The S Girl

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The Announcement Day

“Have you ever thought how disgusting and filthy you are?”

“What are talking about? No, I haven’t and why even should I?”

“You should because you really don’t deserve to live on this beautiful earth.”

“What! Why? Why I don’t deserve living and why are you suddenly behaving like this?”

“Because you are poor, Melina and I loathe poor people.”

A mild gasp of shock.

“What’s my fault here if I am born with lacks? Oh God, why are you doing this me at this moment? What happened to you?”

“Because lacking is the quality of the weak and they are the ones meant to be despised. Besides, you are a girl, a female and I hate you, all of your kinds. Thus, you deserve to die, with severe, unbearable, pain.”

A noise of picking up something heavy like a rod, from the ground.

“No, no, you wouldn’t kill me. Don’t come to me, please!”

A sound of foot noises on the grass. One is approaching, one is backing.

“Please, I have my father waiting for me at home. He is really very weak. He needs immediate medicines. Please let me go, please. I beg you, please.”

A cruel laughter against a bone-chilling shrill scream.

“You don’t deserve any chance. You never even deserved to be born! You know what? You should thank me. I’m saving this world from nasty, mouth gagging wastages like you. Oh, I’m such a great servant of the world welfare, don’t you think?”

“No, please, no. Let me go, please!”

A beastly groan in reply. A loud thud and then, the sickening noise of something getting inserted through the flesh. A pained voice trying to protest for a few moment. Then silence covered the whole place for more few minutes. A couple of minutes pass. Then, the sudden sound of a punching, then continuous beating, punching and kicking, punching and kicking and repeat for a couple of more times. Then every noise stopped with a final loud groan.

“One garbage handled.”

A sound of panting.

“Now, need to do the rest of the ritual. Oh, how delightful it feels to beat these ugly creatures! Such a great pleasure! Such a great pleasure...”

A sound of devilish laughter, filled with the satisfaction filled the air, echoed with each passing seconds...

Sara’s eyes flew open with a rapid racing heart, which she felt could come out any moment tearing apart her chest. She tried to get up but got an instant hit of a headache which made her grab her head with much displeasure plastered on her face. She decided to give her brain a moment to readjust itself to function well for the whole day activities. When she felt stable enough to drag herself out of the bed, she did it swiftly and stood perfectly with her two strong legs.

Her mind was rewinding the whole dream in front of her again while her eyes roamed the whole new luxurious bedroom of which she called the hideout. It was indeed a bedroom for some drop-dead wealthy people. It had cream white walls and gray tiled, well-polished floor with an ash-colored, two-seater couch with a center table to add the glory, near the huge wall covering, floor-to-ceiling glass window, on the left of the room. That window had a great view of the twin hill and the river with the burning red sun peaking through the middle of the twin hill. The sky was in a contrast of deep blue and orange. A perfect morning starter scene.

Back in the room, there was a closet in the middle left and a bathroom next to the closet. The door of exit and entrance on the very right corner of the room occupying with a silver, metal computer desk along with a white chair ten feet away from it, attached to the wall. Then, next to the desk, there was a beautiful five-door top to bottom mirror wardrobe, reflecting the stunning comfy bed in the middle, which contained four fluffy off-white pillows, gray bed sheet with a black and white striped comforter. Sara was currently standing beside the bed, wearing a four size larger light blue T-shirt and black three-quarter trousers.

Sara remembered the event of Melina’s death in her dream very clearly. Though it was all just conversation and noises with no vision, still it was enough to worry her. But at least, she got a clue that it was a human who killed her, not some beast. From the voice, she could tell it was certainly a man in his late fifties or something like that. Maybe she was wrong, maybe this whole dream was just a betrayal of her subconscious mind.

But then, she wasn’t an average human with average abilities, though she had yet to find all of her exceptional strengths. However, the event raised a significant question in her mind, who was that man and why did he despise women like a psycho? Maybe he was psycho, but even then he should have a reason for his doing. Next, what was the ritual thing? Did he mean that ugly belly cutting process or something more? Several unanswered questions and she was in the middle of that huge mess, trying to find the answers.

Sara pinched her nose. The case was getting more and more complicated.

“Another blurry yet meaningful nightmare, great!” Sara thought.

Sara walked toward the desk where a wireless telephone was resting and picked it up. She dialed numbers and waited for the certain person to respond it. The person didn’t care to pick up the call on the first attempt. After, like, the fifth ring, someone picked up the phone and greeted her with his groggy voice,

“Hello? Which shit’s calling me this damn four in the morning?”

Sara looked up at the wall clock above her.

“It’s six-thirty o’clock, drunk,” She said with a cool voice.

The line went silent on the other side for a second.

“Saravi!” An open shock was clear in his voice.

“Yep, it’s Saravi Hussain speaking. Now let’s get back to business. What are the updates on the tasks I had given you yesterday?”

The voice grunted with annoyance.

“In the very morning, waking me up and without even sorrying to my sleep, you asking for updates? Ya very rude ya know, Queen Saravi?” He said sarcastically, which made Sara smile sarcastically in return.

“That’s the Queen’s job, isn’t it? She would take no shits and talk straight business. Now, come on, speak up, I have less time to waste on chit chats.”

“Okay, okay, fine. So, from where do I start?”


“Well, a few things have happened there recently. Last day, that Prince has resigned from the job,”

Sara raised her brows in surprise but didn’t interrupt him.

“That punk is up for something I’m sure. His boss had some secret meeting with him and right after then he resigned. I warn you to stay away from that cheeky bastard if you get in touch with him, in future.”

“Has anything else happened there?”

“I figured out about a woman working there is absent in that office for a few days. She’s also a spy like you and according to the data, I heard she was one of the search team at Gulshan Lake Park.”

“What’s her name?”

“It’s Sonia Ahsan if I remember correctly,”


“Since when she’s missing?”

“Right after that murder thing of the worker, she just got vanished in the air. No one has seen her return to work.”

“Sonia got vanished right after the murder and also, right before I found out about the missing file. Besides, that worker who got killed, in my dream, it was a woman, one of those spies, could there be any connection between these things?”

“Hey, why you silent?”

“Huh?... Ah, nothing, just thinking about some stuff. Anyways, what about the other things?”

“Well, I have a shocking news prepared for you.”

“Speak it out.”

“Lucy went to the Gulshan Lake Park last night,”

Sara furrowed her brows instantly.

“She entered the park near 1:40 AM according to my information. She was going to meet with Daniel Roger. Daniel Roger entered the park at 1:25 AM. But my boys didn’t see any of them come out. I’ve even had set extra eyes to watch out that park before you could even give out the order. But seriously, no one entered or exited the route before or after those two. But the story’s not finished yet,”

“What more twists do you have?”

“Stomach-twisting twist,” He joked out, but his voice sounded more serious.

“Such as?”

“Such as, two hours ago one of brave my boys entered the park and guess what, they discovered a dead body there. The twist is, the dead body was Lucy Avasti’s and Daniel Roger was nowhere to be found. I wonder what they did there? Perhaps, Daniel Roger killed Lucy and then flew away to Bangkok?”

“Bangkok? Was there any plan of his to escape Bangkok?”

“Very surely. He wanted to leave the country last night and fixed a secret meeting with Lucy at that park. I think, Lucy knew something about Roger’s daughter and maybe that’s why Roger wanted to wash her off from his way?”

“Hmm... This could be possible. But I have to dig in further to know the actual truth.”

Suddenly a question crossed her mind.

“Well, how did you know about the closed door meetings so well? You aren’t using the tracking device strategies, are you?”

Kalu laughed out loud at her statemental-question.

“Well, well, ya want me to spill out my secret strategies so that you could secure up your office more, in case someday we get a fire to fire, huh Saravi?”

Sara huffed but let him continue.

“Well, then, for your information, I don’t know all of the details of those backdoor meetings. Otherwise, I’d be telling you every single word that Prince told to his boss and vice versa. But still, you have to agree, I’m quite handy, what say?”

Sara nodded with a smirk.

“Yeah, as long as I don’t have to burn those filthy proofs, you truly are beneficial. Well, I was just being curious and if we get the fire to fire one day, I won’t even give you a single chance to fireball me, you know that very well, my dear.”

“Okay, Queen, but one thing, how can you talk this long and not even getting caught by the policemen yet?”

“That’s a long story. But right now, I’d like to hang up and return you your peaceful time of sleep, bye.”

Without waiting for any reply, she disconnected the phone. Before placing it back in its place she deleted the call and went to the even luxurious washroom to do morning duties. When it was time to change the cloth she went to the closet room which was filled with only men’s clothing and revealing the fact that it was supposed to be a man’s bedroom. She grabbed her previous attire to get ready. She laundry it last night from the basement washing machine.

When she was ready and got out of the bedroom and went downstairs and much to her surprise, she found a woman in the large living room, wearing a black and white maid attire. She was with a broom and cleaning the perfectly cream-colored marble floor. Everything in the room screamed luxury and perfection. What a great kind of hideout!

Last night when Sara came here she found the mansion deserted with the high-security CCTV surveillance everywhere. At first, she went to find a bedroom to change and to her irony, she entered a man’s one, though later, she found it to be the only bedroom in that whole mansion. She changed and got down to find some device or something to get it back down to earth. But she didn’t find anything. There must be some system to lift up and down this big monstrous mansion. When she felt tired and decided to look for the matter later she went to the kitchen and quickly made herself an easy dinner.

During the whole time, she found no people in that house to know about the house and strangely next day, in the morning, she was witnessing a maid. Sara chuckled on her luck. She walked toward that maid to talk, but she suddenly opened her mouth first,

“Good morning, Ma’am. The breakfast is ready. It is in the kitchen. We have cereal and milk for you. I hope you’d enjoy your meal. Have a good day, Ma’am,” She said quickly and then hurriedly left the place, after nodding to her.

Sara was speechlessly surprised by the whole incident. That woman literally escaped from her.

“Strange!” She thought.

Sara entered the open kitchen-dining area which was just behind the staircase. She saw the prepared milk and cereal for her, also noticing a note there. Sara picked up the note and read it.

‘Eat safe, drink safe, live safe and shoot safe, Chaser - The Interesting Intruder’

“This Intruder Pig and his stupid notes.” Sara sighed, shaking her head in slight amusement.

“Good morning, everyone,” Ronal said after clearing his throat for an upcoming long yet important speech he’d had to give to press today.

“Today we are here to discuss the recent serial murder case of the Gulshan Lake Park that has been bothering the whole police department for months. As you know, this case has become a national issue by now and unfortunately, we were unable to make further progress, we handed the case over to R.A.G.E Organization, one of the renowned crime investigating organizations of our country. The case has made some significant progress after the handover and I’d like to highlight some responsible parts of that organization for making it possible.

First of all, I’d like to inform you about Rustam Kamal. He is one of the most dangerous drug dealers in our country, who has committed various other vicious crimes in and out of the nation. I’m glad to announce that currently, he is in our custody.” He paused for a second to see reporters amazed reaction. Then, he continued,

“He has confessed all his crimes and found guilty. His case is running in the Supreme Court at the moment and we are eagerly looking forward to the hearing of his punishment. It will happen soon I promise. Now, you must be thinking how does the incident of Rustam Kamal connect to the most famous crime investigating organization? To answer that question, I’d like to introduce a personality to you all. Though, I believe you already have heard her code name. She’s mostly called as The S Girl.

A brave, professional and young spy with beauty and brain. None of you have ever heard of her real name nor ever saw her face, but still, she is an iconic female of the present generation. However, the real matter of interest is she is involved with the case of Rustam Kamal and one of the main reasons for our success in that particular case. Our whole police department is thankful for her sole contribution to the work.” Ronal again paused but for a few more seconds this time before bringing in his special attraction to the press.

He let them enjoy their pleased face, which will soon turn into disgust and loathe. He couldn’t help but feel devilish at the thought of seeing Sara into great trouble after this press conference.

“But, there is also another side of the coin. I’d like to reveal a truth in front you all about this famous The S Girl, a shamefully dark truth.” The reporters tensed up hearing him.

“This woman is involved in blackmailing Rustam Kamal for hiding the truth about the Gulshan Lake Park murder incidents. She hired a professional underworld killer named X Blade to murder three innocent girls, very brutally. The planned this serial killing for much longer time and executed each of them very carefully. Then a few days ago, she even killed the murderer. It was an attempt to remove the evidence of her crime.

Unfortunately, Rustam Kamal somehow knew about the deal between the spy and the killer. Thus, he had to face the blackmail of all of his crimes being exposed if he didn’t listen to her. But to her misfortune, Rustam already confessed to us and sensing the threat, she escaped the capital and right now currently hiding in the Chittagong City. Even though her near ones are claiming she’s there for investigation, but we have a serious doubt on that. That is why we sent our search team to find her as soon as possible.” Ronal took a deep breath after such long speech.

He looked at the people in front of him and saw much more hatred, despise and aggression than he had imagined. He felt satisfied with his controlling the press’s emotion. He decided it was time for him to add his finishing lines.

“Our department is feeling very embarrassed. We are truly ashamed to declare that one of our bright and iconic investigators of the country, brought the shame of committing a serial murder to us. However, I’d like to say something to you today, maybe we can’t control the human mind. But, we can control the human activities and I promise, we’ll bring the very justice to suffering families of the victims and we’ll punish that spy for all of her crimes. She can’t escape forever. She’d have to answer us, all of us. But, right now, we just need your support and patience, that’s all. Thank you, for attending the press conference.”

With that, Officer Ronal stood up fixing his prideful police cap.

He had that satisfied smile on his face. He was finally feeling successful at destroying Sara’s reputation. He had finally taken his revenge. It was just a matter of time when Sara will get handcuffed by him and get dragged to one of his darkest cellars.

He was leaving the stage but he stopped and looked at the press again,

“Oh, and one more thing, We have also come to know The S Girl’s real identity. Pardon me that I forgot to mention before. Her real name is Saravi Hussain, the daughter of the famous psychiatrist Dr. Sabrina Rahman and the soon to be famous sculptor Ravi Hussain. Thanks to you all again.”

He smiled sweetly.

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