearby lamppost on her left, near some shrubberies. He had his hand tied with rope, resting on his stomach and mouth covered with some white fabric. There was no blood on his body so Lucy couldn’t tell if he was dead or merely unconscious. The fact of a body lying there didn’t surprise her that much as the fact that the poor soul who was lying at that place was none other than her boss, Daniel Roger.

There was no one else to be found on whom Lucy could put the blame for her boss’s poor condition. Thus, she decided to rush to him to check if he was still breathing or not. She bent down near him and quickly put fingers near his nose. After checking his nostril, she felt relief a bit and relaxed her tensed muscles. He was still there. But being shocked and confused, Lucy couldn’t think out of who could attack him and most importantly, why.

As if to answer her unspoken question, a shadow fell on Daniel Roger’s unconscious face which made Lucy look up instantly. The first thing that captured her eyes was a bright white hat. Then, the intense glance of those gray eyes who clothed himself with a white suit, pants, and shoes. Lucy felt her throat dry when trying to swallow a lump. That man smiled at her pale look.

“Hello, Lucy. How things have been going?” He asked in his ever calm and casual voice.

Lucy opened her mouth to reply, but no sound came out from there, even after her hardest effort. It was then, Lucy noticed, they weren’t the only ones in that respect. Few more shadows came out of the darkness to join. They were a female and two male human figures at that place. Lucy couldn’t recognize any of them.

The female had an athletic build, dark brown braided hair, sharp face with an intense glare of black eyes. She was wearing a fitting navy blue T-shirt, black leggings with matching combat boots. Her hands were crossed near her chest with a tight grip on the shiny revolver in left hand.

Among the men, one was a dark-skinned and extremely tall with a strict gymnastic build. He seemed under-dressed due to his ordinary white cotton shirt and black pants and a pair of black slippers. He was standing barehanded, but a cut under his left eyes was enough to tell Lucy what he was capable to do to her.

The man standing next to him looked comparatively more civilized. Even he was more attractive than any of the men standing there. He was in a complete corporate suit hiding his undoubtedly well worked out body with a light blue, button-down shirt, denim jacket and pants, and black loafer. A lady-killer smirk was plastered on his face. He simply radiated with the charm all over his existence. His hands were tucked back in a gentlemanly way. In another situation, Lucy could easily drool over that man in front of her. But right now, he was as equally dangerous as the rest of the people present in the park. She could just feel it.

After checking all three of them out, Lucy gazed back to the White Man who had, by then, a smile plastered on his face. Then she faced down at the motionless body of Daniel Roger. Lucy closed her eyes. She used all her strength to gather up the courage to talk. When she felt ready, she opened those eyes and stood up facing the White Man. Lucy met his glittering eyes and with a sigh, she began,

“What did you do to him?” She asked roughly as much as possible. In a flash of second her eyes traveled on the other peoples’ face, especially Mr. Attractive’s one.

Mr. White let out a breath and then replied calmly, “We simply helped him to get some sleep, dear. Don’t worry about it.”

Lucy narrowed her eyes.

“Don’t worry! Are you telling me not to worry? Ah, come on, Mister, I have to worry. After all, this is the business,” Roughness in her voice came out naturally this time.

She wondered for once where did she get such courage to speak with him like this. Though, she’d have to check her tongue next time to concentrate on her voice tone.

“Little Miss Avasti had worked out on her confidence level I see,” Mockery was clear in his voice with a clear hint of warning.

Lucy didn’t reply.

“Well, now that you’ve talked about business, I think it’s time for us to pay you for your fair share in the job.”

Lucy’s eyes glimmered at the mention of payment.

“Ar-are you really paying me?”

Mr. White grinned at her, “Sure, why not. I’m a man of my own words, remember.”

He looked over that monstrously tall man.

“Monti!” He ordered.

Monti, in return, just nodded slightly. Then turned back and faded off into the darkness. When he came back after a few minutes, there was a silver suitcase in his hand. By exchanging a quick nod of approval from his boss, Monti headed toward Lucy and handed her the suitcase. Lucy looked at Monti and then Mr. White, who motioned her to open it. Lucy did as he said. Her eyes widened with a surprised look.

“All these are mine?” She whispered to herself, touching the money, still in shock.

“Yes, all of this is yours and I would like to thank you for your honest contribution that day. Without you, Saravi would never go to Chittagong for further investigation. You’ve truly helped us!” He stated with a satisfied grin.

“But if you really want to trap her then why are you people letting her get closer to the truth, to you, if I say specifically?” Lucy asked Mr. White. She just couldn’t keep her curious mouth shut.

Mr. White furrowed his eyebrows, a gesture which was enough for Lucy to understand her mistake.

“Curiosity is not so good for health, Ms. Avasti,” He stated through gritted teeth.

Lucy swallowed a lump again. She looked down at the body of Daniel Roger. She wanted to ask what they would do to him but couldn’t gather more courage to speak them out. Rather, she said,

“I-I think I should leave now.”

“Oh well, It really is your time to go now,” He said with a smirk.

There was something cold in his voice Lucy couldn’t figure out. But it already sent a cold shrill through her spine. Ignoring her weird feelings and leaving the matter there, she nodded toward Mr. White and turned back to watch others. Her eyes traveled those people’s faces and she stopped for extra two seconds to glance at the handsomeness. No wonder he had the desired effect on her. Seeing her watching him, he smiled his best charming smile ever, enough to make Lucy uncomfortable with blush, then and there. Lucy returned the smile and turned back.

She must leave the place as soon as possible. She had a good deal of work to do then. First, get out of this hell as far as possible, then grab a taxi and catch a flight and then finally fly abroad, far far away from here. A better life was awaiting her. Lucy fastened her speed. While crossing the tree, she missed a secret eye communication on her back which was done between Mr. White and that athletic female. Within a blink of eyes, that woman positioned her gun toward Lucy’s head and then, bang!

Lucy even hadn’t time to process the whole conspiracy against her and her body was on the ground, spilling blood on the grass, eyes wide open. The cursed park had taken her potential bright life from her.

Mr. White and his gang walked toward her dead body. They stood in front of her. Mr. Attractive shook his head and breathed out heavily.

“It was so nice to see her,” He said calmly, with a sympathetic smirk on his face.

The female glared at him, “You wished to spend time with her, I suppose?” Her voice seemed to demand.

“Not with a dead body, of course,” He responded with that sly smirk, not looking at the glaring female.

Mr. White took the charge again and told Monti to clean up the place, bury that gun somewhere far and unreachable place and take the other body with them. Finally, he added,

“Business is over here. Now I want you two to get back to your assigned jobs.” He looked at the other two. “Without any complications,” He emphasized the last part.

Both of them nodded at him and walked toward the entrance gate to leave the park. Monti got started on his recent task. Mr. White was standing in the middle of the park, enjoying the night breeze. He caught himself is a sudden poetic mood.

“Black night resembles the darkness, agony, and conspiracy. But to me, it resembles dominance, ascendance, and control.”

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