The S Girl

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The Fighting

Everything was a blur in the next few seconds.

A swift kick almost broke Big Boss’s big nose. He screamed out loud, dropping down to the ground in pain. Sunny did an instant backflip and quickly brought out her gun from her bag. She ducked beneath a bullet fired by one of the men.

Her gun fired at his heart. His blood stained the floor. Another tried to knock her down with a hard punch, but she darted left to avoid the punch. She kicked in his left leg as soon as she stood straight. She delivered a punch to his face and he went down like a ton of bricks.

She was running to the other side of the room when two more gunmen started to shoot her. One of them managed to graze her arm. She ignored the pain and shot back. Their groan of pain got lost in the chaos.

She turned to the first knifeman and smashed his head with hers. His grip on his knife loosened and she snatched it from his hand. She turned around to give a flying kick to a macho man who was ready to punch her. He stood no chance by the time her knife made its way through his delicate neck.

Sara took a sharp breath to calm her racing heart. She wiped the blood from her face with the back of her hand. She glanced at the unconscious body of the Big Boss before she made her way toward the door. When she left the room, she left behind a room full of bodies and blood, half of the men dead and the others paralyzed.

The sound of shooting made everyone scared, and a horde of people clogged the exit. She thought she had a chance to exit the building, but a security officer, likely one of Big Boss’s men, stood in front of the door, probably looking for someone covered in blood. Like she was.

She took cover on the balcony and called Arup on her earpiece. He responded a few seconds later.

“Arup, send back up. Immediately!”

“I’ve sent them just now.”

She disconnected the call and ducked down, saving her head from a close headshot.

She shot down one gunman from her cover, then climbed down the stairs, making sure to stay in the blind spots of the security system. When she reached the ground floor and took cover behind a pillar, a call came upon her earpiece.

“Who the hell is calling now?”

She received the call.


“When are you coming home?” An annoyed reply came from the other side.

Her eyes widened.


“Who did you expect? Your stupid boss? And what’s that loud noise?” Her mother asked.


“That sound is killing my ears, Sara! What are you doing?”

“Mom. W-we are watching an action movie. So, you know, to make it feel real, we just increased the volume, that’s it.”

Wow, what a perfect lie cooked in a millisecond! You deserve a medal, girl.

“Really? To make the feeling real you guys made it that much louder! Have your co-workers gone crazy with you? Seriously, Sara, this is bullshit! I thought you were really in some kinds of shooting place, oh Allah!”

Sara let out a nervous chuckle before shooting another gunman.

“Sara, would you go away somewhere quiet and talk to me?”

“I can’t, mom. We are at the climax now. Sorry, bye!”

“But? Sa-”

Sara disconnected the call and refocused. After a while, Sara heard the sound of a car screeching outside the building. That felt the sweetest sound in the world to her at that moment.

“Finally! the boys are here,” She muttered.

Armed police broke in the main entrance and started to take down the rest of goons left in the room. Some of them went upstairs. Sara’s people covered the whole building in the next half an hour. They grabbed the Big Boss from his room, where he was still unconscious and bleeding. Six men were needed to lift him up and get him down to the hall. Police arrested all of his men. Sara felt relieved watching all of them get arrested. Her eyes suddenly fell on someone trying to escape through the back door.

Sara smiled a wicked smile before she ran after him.

Robin, the guard, ran harder and harder and finally managed to get out of the building.

He let out a relieved breath while heading to the gate walls.

“Going somewhere?” He heard a smooth voice behind him.

He looked behind him but before he could understand anything, a fast punch made its way to his face and he started to see stars in front of his eyes, and everything faded then went black.

“Thank you, Ms. Hussain. That drug smuggler had been bugging us for months,” The police officer said.

“No problem, officer.” Sara smiled at him while they shook hands.

She left the officer to handle the twenty-seven drug packs they retrieved from the building. A satisfied smile was plastered on her face.

She walked towards a jeep where a young man was standing with a bottle of water in his hand. He had a messy mop of dark brown hair, giving his attractive face a tired look. His plain cream shirt looked like he had slept in it and his office shoes were scuffed. This was Arup, Arup Roy. The departmental head of technology at the R.A.G.E Organization.

“So, mission accomplished, Ms. Hussain?”

Arup greeted her with a smile which she returned with a smack on his shoulder. Arup hissed.

“The hell, woman!”

“Never. I repeat, never send me on missions where I need to seduce my way out ever again!”

Arup scoffed. “Say this to Gulapjaam. He’s the one.”

“And, who poked the idea in his head?”

Arup cleared his throat. Before smiling at her. “Look at the big picture. We aced it tonight!”

“That we did,” Sara looked around. “But not this way again. It makes me feel... low. I mean, I know as a female spy you got this advantage of using your body but...”

“You okay?” Arup touched her shoulder.

Sara sighed before nodding.

“Let’s go. Gotta report to the big head.”

Arup chuckled. “Manners, girl. He’s your boss.”

Her departmental head Jashim Gulapjaam used that tone whenever she threw some smart remark in front of him and her friendly boss reminded her of his position.

“Nothing he can’t take so chill your pants, Dude!”

Arup let out a throaty chuckle.

“See ya, girl.” Arup patted her arm.

Sara was standing in front of the main gate of her apartment. She was wearing decent clothes this time, a long black shirt, skin-tight denim jeans, and sneakers. Her hair was pulled up in a high ponytail. Before she came home Sara tended to her wounds in the nearest gas station bathroom, except her neck area. Bandages may increase suspicion. So, she just sprayed the scratches weren’t noticeable.

Sara already had the duplicate key of the house. Sara opened the door carefully and then looked inside the open living room. The living room was dark, she saw nobody there.

The route’s clear She thought to herself.

She entered the almost dark living room with silent footsteps. This room was the biggest part of her duplex apartment. Sara always felt proud of the apartment interior because it was one of her great works. She was happy that she could live in her self-designed home. One of the benefits of being an architect. The room was too dark to even notice a single bulb on the wall. Sara had to depend on her senses to reach the stairs. She was tiptoeing and almost near the first step.

“Saravi Leona Hussain!”

She halted in her steps.


“Finally got time to come home, I suppose?”

Sara got a serious shock from hearing her mother. She turned back slowly to face the fire-headed woman

Sara decided to deal with patience. went closer to her mother slowly.

“It’s work, mom, and they were insisting a lot so…”

Sabrina sighed. “A simple call, Sara. Was it too much to just let me know you’d be late?”

Sara smiled. “That, I’m guilty of, I agree. I’m sorry.”

Sabrina assessed Sara’s tired look.

“Just don’t make it a habit, young lady.

“I’m sorry, mother.”

“Don’t 'sorry' me, Sara! You cut my call without me finishing. You know, I started to think that you were in trouble. I thought that the beast got you, and you were dead and I would never see you and...”

“I’m fine, mom! Look at me.” Sara gave her a soft smile.

Sabrina inspected her thoroughly as if trying to find a single thing wrong in Sara’s statement. Sara, on the other hand, was discreet enough to hide the scar on her neck with her collar.

Her mother noticed her hand movement. She slightly narrowed her eyes. However, she didn’t mention anything.

“Yeah, I see that you are very well.” Sabrina crossed her arms. “Now, go freshen up. Your late dinner is ready.”

“How do you know I’m hungry?”

Sabrina scoffed. “You look like one of those cheap ghosts in crappy horror films. Now, shoo!”

Sara frowned when she heard a chuckle coming from the living room.

“Not you too, dad!”

Ravi clutched his stomach. “That’s what you get for filing up an angry doc, darling!”

Sara shook her head with a frown but her lips slightly titled up.

“I’m done!”

She walked up to the stairs.

As soon as Sara closed the door to her bedroom, a sigh escaped her lips. Exhaustion wrapped her body like a thick blanket. She half dragged herself to the bed and sat down. The mirror of her wardrobe stared at her as she looked at her face. A beautiful young woman, anyone would say that. But, how she saw herself? After killing twenty-seven people in one night, she felt nothing but the strength of her darkness. It was almost like a black hole, sucking in all the ray of light. Inside her, that black hole and the light coexisted with grace. If she was in a story, she’d be either called an antagonist or anti-heroine. Not a naive, innocent but secretly brave heroine.

Sara chuckled. “Why do I even care!”

Maybe because you feel guilty.

Sara’s inner-self poked her, though, paid no heed to it. But she didn’t try to deny the words. Who could stay steady after killing dozens of people every day? Sara could. She had learned to live that way for the past two years.

But what surprised her the most that she still felt a heavyweight in her heart every time she would kill someone criminal or innocent. Was her heart not supposed to be frozen by now? Then why she couldn’t free herself from such a frustrating feeling as guilt? She was known as a cold-hearted bitch by many, after all. Sara didn’t know the answer.

While Sara was fighting her inner turmoil, her hands went to the drawer of her bedside table. It was an instinct. Soon she felt the familiar rough leather and a sad smile marred her face. She looked down at the worn-out black diary.

“As black as my heart,” Sara whispered.

She turned the page and smelled the heavenly smell of the old page. She smiled silently reading the entry.

There was nothing much. Just a few numbers and a line of sentence under the numbers.

When she reached the white page, she pulled out a pen from her jeans and started jotting down on the paper.


May your souls rest in peace.

A soft smile played at her lips. Now she could rest with ease and be ready for tomorrow.

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