The S Girl

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Chaotic Outburst

That press conference went terribly viral and the news of Sara being the real culprit literally bombarded the whole country with instant hatred. Hatred seems an understatement. The situation was far more dangerous. Criticism became venomous. Words were bullets. Everyone was furious and wanted answers of for the torturous murders of those three girls.

They blamed Sara for everything and demanded death as a punishment to the legal system, for her inhuman work. Every news channel, radio station, internet sites and everywhere she was declared as the real culprit. Seeing everything, Officer Ronal was clearly successful in his first step of revenge. His words had the desired impact on media. He was the happiest among all.

James Morton had been hiding in his office room since the announcement. He was sitting in his comfy chair which couldn’t comfort him a bit. Coffee got cold long ago and he didn’t even touch it. He pressed his forehead and his eyes closed with an impassive face. He knew sooner or later he’d have to face this day and that only happened because of his one damn of a spy, Saravi Hussain. But he also knew, Sara was trapped in all these. The real devil who rose the hell was Ronal.

“I’m gonna kill that fucking bastard with my bare hand.” He muttered to himself, his voice showed venom in it.

A sudden noise of ringing phone made James instantly straighten his posture. He picked up the intercom call with his right hand.

“Yes?” James asked in a bored tone.

“Good morning, Sir,” There was the receptionist himself, he seemed in a hurry.

“Good morning, my ass!” He thought.

“What do you need?” He asked roughly.

“Um... Sir, reporters, and media people are here. They are asking for the entrance permission. Should I... No, wait you can’t barge in like that... No, I need his permission... Security, stop them, right now!... Okay... Ah, sorry, Sir, can I...”

“No! Get them outta my office. Now!” James barked through the phone and disconnected the call.

“Here starts my long day,” He said with a tired voice.

He had to handle more phone calls like this from today or, maybe from now on.

Sabrina was working on her chamber, busy with patient’s files and surprisingly unaware of the chaos that was happening outside. Though she was staring at the papers but her mind was somewhere else. She was mentally not feeling so good today. These days her tension and stress level was reaching the limit of the Everest. She couldn’t rest her mind for a second and today it was getting far worse, for some unknown reason.

She threw away the file she was holding in her hand, in frustration.

“Damn it! Concentrate, Sabrina, just focus on the job. Stop stressing too much. Just take a deep breath.” She muttered to herself.

She took a deep breath and exhaled it after three seconds, feeling a bit relaxed. But her composure didn’t last long. A loud knock in the next moment broke her peaceful moment.

“Sabrina, can I come?”

Sabrina sighed at Tia’s voice. Though she noticed a bit of both hurry and worry in Tia’s voice which was totally opposite to her friendly and chirpy nature.

“Yes, you can.” Sabrina straightened her postures.

Even though Tia was her best friend, she was her colleague too and when being in the workplace, for everyone, it was a responsibility to maintain professional etiquettes.

Tia came in with a dark cloud glooming around her face which made Sabrina worry instantly.

“What happened, Tia?”

Tia looked up at her with shock.

“You don’t know?” Her brows were furrowed.

“Know what?” It was Sabrina’s time to furrow her brows.

Tia sighed, sorrow deepened in her face.

“Sabrina, the news is everywhere. You haven’t seen it yet?”

“What news and what did I miss? Please, tell me, Tia. I was busy from the morning with the files and roundings. What really happened?”

Tia was scratching her nails, clearly nervous.

“Um, it-it’s about Sara, Sabrina.”

Sabrina’s furrow deepened.

“Sara... Sara has...” Tia let out an audible breath.

She tapped something on her phone and then handed it to Sabrina.

“Here, see for yourself.”

As soon as Sabrina took the phone Tia quickly took her hand back and looked away. Her gesture confused Sabrina but she watched the video. With each passing seconds, her eyes widened to the point as if it’d pop out anytime.

“Oh, and one more thing, We have also come to know the S Girl’s real identity. Pardon me that I forgot to mention before. Her real name is Saravi Hussain, the daughter of the famous psychiatrist Dr. Sabrina Rahman and the famous sculptor Ravi Hussain. Thanks to you all again.”

And the video stopped.

"What the..." Sabrina gasped out.

Her hands were clutching her hair. She was drowning in the flood of emotions. Disbelief, shock, and anger were her first reactions.

"No, no. I don't believe it!" Sabrina furiously shook her head.

Tia immediately crossed the table to reach her. She held her hands and pulled her into a tight hug.

"It is true, Sabby. It's..." Her voice couldn't hold more.

She caressed her hair while silently crying. Sabrina on the other hand slowly pushed back from Tia's embrace, leaving her confused and hurt seeing her like that. Sabrina stood up confidently with a straight posture.

"Sabrina..." Tia brought out her hand calling.

But Sabrina didn't seem to listen to her. The next thing she did was turn around and then, run.

She ran away from Tia, her chamber, her hospital, avoiding gazes and whispers of the people as she passed through. Some of them called her back, maybe tried to show sympathy or hatred or whatever. But she was too out of the zone to care that. All she could think was to go to Sara and ask her if everything was true or not.

"I don't trust anyone, no one!" Sabrina said to herself. "Sara will deny everything. I know she will, she has to."

Sabrina ran toward the parking lot and was about the touch the car door when someone grasped her hand and turned her around. Sabrina looked at the person who was strongly holding her. A young woman around Sara's age. She was wearing black jeans and white tops. She had a beautiful face and long braided hair. She somehow had dark circles under her eye bags. Probably the lack of sleep and tension. Sabrina tried to free her hand, but the girl had an iron grip on her.

"Let me go!"

"Mrs. Hussain, listen to me," She said calmly.

Sabrina struggled again but failed.

"I know the truth about your daughter."

Her words instantly calmed Sabrina down.


"Just come with me, please."

Without waiting for Sabrina's reply, the girl dragged her out the hospital gate. She ignored Sabrina's questions about her daughter. There was a VW car parked two blocks away from the hospital. When the mysterious girl and Sabrina reached there, she motioned Sabrina to get in the back seat of the car. Sabrina hesitated but obliged her. The girl joined beside her and motioned the driver to start the car. Sabrina's thoughts consumed only toward Sara and the rumor. Never in her mind, the thinking crossed that the car she was riding she was secretly getting kidnapped.

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