The S Girl

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“Well, well, look who we have here!” Officer Ronal rested his chin on his hand as he acknowledged the familiar two people visit the police station.

Arup barely suppressed a groan while Ravi silently observed the officer with his calculating eyes.

“So, what brings you two today? Another question on some false accusation, hmm?”

“You look in a very good mood today, officer,” Arup said sarcastically.

Officer Ronal sighed contently. “Ah, you can say that. Even though it’s a busy day, I’m in an exceptionally good mood.”

“Good to hear that. But we are not here for the question or accusation, according to your words,” Ravi spoke calmly. “We want to file a missing report.”

Ronal raised his brows in interest.

“And, who is that person?” He spoke with a serious tone this time.

Ravi took a deep breath. Preparing himself for the upcoming possible mockery. These policemen acted like jerks to some people. In this case, the victim was him.

“It’s my wife, Sabrina. She’s missing since yesterday. She went to the hospital in the morning and since then I couldn’t contact her anymore. Her phone was switched off every time I tried to call her.”

“When was the last time you called her? Did you contact the hospital?” Officer Ronal said with furrowed brows which managed to surprise Ravi.

He certainly didn’t expect such seriousness.

“Well, it was last night, around 1:00 AM, I guess. And, yes, I contacted the hospital in the afternoon. They informed me that Sabrina had left the hospital early in the morning. I suppose she heard about the announcement.” Even though he was watching the officer calmly, Ravi couldn’t help but put an accusing look in his eyes.

Officer seemed to get the hint because next thing he did was delivering him a faint smirk. There was his signature mockery. Ravi found it harder to keep himself composed by each passing second.

“Hmm... I see your wife didn’t take the news lightly, Mr. Hussain. Well, do you have any suspect like someone to whom she would go to or who might accidentally kidnap her?”

Arup shook his head at the officer’s rude behavior.

“We may have some suspects, officer. But I’m not so sure how much of that you would find useful since the only thing I’ve seen so far is that you deliberately ignore our statement,” Ravi replied with a cool voice.

Now, that was a silent slap in the face of the officer. He narrowed his eyes at Ravi.

“Smart-mouthing, huh, Mr. Hussain? Let’s see where that takes you now.”

“We know what we are doing, Mr. Hussain. We don’t need you to nitpick on our job and to be honest, I wasn’t ignoring you. I was just stating the facts at which, as long as I remember, you raised your voice at me. You know that’s illegal, right?”

Instead of glaring, Ravi smirked.

“I believe it’s not illegal to correct a public servant if he uses a low term of a word like ‘born criminal’.”

Officer Ronal glared at him hard. But Ravi remained unaffected as he continued.

“Anyways, let’s get back to the main topic. Yes, I suspect that my wife has been kidnapped and it might be some of Sara’s enemies. My main suspect remains that drug dealer.”

Ronal opened his mouth to speak, but before he could say something Ravi beat him to it.

“I know what you will say and maybe won’t take my words for a grant. But here’s the thing I’d like to suggest. Investigate the hospital area. I’m sure someone there, has the answers to Sabrina’s disappearance. If necessary, interrogate that Big Boss again. Push him more and who knows, you may find some clues that could tie the rest of the knot.”

Officer Ronal looked at Ravi with wide eyes. He couldn’t help but feel the authorization in his voice. It was unmistakable. He was the police officer here and that mere middle-aged man was ordering him what to do or not.

“Who the hell does this man think he is!” Ronal thought furiously.

Ravi’s word had hit his pride right on the spot. But he couldn’t give him a proper comeback. Because, somehow he knew that whatever he’d say, this man in front of him will counter attack him with equal brutal force. Looked like he came prepared today. Ronal secretly sighed. It seemed like this was not his day anymore. However, Ronal wouldn’t leave Ravi without the last blow.

“Well, Mr. Hussain, the police here is me, not you. So, it’d be better if you let us do our job without poking your nose here and wait for the progress of the case. Now, here, file a G.D of the missing person. We may contact you anytime so keep your phone switched on and don’t leave the city until we permit you. Same rules for you too, young man.” Ronal eyed Arup who was silently observing the interaction between two males.

Arup nodded curtly as the officer handed them a brown journal and motioned them to write down. Ravi gave Ronal a final glance before picking up the pen from the table and started to write in the journal. After finishing the writing Ravi pushed the journal to Ronal and mumbled a small thanks. Both Ravi and Arup stood and started to leave the chair when Ronal was reviewing the journal.

Before leaving, Ravi looked at the officer and said,

“Oh, and it is my job to poke nose in your job, Officer Ronal, if you don’t take things seriously. So, expect me to correct you in the future as well.”

With that, Ravi started to walk back toward the exit, leaving a confused police officer and a smug looking Arup who was following Ravi on his trail.

“So, this runs in the family, I guess?” Arup whispered while walking beside Ravi.

“What? Ravi asked, confused

“This ‘Always will have the last word’ thing?” Arup said as he smirked.

In reply, Ravi only smiled.

A sudden splash of water made Sabrina jerk back to the reality. She opened her blurry eyes to slowly focus on a tall white-suited body. He was wearing a very irritating smirk while looking down at her as if she was a dead leaf he would crash and crunch any minute he wanted. Sabrina groaned and tried to move, but every inch of her muscle screamed in pain. She sucked in a deep breath, trying to endure the pain.

“Welcome back to the real world, Doctor.” That white mountain spoke with clear sarcasm.

He was standing on her right when his attention moved to somewhere in front of him. Sabrina heard him order someone to get out and leave them. It was then she noticed a black-suited man on her left. He was holding a green bucket with the reason for her waking up.

The man nodded and left the white devil with her. Sabrina grimaced just at the thought of talking with him. But she was curious as well, wanting to know exactly what was his plan with Sara. She wanted to know why was he being such cruel creature toward them. Was it because of something Sara did to him or there were other reasons? Sabrina tried to sigh without feeling the pain.

Sabrina observed his attire again. This man was obsessed white without any doubt, though, the angelic color suited him in a completely wrong way. He was a demon in disguise, she was sure of it by now.

“What you want?” Sabrina spoke in a weak voice, without forgetting to add a little spice to it.

The man chuckled.

“I’d only want things you can give me, Doctor. So, don’t worry. But it’s a shame to think that you are a psychiatrist and yet you couldn’t handle a single patient properly. Are the rumors of you being famous is really true, Dr. Sabrina?”

Sabrina frowned. “Patient? What patient?”

“Oh, such a clueless woman you are! Well, the patient is the one you’ll be going to train mentally here. To be more obvious, he was the one that caused you to get fainted. Ring any bell?”

Sabrina’s frown deepened. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. How could a man with such unearthly voice be her patient? The more important thing was, how could she even train or treat him when she didn’t even know what was his medical history.

Sabrina groaned as she felt her headache build up again. However, she decided to speak rather than stay mute and being mocked by the man next to her.

“Who... Who am I going to treat?”

The man grinned.

“Now we are talking business. Well, as I said, you are going to train his mind. You would have to understand his mental status and his behavior patterns in order to twist it according to my wish. That’d be your job for now. It’s good to be something useful rather than just being tied up to a chair and seat idly, what do you say?”

Sabrina looked up at the man who was grinning like he was having the best day of his life. She felt bitter about herself as she thought that from now on, she’d have to move following his orders. But what could she do? She had no choice. If she ever could think about getting herself out of the prison, she’d have to play along. The man was right. She’d have to observe the patterns, the patterns of how this place worked. What were they up to. Only then, she could form a plan, maybe contact her family and get out of this place.

She sighed before replying, “You are right, Mister. I guess... I have no choice.”

“Oh, why didn’t you agree before. You should know that I hate wasting time and you, Dr. Sabrina, had wasted enough by now. So, let’s get started. Come on, get up.”

Sabrina thought he’d be generous enough to at least offer a hand. But who was she kidding? The man before her was as cold and hard as a rock. His whole presence screamed villain. The man turned to walk away but stopped as Sabrina called him.

“Wait! Well, Mister, we’ve talked to each other more than one time by now. But it’s strange that I still don’t know your name. How should I mention you?”

The man smirked mysteriously.

“You don’t know my name because I’m nameless. And, for the mentioning issue... call me Master.”

Sabrina cringed at his voice along with the thought of calling him something as a master. It felt like a slave or servant to her. However, White-suit had better things to take care of. He left a baffled Sabrina lying on the floor who’s face was scrunched up in confusion. Sabrina stood up as slowly and painlessly as possible. She stared at the door that was left ajar for her. As she walked toward the door, Sabrina couldn’t help but wonder about the White-Suit.

“Who is this man?”

“Hmm... So someone’s already been here before me,” Sara said as she stood up, rubbing off the dust from her hands.

She was still in the forest which was on the other side of the bridge. Sara observed the area more to confirm her suspicion of Roger being the murderer of his wife. It seemed that her guess wasn’t much wrong.

Even though the trail of Rogers car was wiped away years ago, there were still some theoretical things that made the confirmation of her suspicion. That Roger guy was really involved in his wife’s murder, whether directly or not.

The first thing would be the noticeable distance between the bridge and the tent spot. According to Mr. Joynal, the tent was only two kilometers walking distance away from the bridge, including the bumps on the ground that would make any car stop if the correct amount of force and effort could be given. So, if there was really a brake problem that Mr. Roger had sensed, he would have tried to save his family then and there. Another option would have been jumping off the car, though, it had a risk of another accident. But at least lives could be saved. There were other ways to avoid the car accident.

But the thing was, Mr. Roger didn’t want it. Again, it proved that the accident was actually a pre-planned murder. Any general policeman or investigator with enough brain would have caught the trick here. However, they didn’t even bother to think. Why? Because of money. Roger probably bought them all to keep their mouth shut.

“What magic can’t this money do?” Sara said sarcastically as she clicked her tongue.

Sara looked down at the shoe trails in the mud. Again, her thoughts were right. This cursed place had a visitor which Mr. Joynal didn’t mention. She couldn’t even be sure if he deliberately hid the information from her. But then again, she didn’t ask directly to him as he already said that wasn’t any other person who booked this place.

Then, there was only one possibility. Someone or some people had sneaked in the spot.

“But why? Why would someone bother to come here if there isn’t anything left here to see? Or... There is?” Sara questioned herself.

“There is, bitch!” A rough voice made Sara look back. Her brows furrowed.

Instead of one, Sara met at least ten people there. All of them had rough faces with muscled bodies. Some of them were holding guns and knives, others were proudly standing bare hands. They were with the expressions of ready to kill.

Sara chuckled, seeing their arrangement to kill her.

"Why am I not surprised? Oh, these beetles!"

“Well, well, isn’t this the most famous Big Boss groupies? I was really starting to miss you. Welcome, everyone!” Sara greeted them with her signature sarcastic smile.

They didn’t reply verbally, they straightened their postures and started to walk toward her followed by angry grunts. And, Sara? Her left hand was already reaching the backpack where her guns were resting in peace.

“Let the show begin!” Her chocolate brown eyes sparkled.

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