The S Girl

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Unexpected Revealing

Ravi and Arup were in Arup’s living room in the morning. They heard the announcement on the TV and well aware of the after-effects. Ravi was trying to contact Sabrina, but her phone was switched off. It was quite an unusual matter. She should have called him by now to talk about the matter whether she was angry about it or not. Ravi was pacing in the room back and forth while Arup buried his head on the laptop.

Arup’s phone rang. He huffed but kept working. It was the tenth time his phone rang. Ravi was noticing it.

“Girlfriend?” Ravi asked.

“Leave it, Mr. Hussain. Tina will know I’m busy so she’ll stop.”

“Uh, maybe it’s important.”

“She’ll message me after the call if it’s urgent,” Arup answered while his eyes on the blue screen.

Ravi wanted to push the matter further, but seeing it was his personal matter he stopped. Ravi was going to call Sara this time to tell her about Sabrina, but a scream prevented him.

“Oh, yes! Got this!” Arup grinned, ear to ear.


Ravi made his way toward the laptop. He looked at the laptop and saw someone’s profile on the internet.

“We have finally managed to hack X Blade’s account,” Arup said while holding Ravi’s shoulder.

Ravi was confused. This wasn’t some regular internet account. The design of the website was different and kind of dark. Moreover, there were open posts and pictures of various vicious criminal activities. Arup looked at Ravi. He may have sensed his thoughts.

“It’s his website on the Dark Web.” He finally announced.

Ravi snapped his head toward Arup. “What!”

“Here, he had all the anti-social business contacts. It was a kind of out-sourcing job,” Arup said while scrolling down the website.

“You hacked the Dark Web! My goodness, boy.”

“Don’t worry. I have hacked it with my personal and most powerful hacking program. They can’t even track us as an anon... Oh wait, look at this,” Arup clicked on a post.

Ravi glanced at it.

Contract Name: Do or Die

Description: Chasing a woman and killing her anonymously. If you succeed, win 70 billion dollars. If you failed, send the following messages and be prepared to kill yourself. The deadline for the job is in next three days.

Target Information: Saravi Hussain, 25 years old. Works as a spy at R.A.G.E Organization. Her Codename is The S Girl.

The Messages: 1. I am Niraj Kumar, the evidence you are looking for.

2. Your death is coming for you. Save yourself if you can.

Sent: 28th June 2017, 11:00 PM, Wednesday.

They looked for the sender info, but all they got that it was sent anonymously.

Ravi got an idea suddenly.

“Arup, can you take a screenshot of it? We could show it to the police. Then they’ll not misunderstand Sara anymore.”

Arup smiled sadly in response.

“I can, Mr. Hussain. But the worse has been done already. They must be hating Sara, by now. Besides, we could get into legal trouble for illegally hacking someone’s private account, even if it’s on the Dark Web. So...”

Ravi sighed deeply. He nodded.

“I get it.”

Arup silently nodded, showing his sympathy.

Ravi looked back at his phone again.

“Please call me, Sabrina... Please.” He silently pleaded.

A metal door of a dark room opened, revealing a female silhouette standing in the doorway. She stepped into the room, making noise on the metallic floor. Her figurative shape came into a clear view as she walked straight toward the middle of the room. There was a yellow bulb light hanging from the wall, giving the empty room only much-needed light. The figure was Sara. The strangely silent and emotionless Saravi Hussain. Her eyes roamed toward the almost dark room.

She went to the right side, toward the corner of the black wall. She brought out her lighter, then turned it on. Sara positioned the light upward and tiptoed to reach the highest point of her capability. Grabbing the free hand to the corner for the support, she placed the light ray on a small, almost invisible brass nail that was hooked to the wall. The light ray did the magic in an instant. The center point of the brass nail leaked a thin red ray. With that, the whole room filled with bright white light. The light also brought a drastic change in the room with it. The bulb got vanished in the air. The previous empty room was now loaded with extraordinary electronic gadgets along with some heavy control panels, hugging each side of the wall.

Sara sighed, putting a success smile on her face. Finally, she found that secret IT room. In another situation, Sara would make some witty remarks about the sci-fi environment. But now, things were different.

Since the morning when she saw the telecast of the announcement, she remained silent all day. Even when the only maid of the house brought her food she didn’t even touch them. Her expression was unreadable on the outside, but inside, there was a war on there. A war between her mind against brain, family against the job, and duty against will.

For the first time, she was doubtful about her decisions. Sara risked her parent’s life and everything, but she couldn’t do anything. She was chained to heavy responsibilities. Her whole day was eventless. Sara had spent walking on those long, mysterious corridors, exploring the safehouse. At the time of the evening, she was walking around the living room corners. She found the maid whispering on the land phone to someone. Sara quickly hid behind the column, near the staircase and eavesdropped the conversation.

“No, master. She didn’t touch a grain th whole day after she saw the news.”


“Yes, I tried. But I think she’s kind of depressed about everything happening around.”


“I won’t, master. I even hadn’t talked to her about anything whole let alone that room. Don't worry she doesn’t know anything.”


“I’ll keep an eye on her and your bedroom. The basement is safe.”


“Yes, master, I will make sure of that. I’ll inform you everything from time to time.”


Then the maid hung up her phone.

“The bedroom and the basement.” Sara thought.

The next thing Sara did was to scour the bedroom. There, in the closet, she found a small paper in a small drawer following one of his shirts. The paper contained detailed information of the hidden door and its mechanism. Sara easily avoided the maid’s poor spy-eyes and managed to get into the IT room finally.

After turning on the light, her next job was to examine the room closely. Her eyes combed each and every button on each panel, her hands touched every gadget. Some of them seemed awfully familiar to her, like the keylogger, GPS tracker, Night Vision Monocular and such. These things were certainly not some regular tech-toys to mess with. Sara had used most of the devices during her career. She knew in exactly which situation and why these were needed.

Sara shook her head in disbelief. She was already suspecting something like this when Sara first met the man in the hotel. But before she came to a conclusion, she needed more evidence. Sara turned behind to a control panel. She went there and pressed the keys furiously. A holographic screen flashed before her, showing the latest photo of her. This was a selfie-photo she clicked one week ago, in her bedroom. She was sitting on her bed. Her hair was laid down on her shoulder. She was wearing a simple white Salwar suit with a beautiful happy smile on her face.

Beside the photo, displayed her some of her personal information. Her full name, including her father's and mother's, her age, personal life, education life, career life, nationality, marital status, even her zodiac sign, Leo. Down below there was a side note.

Ruthlessrrogant, and extremely ill-mannered. Need to treat her with care and caution.

This was really bothering that she was revealed to someone she barely knew. But it confirmed her suspicions. Now she was certain who he was and what he was doing. But his intention of doing so is still vague. Although, thankfully, there wasn’t any mention of her very personal abilities. So, perhaps, he didn’t know that she could read peoples’ minds.

“Don't think I’ll spare you for spying on me, Intruder.”

She muttered to herself.

Sara narrowed her eyes which were now filled with fury.

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