The S Girl

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The Betrayal

“Mrs. Hussain, wake up,” A female voice said.

Sabrina felt a tap on her shoulder. At first, she was feeling all groggy for some moment, then she quickly jolted up, sitting in her seat properly. Her eyes wandered the surrounding and she found the woman who brought her to her car was looking at her with a smile. Sabrina had a feeling that the smile was somewhat forced, not natural. But she couldn’t care less about the smile, her main concern was Sara and the truth.

“What’s the truth you wanted to tell me about Sara?” She went on direct topic.

“You’ll know everything, Mrs. Hussain. Please just bear with me a little more. Here, come with me.”

The woman said as she got down of the car. Sabrina followed her while looking around the place. It was already afternoon of the day. She had basically slept off the whole ride. This was kind of a deserted area, beside some highway. Dust and dirt were flying everywhere giving it some rough feeling in the air. But the place wasn’t completely isolated. There was a small, dark brown, cottage style one-story house standing alone in that place. But somehow that house was not radiating good vibes. Sabrina couldn't catch why. The whole place sent off the same negative feeling to her. However, Sabrina decided to follow the woman into the house to see where she was going to lead her.

When they stood in front of the door, the lady knocked the door twice and immediately it got opened. Both ladies entered the room and what caught Sabrina's eyes first was a surprisingly well-decorated lobby contrasting the color peach for wall and light brown floor, connected to the straight living room. Though, the room couldn't attract her attention as much as the crowd of those men did. There were only men in the room except for Sabrina and the young woman.

They all had well-built bodies, black business suit coated with stone-cold expression. Even though none of them was visibly armed, they sure can’t be considered as some normal civilized person. Their appearance was screaming the phrase Dark n’ Dangerous. Suddenly Sabrina’s heart started to beat faster for an unknown reason.

“What are these people doing here?” She thought, confused.

A clearance of the throat made Sabrina come to the reality. The other woman was motioning her to follow her fast. Sabrina quickened her pace to match with her. The cottage may seem small from the outside, but on the inside of it, the story was all different. Just after crossing the living room and turning left and right, from one corridor to another, then finally to an open a random door, they were standing in front of a broad staircase.

Sabrina’s eyes widened when she laid her eyes on another living room down there. It had the same length and width, color contrast of peach, and light brown, same alignment of the furniture and things but in a more luxurious way. The cream-colored, visibly soft sofa set in the middle with a coffee colored center table. There was a big flat screen LED TV hanging on the right wall where at upstairs was some regular cable TV on the display with the set of the chocolate colored rough couch.

Sabrina got down the room and reached into the middle of the room, beside a three-seater sofa.

“One poor living room was hiding such richness underneath! Sara would be really amazed to find out the architectural setting of this house.”

Thinking of Sara made Sabrina realize her real reason for being here. She had been getting continuously distracted by several things today. No, no more distraction was needed. She turned around and saw the girl standing there, her behavior showed anxiety.

Sabrina narrowed her eyes and asked, “Are you done showing around the house? If so, then tell me the truth about my daughter.”

“I’ll tell you, Dr. Sabrina,” A male voice rang across the room before the girl opened her mouth.

Sabrina turned to her left to meet a man with a complete white package which had started from his hat to his shoes.

“What do you know about my daughter, Mister? Look, please don’t play lies with me”

She didn’t know why she said the last part, but somehow it felt strangely accurate for her. These men around her didn’t seem much trustworthy.

“Relax, Doctor. We’ll only provide you the complete truth,” The man said with a smile which oddly turned into some wicked one.

Sabrina felt alarmed around him. However, she decided to go with the flow.

“Now, Doctor, please have a seat.” He motioned her to sit on one of the comfy looking couch.

Sabrina took her seat, still feeling uncomfortable. She was fidgeting with her fingers. The white man took his seat across her while motioning the other lady to leave. The young lady glanced at Sabrina for the last time. Strangely, Sabrina found a hint of sympathy in those eyes which quite confused her. The lady turned back and left the room.

“So...” The White-Suit leaned over to Sabrina, catching her attention.

“We are going to discuss something very crucial now, Doctor which, I’m afraid, you won’t find very pleasant.”

“Just speak it out.” Sabrina was getting impatient with anticipation.

The man smirked.

“Much like your daughter, I see.”

Sabrina frowned in confusion.

"What do you mean?"

He ignored her with a wave.

“Well, Doctor, let’s get this straight then...”

Sabrina held her breath, preparing herself for worse.

“Your daughter, Ms. Saravi Hussain, really is a spy, and a very dangerous one if I may add.”

Sabrina’s heart started to ache.

“What proof do you have?” She defended in a weak voice, still not believing it.

“What will I get if I lie to you, Dr. Sabrina? Whatever you’ve heard or seen in the news are true. I really feel sorry that you are betrayed by your own flesh like this...”

Sabrina closed her eyes, trying hard to endure the rising pain.

“She is a cold-blooded murderer. You’d hate to know she doesn’t even flinch once while running bullet through someone’s brain. She doesn’t feel guilty once for doing all these crimes. Sorry to say, you’ve secretly raised an anti-social, a savage criminal under the disguise of a well established social person.”

Sabrina opened her eyes, which were now filled with water. The unbearable feeling of hurt was visible there as clear as daylight. The pain of lies and betrayal of her own daughter suddenly hit her ten times more brutal force. But the mother in her wanted to give her thoughts another last chance.

“Can you show me any evidence of what you said?” She said in an almost whispering voice.

The man sighed and put out his phone from his suit pocket.

“What would you like to say about this?”

He showed her some of Sara’s pictures while she was standing in the middle of the road with some goons circling around her. One of her hand was gripping someone’s T-shirt while the other one was ready to collide with his face. Her expression was furious. Her eyes showed raw hatred toward them. But what terrified Sabrina the most was her appearance. It was same black tank top Sara was wearing the last time she saw her. Sabrina couldn’t hold back anymore. Silent tears slipped down from her cheeks as she shook her head vigorously.

“Sara!” She breathed out shakily.

The White-Suit smirked seeing her reaction. But that was only for a split second before Sabrina could notice. His face turned back to neutral.

“I understand your feeling, Doctor. I know how it feels to get betrayed, trust me.” His voice was cold and emotionless.

“How... When... She was before me all the time and I couldn’t... Oh, Allah!”

Sabrina couldn’t talk anymore. Her voice broke down with her body. She cried, without caring about her surroundings, pouring out all her feelings. Her sadness, her anger, her frustration, that hurtful feeling of betrayal and even her worry. She was still worried for Sara at the moment. How could she not! She was her blood after all.

The man before her silently watched her shed tears. He didn’t bother to offer any kind of sympathy or companionship. He felt bored of all this, but he couldn’t be impatient either. It would ruin his perfect plan. So, he let her continue.

After, what felt like ages, Sabrina started to hiccup. Her tears dried on her cheek, eyes red and swollen. She knew she was a horrible mess yet she wasn’t caring about it. She was feeling numb, from both her inside and outside. The man before her, who was sitting silently, now decided to speak with an audible sigh.

“I really feel bad for you to learn such horrible truth from an outsider like this, yet, my suggestion is, you should face it with strength. However...”

At this point, Sabrina slowly looked up at the man. She paid attention to his words. She could feel something important was coming up next. The man continued,

“I have a proposal for you.”

Sabrina furrowed her brows in confusion. So, White-Suit decided to elaborate his proposition.

“Dr. Rahman, I can assure your daughter’s safety even though she lied to you about such things. I know, you are still worried about her. But to keep her safe, you need to do something for me.”

Sabrina looked at him with a questioning look.

“I will assign you a job and you can’t leave this place, not until you complete your task.”

She widened her eyes, then shook her head.

“What do you mean by I can’t leave this place? Listen, Mister. I have a family and I work somewhere else. You can’t just...”

“If you refuse, Dr. Sabrina, just know that it’ll be your daughter who would have to pay the price.” He leaned back on the couch, relaxed.

To the contrary, Sabrina’s body tensed up. She didn’t know what she’d do right now. She wanted to make sure the safety of her daughter, but she couldn’t also trust this man either. The whole place threw off the wrong vibe, including the White-Suit. Besides, she knew that she was stuck here and if she argued to listen to these people, her daughter will have to suffer in exchange. But she never had learned to give up. She’d fight as long as she could. For her an for her daughter.

Sabrina’s eyes welled up again. Emotions were flooding through her heart. She leaned back on the couch and closed her eyes. The White-Suit smirked seeing the lady suffer before him. He let out a sigh and straightened his posture, hands clasped together.

“Well, I assume you have nothing more to say then. Well, you’re working for me, it’s final.”

Sabrina opened her eyes abruptly and sent him a furious glare.

“I never said I’d work with you and you can’t stop me from going,” She said through her gritted teeth as she stood up.

“So you want your daughter’s death, then!”

She was about to walk when his voice made her halt on her steps. The man chuckled.

“Like mother, like daughter. Same selfish blood!”

“Shut up!” Sabrina dared to shout at him which made the man before her smirk.

“You think I’m being selfish? If anything, it’s you who’s self-centered here. I don't know who the hell you are but if you are thinking that you are gonna make profits out of my condition then listen up! I won’t ever do whatever you will tell me to do. You can’t make. Even if...” She couldn’t finish the line, afraid of what she’d say after that.

The man took the responsibility to speak now, “Well, then you really do want your daughter to die. Oh, don’t you think it’ll be a legendary thing to happen? A mother who wants her daughter’s death,” He spoke with sarcasm in his voice.

Sabrina just looked at him wondering how could a man be this cruel to think such low. How could he enjoy seeing people in pain? But then again, she didn't know him, not even his name. She slowly wiped away her tears. Her eyes never leaving his.

“A mother can never want the death of her child, no matter what,” She said with a sudden calm and cold voice.

“If Sara has really done something wrong, she should face the consequences, and I’ll be the one to make sure of that. But, if she did not do anything...”

Her eyes fixed on the smirking man,

“The ones who made her go through this hell will have to face the wrath of God and most certainly, of mine!” She growled at the last part.

His smirk went off and a scowl deepened on his face. His face soon contorted in some sort of devilish expression.

“Take her!” His voice boomed throughout the whole room and a couple of men in black suits came as soon as they heard the order.

Within next few minutes, they caught Sabrina by arms. She tried to protest, screaming to her lung to let her go. But soon, all her screams and yelling stopped as one of the guards pressed an injection against her neck. Sabrina’s unconscious body leaned against the man next to her.

The White-Suit stood up, stretching out his arms. Then, he let out a soft sigh.

“Oh, what a long day it is! Dealing with such crybaby is such a hassle. Anyways, boys, take her down to our dark room and make sure she’s treated well.”

He started to walk but stopped quickly on his steps.

“Oh, also when she wakes up and starts messing... torture her!”

“Master, I’ve been waiting for you all day!” Said the maid, the middle-aged woman.

“What happened, Mrs. Karzai?” He asked with a bored expression as he threw off his black jump shoes away carelessly, simply tired of the day.

“She has escaped!”

This threw away all his tiredness through the window.

“What! How could she... I’ve told you to keep a close eye on her!” His voice showed fury, so his face.

The maid cried, “I did, master, trust me. But she’s too clever. I didn’t even know when she...”

She couldn’t finish her sentence as her master stormed pass her and ran toward the hallway. The maid joined him calling out his name. Both of them ran toward the corridor until there was a brown door blocking their way. The man stood there and quickly turning the knob, he entered the dark room with a staircase that led downward. He sprinted down the stair and ran past the old hallways. The woman was right behind him.

Both of them stopped before a stone door that was locked with a digital password. He quickly punched the code and as soon as the door opened his eyes widened. The room was supposed to stay hidden and without any equipment. Instead of that, this room showed off his gadgets and stuffs like that. But what shocked him more was a plasma screen that showed the picture of a beautiful woman.

The man entered the room and found a paper on the table before the plasma screen. He picked up the paper and read the content.

Next time, put a better security system to stop me - TSG

“I need to find her, soon!” He whispered to himself.

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