The S Girl

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Searching Her

Roads and highways could be deadly at night. But still it didn’t stop a certain black eyed handsome to strip the roads apart with his monstrous black bike. He was so desperate to find Saravi that he even forgot to put on a helmet for safety. Now he was having the crazy wind smashing his face backward. Not to mention he was riding with the highest speed limit, definitely breaking the law.

The road he was on basically was a lonely highway accompanied by green hills on both sides. If it was another time he would enjoy the view of trees and hills passing behind. But he had a storm going inside his mind. He had never felt such tension, such anticipation to find someone. Bad thoughts pushed his good thoughts continuously to the point that he almost lost of seeing her again, almost.

“Where are you?” He breathed out while saying.

The sound of fast blowing wind and his speedy motorbike was making his headache. Where would he find Sara? She was nowhere to be seen. It was as if she got vanished in the air suddenly. He had to find her, no matter what. She was an important part of his mission. He couldn’t lose her.

While he was in the middle of his chaotic thoughts, suddenly, he heard another roar of the engine from his behind. And then another, then another and the list went on. It seemed like the endless roaring of hundreds of motorbikes.

He looked at the left mirror on his bike to see some helmeted racers were coming after him. It seemed like they wanted to beat him at the race and become the first. But he knew better than to acknowledge them as racers.

He let out a low grunt. Not now, fuckers!

He bent more to his front pressing the handles and within the flick of an eye; he managed to bring up the front portion of the bike in the air. He made the engine roar to unleash the energy smokes. Then put the front back to the ground and raced faster. His fellows followed his stunt soon and roared after him.

The black eyes remained deadly fixed on the sudden curvy turn to the right before him. He bent his bike to the right to maintain the balance by turning right. When he passed the curve and positioned his bike back to normal, he was again picking up the speed which he slowed down while turning.

The highway split from there in two ways. The left one was directed downward to the way to reach the other city. And, the right one directed toward the spiral hill. He smirked as a thought crossed his mind. He decided to go for a hilly ride. He looked at his mirror again to see if they were still following him or not. Like some obedient followers of his master, they were. He must admit he was a bit surprised to not see them make some move yet, but he felt satisfied with his foolproof plan.

“So, the hill, it is,” He muttered as the smirk grew on his attractive face.

He lunged forward with his fullest speed and crossed the split area. The road would gradually go up from there for a few more meters. Then the curves of the hill would start to appear from the right. The road was already getting bumpy and he knew it would get bumpier with small pebbles and stones ahead of the road. It could be a deadly risk to turn with the curves with such high speed and stones playing the role of obstacles. Besides, what plan he had in his head made the task million times more risky than it seemed. But he wasn’t the one to back off so easily. When he decided something, he would definitely do that, no matter what.

When the first curve was a few feet away from him, suddenly, his hands touched the cold metal in his hip-holster. Without thinking twice he put it out and looked back to shoot someone’s tire. As soon as the tire burst and he fell down on the road, the heavy rain of fire started to rush toward him. But he managed to save his skin by quickly hiding in the curve. His friends didn’t greet the curve so professionally like him. Some of them were on the verge of falling down straight to the hell hole. But they managed to balance at the last minute.

They soon got a glimpse of his back tire while turning the second curve of the hill. One of the bikers of the front aimed for that and the bullet ran out the next second. The moment it was going to hit the madly spinning tire, the bike suddenly turned touching the sharp edge of the hill. The bullet managed to touch the back seat instead of the tire. The next thing that shooter saw was a faint smirk on his face, then the last sight of the gun pointing at him and bang!

The shooter went down. Seeing two of the friends die, the rest of them raged at him with fury. They started to shoot him in every turn they saw. He managed to dodge their action by receiving thousands of bullet holes to his precious bike and some parts of his bullet-proof jacket. At some point, they started to irritate him. He looked back and shot two bikers on their neck and concentrated back on the road carelessly. The road was getting bumpier and narrower as each second passed.

It was getting difficult for him to both balance and save his skin at the same time. Not to mention, he made a laborious attempt to stop himself from falling off the edges five times by now. The last one almost brought him was death, almost. His bike was dangerously angled below 45 degrees with the ground. If he didn’t use his right leg to vertically support the balance of the weight of the bike and him, he would be absolutely dead by now. Well, that was a close shot.

By the time he was almost three curves away from the top, he managed to get down most of his followers. Only four of them left and they were giving him a real hard time. One of them even dared to shoot close to his left hand. But his the attempt got failed when the bullet only shattered his side mirror. He looked back again to shoot the guy but stumbled as his bike hit a stone. He was busy balancing the bike when the guy from his back pointed his gun at his head. He saw those black orbs glanced back at him. The gunman smirked. He was about to pull the trigger, but what happened next shocked every one of them to the core.

He saw the man fall off the edge a sudden shot of the bullet. But the strange thing is that the bullet came from above the hill. He narrowed his eyes and wanted to look up, but got interrupted by another shot of the bullet. And, another one was down. The sound of those bullets seemed like from an automated machine gun. He couldn’t help but notice that not a single bullet was touching his skin.

“Who is that!” He thought with confusion.

The rain of fire continued until the last biker fell down, and he reached the last narrow curve to reach the top. He took one final sharp turn and saw the round and bumpy top of the spiral hill. As soon as he pushed the break he was greeted with the wide open sky surrounding the clouds and half moon, as the real rain didn’t care to grace tonight. It was a general night scenery of hillside areas. But that wasn’t the only thing his eyes saw. He was stunned was an understatement when his midnight black pools found a pair of smiling chocolate brown ones.

“You!” He breathed out.

A chuckle rang in the air. Then, the person pointed a gun at him with an audible click.

“Nice to see you too.”

Everything was dark and blurry. Her head was pounding so bad that she could feel getting faint again by the pain. She tried to move her head, wanted to get rid of the front hair which was irritating her sweat-coated face. But her hands were tied back together. She tried to move her body but the wooden chair kept her in place. Thankfully, her mouth was free so she screamed for help as loudly as she could.

Not even two seconds had passed from her screaming, she felt knuckles colliding with her face hard. Her face moved to the right as she felt a stinging pain on her left cheek.

“Shut up you old hag!” A rough voice yelled near her ear.

He pulled the lady by the hair to face him and in return, he felt blood spat in his face. He became furious as he wiped the blood from his jawline and kicked hard in her stomach, making her fall back on the ground with the chair.

Sabrina closed her eyes as tears threatened to spill. Her whole body screamed pain except for her mouth which she kept shut. She won’t be weak, at least not in front of this Black-Suit. Speaking of the black-suited bulky man, he came across the chair only to roughly position it back to the ground. He tightly grabbed her chin and made her look into his eyes even though she couldn’t see his face.

“Listen, bitch, our master will come down here. Now, if you don’t behave well, I’m gonna make your life a living hell,bitch.”

With that, he left her chin with such force, for next few seconds Sabrina couldn’t feel her face. She tried to open and close her jaw but only got hurt with unbelievable pain. Suddenly, she heard the door open somewhere and finally some light entered the room. She squeezed her eyes shut.

“How are you feeling, Doctor?” A familiar voice asked.

“Much better than you think!” Was Sabrina’s sarcastic reply.

“For an old woman like you, you aren’t scared that much I see.”

She only chuckled drily in reply which made the White-Suit frown.

“What’s so funny?”

“You don’t know a thing about me, Mr. Whatever. I’ve been through worse, much worse than this.”

“Really! Care to share?”

“Leave me! Go away!” She screamed suddenly.

It was now his time to chuckle.

“Never. I won’t, Doctor, not until you agree with your job position.”

She was tired of hearing the same thing. She scoffed.

“What the heck with this job, huh? You want me to kill someone!”

The man smirked and slowly shook his head.

“I want you to train someone.”

He slammed the door shut after seeing Sabrina’s widened eyes.

“That woman is really something. No wonder she bred to another stubborn ass. But, I also know my ways. Mother and daughter, you both just wait and watch,” He muttered to himself with gritted teeth.

“Treat her well.” He nodded while passing the man in a black suit who attacked Sabrina before.

The man nodded back, a devilish smirk playing on his lips as he cracked his knuckled and entered the room. Next, the sound of continuous beating, screaming, and crunching of bones echoed throughout the whole empty hallway. The dark room was occupied again after a long, long time.

“What the heck woman!” He shouted as the bullet tore through his dark jacket but didn’t touch his body.

“Next time, it may not miss your beautiful brain, Mister.” She replied calmly.

The man was fuming with anger. He stepped closer to her with his long strides.

“Where the heck have you been all the time!” He yelled as he walked.

“And why would I tell you?” Sara replied with supreme calmness.

She was clearly getting on his nerves and he was getting furious by each passing second.

“Don’t dare to test my patience, lady.”

“Vice versa, Intruder,” She said flashing one of her sassy smiles. She was apparently enjoying this conversation.

“You don’t get it, huh? Fine!”

With that, he ran toward her with pure fury. Where to the contrary, Sara was standing there silently, calm and collected as ever. When he was within her reach, she didn’t waste a second before landing her foot on his face with a swift swing. The man was taken aback by such behavior and stumbled to the side.

“Oops, did it hurt? Should I give you some more punches, Intruder?” She said innocently.

The man on the other side, growled dangerously low before looking at her in the eyes. If Sara wasn’t a woman he’d have beaten her to a pulp without a second guess. Her gender saved her today because he doesn’t like to hit a woman. Instead of hitting Sara, he spat on the ground.


“You sure don’t have any manners before a woman, do you? Stop thinking improper things.”

“How do you know what I was thinking, huh?” He said recomposing his posture.

“Your face is screaming your thoughts out loud.” She said with a smirk. “Anyways, nice stunts down there. It was really very exciting.

He narrowed his eyes while Sara continued.

“Who were those racers by the way? Didn’t seem so friendly to me.”

“Some fuckers with loose ends!”

“None of your concern!” He snapped at her.

Sara shrugged. “Very well.”

She turned back to her bike which was standing in the middle of the circle ground. Sara was going to grab the handle when someone roughly pulled her arm and made her turn around to face him.

“I’m not done with you, Saravi!” He growled loudly looking at her eyes.

“Don’t shout!” Sara replied with same fierce attitude while her eyes met his.

This made him apply more pressure on her arm which started to sting, but Sara’s stubbornness got the best of her. She didn’t even flinch while bearing the pain and kept the posture straight.

The wind was blowing around them, making their hairs fly freely in the air and there they were having an intense eye contact competition. But neither one of them was willing to lose.

“Done showing off your strength?” She moved her bounded arm, her eyes never leaving his.

It seemed suddenly he came back to his senses and loosened his grip on her. But he didn’t let go completely.

“Don’t show your attitude to me, you’ll regret it very badly,” Sara said in a dangerously low voice before yanking her arm away from him.

The cold air hitting the bruised arm made her shiver. So, she rubbed the spot lightly. She took a few steps back before completely turning around. This time she successfully rode the bike without any interruption. She was about to start the engine when his voice stopped her.

“Get back to the mansion with me,” He said with a firm voice.

Sara looked back at him with raised brows.

“Request or command?”

“Whatever you think, but you are coming. It’s final.”

“I won’t!” Was her firm reply.

“Don’t force me, Saravi.”

“I wanna see you try.”

The man sighed.

“I know you have questions and you want answers. Let’s just make this easier for both of us. You come with me and I’ll see what we can do.”

Sara wore her helmet before calmly replying,

“Too late for the bait.”

“Saravi, listen, I will answer...”

“You had your chance, twice. Now it’s my turn to find things out. That’d be a hard job, but, oh well, I’m too lazy for easy ways. At least I’ll get the real truth in the end.” Sara smiled.

The man crossed his arms, his jaw tightening.

“Saravi Hussain, remember, you chose this. Don’t regret it later.”

“We’ll see.”

With that, she started the engine and rode past him, leaving him alone. The man saw her going down the spiral hill and looked at her way until her bike completely disappeared from the view. Suddenly, he smirked.

“I know you’ll come back, Sara. You need answers and for that, you need me.”

He sighed as his shoulder slumped. He was tired.

“Well then, I need to arrange some dinner preparation now. Oh, I’m dying of hunger.”

He sprinted to his bike and quickly sat on it, putting on a helmet this time. Next, his engine roared to life, roughly tearing apart silence of the night for the second time.

Sara was on the highway again, almost two kilometers ahead of that spiral hill. Her mind was playing a lot of thinking at once. One of the majors of them was who was that Intruder and what did he wanted from her. She was sure that he was spying on her. But on whose order? That was the main question. She should carefully approach him. She needed to know whether he was an enemy or an ally so she could plan her next step. But his denial to give any kind of answer was only delaying the whole process and that was what frustrating Sara more.

“Looks like I’ll have to go all manual then. Well, if you want me to work hard,” She muttered to herself as she picked up more speed.

The highways were usually empty at night and when it came to hillside areas, then they become almost haunted by the midnight. Sara was heading toward a nearest and cheapest hotel. No wonder she wouldn’t go back to that comfy mansion after knowing who the owner was nor she wanted to attract people to her. Not to mention, she was famished. She needed food in her system immediately, though, she was trained to survive starving up to six days without breaking down.

Above all, Sara wanted to rest for the night and she’d have happily done that on that hill. Sleeping under an open sky had a thrill of its own, However, only if someone could ignore the danger of the storm, thunder and of course mosquitoes. But all her plans went in vain when she saw him running toward the hill along with his followers. She wanted to shoot him as soon as she laid her eyes on him. But she had to control herself. That wasn’t the perfect time for confrontation.

“I’ll get you next time, Intruder!” She said to herself again with much more determination.

Suddenly, she started to see blur in front of her. Everything was getting blurry and her head was getting dizzier. Before she could lose complete balance she parked the bike near some hill. She wanted to get up from her seat and stand up but the next things she knew was everything turned black before Sara zoned out completely.

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