The S Girl

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Unexpected Meeting

To describe the situation chaotic was a great understatement.

It all started when Sara moved in her quickest reflex by pulling out her gun from her hidden backpack under her jacket and shooting the nearest gunman. She didn’t even give them a single second to prepare themselves. As soon as his scream erupted in the air, Sara wasted no time to take cover behind a tree on her left. The gang went furious as expected and started to fire at her while others were preparing their stances.

It was like a repetition of the hotel nights ago. Sara could feel it. Before shooting back, she discreetly counted their heads. There were three gunmen, now two, three knifemen and four unarmed thugs in the gang.

“Idiots could’ve got more gunmen if they were smart,” Sara muttered under her breath while smirking at their fight setting.

When the gunmen started to shower their bullet at her, Sara quickly ducked down and performed a few blind shots using her favorite Glock gun. With surprise, she noticed not all the bullets aimed at her. Some of the bullets were firing the small branches of the tree above her head. Sara looked up to see a few small yet sharp branches were starting to fall on the ground.

It was then she understood what they were trying to do. Sara quickly ducked down her head while covering her head with one hand as the sharp end of the branches started to attack her body. She’d be lying if she said that some of the branches didn’t manage to scratch and scar her bare skin. Thanks to the jacket that most of her body was covered.

“Smart move!” Sara thought before she finally dared to look out of her cover.

She shot the one that was firing the branches right at the heart. Of course, she had to get back to her cover before she received a close earshot. Sara also noticed that the other members of the gang had already spread themselves around. Right now they were closing the distance gap and reaching her slowly. Sara really had underestimated them at first. They seemed prepared today with a foolproof plan.

“Well, better late than never,” Sara said to herself.

This time, Sara had to move much quicker to execute her version of a foolproof plan.

First, she finished off the last remaining gunman by an unpredictable headshot. Then moved out of her cover as she turned to her right. She had spotted a barehanded thug just behind her, attempting to throw a hard punch. She quickly ducked down and with a swift leg swing, she hit his face before shot him right in the neck. She was in no mood for shit today. Sara ignored his painful gurgle of blood and headed for the next one. With the corner of her eyes, she saw a knifeman marching in her direction along with a barehanded one by his side.

“You people seriously have a death wish today!” Sara exclaimed with irritation before quickly aiming the gun at them.

Sara managed to lay down the barehanded one. But when she was about to deal with the knifeman, the terrible thing happened. Sara’s eyes widened as she noticed her gun jammed in the middle of pulling the trigger. The bullet wasn’t the issue because she was sure she had some of the shots left in that killing machine. It might be because she hadn’t got the chance to clean the gun chamber recently after the last encounter.

“Shit!” Sara thought with frustration.

She saw the thug smirk at her situation and slit his eyes in a predatory glance. She had no time to pull out another gun. She quickly threw away the gun and decided to handle the thug on her own. Sara ran to the man and grabbed the hand that was holding the knife. Without giving a second chance, she twisted his hand and punched his face at the same time. She punched so hard that he was soon spitting blood. Anger was slowly building up inside her as she saw the blood dripping from his face.

The thug tried to grab her hair while trying to kick her stomach at the same time. He was successful when Sara received the blow as he expected. She momentarily left his hand and he took the chance to try to cut calf that was covered under the long sleeve of the jacket. He soon realized what a mistake he did when Sara recovered quickly from the pain and kicked his lower abdomen. The man groaned in pain while she mercilessly punched his eyes until he was screaming and groaning in pain into oblivion. Sara, suddenly mad, took the chance to roughly snatch the knife from his hand and sliced his neck without hesitation.

She couldn’t tell why she was behaving such irrationally angry and out of character, but she was furious beyond control. Maybe it had to do with a sudden rage of hormones, maybe the irritation toward the Big Boss gang, maybe it was the burning feeling in her arm, maybe the jacket that was not hers or maybe it was all of the above-mentioned reasons.

But no matter what, one thing was itching her mind. She couldn’t deny the fact that this particular jacket was somehow deposited to her even though she practically had stolen it from its owner. So, it was her duty to keep it intact until she returned it to its man. And, by trying to do harm to it, that man surely had signed for his death which he rightfully got. Who knew? Maybe it was the actual explanation of her sudden rage.

Before she headed for more of her friends, suddenly, an idea popped into her head. In one swift motion, Sara threw away the jacket on the ground and pulled out her machine gun at the same time. It was time the shit needed to end.

Sara started with a walk, but it soon turned into a full sprint as she aimed the machine gun on her left. An automated machine gun has a charming advantage. When the bullets start to run from the gun, it never stops until the pressure removed the trigger. Sara liked that feeling when of bullet rain started from her Uzi. It gave her relief from the pent-up frustration she was feeling inside for the morning, or better say, since the last night’s incident. It’d be quite a manly thought that someone had to run a bullet to steam off. But who said a woman couldn’t do the same? Like a man, she was a human, after all, though, a very difficult human being of a woman.

She didn’t even use the gun for a full minute and all her enemies were dropped down on the ground. Blood pooled on the ground, creating a puddle whenever it got the chance. Sara stood there, huffing and puffing, breathing sweat. She wiped her face to remove the annoying clingy blood and sweat. After that, she just closed her eyes. She needed to cool off both mentally and physically.

This whole Big Boss gang drama severely distracted her from the main task. With a deep breath, Sara opened her with a newfound determination to complete the task. She turned around to proceed but had to halt on her first step. Her eyes widened as she took in the scene before her. It was a glorious man who was standing just a few feet away from her, cross-armed. He had a mysterious smirk on his face and eye full of amusement. Not to mention, he was the absolute last person Sara expected to see here, in front of her.

With a shock, she breathed out only one word.


Sabrina was nervous as she slowly followed the White-Suit whom she was bound to call Master from now. There were in a dark, gray corridor with only two of them. For some reason, the White-Suit dismissed the guards from following him as he took Sabrina with him to God knew where. She was getting anxious with each passing second as the only noise of their shoes echoed throughout the whole corridor.

Suddenly, Sabrina had to halt on her steps as she noticed her new Master had stopped on his way. Then, she noticed a heavy metal door on her right. She couldn’t help but widen her eyes as she saw that the door had seven types of the lock system, including red laser rays protecting the door firmly.

“I’d like you to turn around, Dr. Sabrina.” The White-Suit spoke with his cold voice.

“But why...”

“I’m not good with repetition, Doctor, and you won’t like to tempt me to do something regretful for you. Now, turn and don’t look back!” He ordered with a finality in his tone.

Sabrina sighed in defeat before turning around. She heard some buttons getting pressed and the jingle of keys along with something typed on some screen before she heard the door unlock.

“Now, face me and follow without any question.”

With that, he entered the room as Sabrina turned back and followed him obediently. As she entered the room, she saw nothing but darkness around her. Nothing could be seen in the two steps radius.

“Why are we here, Mister...”

“Master! Not any Mister, Doctor. Don’t repeat the mistake ever!” He raised his voice which made her flinch.

Sabrina took a deep breath before mumbling a small “Yes, Master.” She felt quite bitter to say that particular word, especially, to a man like him.

Sabrina didn’t hear him reply but clapped his hands instead. She was confused for a moment until she was the whole room lit up with a dim yellow light. It was the center of the room that was bright with the light the corners were still under the darkness. And, by mentioning the room, it was quite big with much emptiness. Somehow, she had a weird feeling about this place. As if, she had been here before. She noticed how the walls and floors were made of dark concrete. After, staring at the room with a confused expression on her face, Sabrina raised her brows as the realization hit her.

“This doesn’t happen to be the room where I... I met that thing, right?” After a few seconds, she quickly added Master in her statement.

“It is the room, Doctor and your possible workplace where you’ll be doing your job. You will spend exactly six hours a day with your patient here. The refreshments will be made available to you on time. You will be provided with required equipment if you need. You are allowed to do any kind of activities regarding your job and patient. However, you must keep it in mind that I will monitor your every action, each and every second. So, before you plan to oppose me or trick me in any way, please remember that your daughter’s life is in my hand. I will ruin her life in any way I feel right. Also, if needed, I won’t even hesitate to include your husband, Dr. Sabrina. So, be careful what you do from the next moment onward. And, for the final words, I’d sent your patient in the room in no time. Just wait here till his arrival and... remember what I said.”

Sabrina was bewildered to hear his conditions. But before she could say anything that white devil strode out of the room, leaving Sabrina completely alone with the silence and emptiness. A few minutes had passed since she stood there fidgeting her fingers nervously.

Sabrina needed to focus on her main task at the moment. She couldn’t let a devil manipulate her in such brutal ways. Even though he had threatened her family, Sabrina had to take the risk and plan a way out of here. She might let him control her for the moment, but not forever. That’s why she needed to understand her surroundings and taking up the job offer was the start of it.

Suddenly, Sabrina jumped at the loud noise of banging the door shut. She didn’t dare to look back to see who was approaching her in a slow and confident stride, almost like in a predatory way. Sabrina was continuously praying to the almighty to give her the much-needed strength to face the inevitable.

She felt a strange cold presence in her back and hot breath on her neck. Sabrina froze on the spot, not even daring to breathe while her heart was beating dangerously fast. Sabrina felt the vibration of his chest as the being chuckle in an otherworldly deep and cold voice.

“My, my, looks like someone has turned this woman into a statue,” His demonic grungy voice whispered in amusement.

She flinched at the voice. Her heart was going wild at the moment.

“Turn around, old woman,” He commanded, as softly as he could.

When he didn’t see Sabrina move it was then he let out a low rough growl that made Sabrina’s skin grow cold. With much courage and gulping down the fear, she slowly turned around to meet her death. The first thing that her eyes caught was his extremely toned stomach. He was very tall and shirtless with only black pants. Needlessly to say, he was toned all over and by judging the muscles, he was huge. He was also barefoot. The man was surely an epitome of a strong man. But there was only one thing that was different. It was black, pitch black, with no other shade. Sabrina hadn’t moved her eyes to his face yet, but she could feel his eyes on her. With another gulp, she managed to let her eyes go up to his face.

She just stared at the face. What could she say? How could she describe a face that had the shape of a ruthless beast yet managed to keep the handsomeness in his young skin? This was completely otherworldly. Beastly and dangerous. But what was the most chilling part of his face? It was his eyes that were glowing like a blue star and currently piercing her through his furious gaze.

Sabrina stuttered as she tried to greet her dangerous patient.

“He-hello, It’s... nice to meet... you. I’m your doc-doctor, Sabrina.”

He smirked in the most intense and devilish way possible.

“And, I’m your devil, Doc,” He whispered, leaning into her.

The next thing she knew, Sabrina was screaming in pain as the devil tore her arm with his claws and dragged her closer. He kept a trembling Sabrina next to his chest and pointed a razor-sharp claw under her jaw.

“And your hell has just begun,” He whispered in a cold tone before roughly throwing her away to the ground.

Sabrina couldn’t even begin to describe how much pain she was feeling. The long-term intense physical and mental torment, hunger, thrust, and now, this cold-blooded psychopath’s sadistic way of torture whom she needed to treat.

How could she even start the treatment when she barely could stand in front him unharmed. Sabrina took a deep painful breath. She looked straight into his menacing cruel eyes. She had decided her way. She won’t step back, not until she reached the root of the situation. With another deep breath, she slowly stood up from the ground, keeping an eye contact with him. She had to keep going. For her family’s sake, for Sara’s sake.

“It’s always a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Hussain,” Prince said as he delivered Sara one of his charming smiles.

“Oh, cut the shit!”

“I’m sure you are here for more reasonable reason than to just meet me, Mr. Rahman,” Sara asked as she crossed her arms.

“You are right, indeed. I have some reason to meet with you today. But I believe this place is really not the right place to talk business.” Prince looked around the area, at the after storm effect of a fight.

“You can say what you want and be on your way. I don’t wish to deal with you any further than necessary,” Sara said with slight annoyance in her voice.

Prince smirked.

“Well, you haven’t changed the way of talking to your authority and your partner.”

“For your information, you are neither my authority nor my partner, not anymore. So, how I’ll speak with you is completely on me.”

Prince sighed.

“I see you know that I resigned from the company. But does that means that I can’t expect a civilized respect from you?”

Now, it was Sara’s turn to smirk.

“Respects are not given, it’s earned. Anyways, now tell me why are you here?”

Prince looked at her for a bit longer before replying with a clearing of the throat.

“I wish to speak to you about the reasons behind my resignation. It has something to do with the serial murder case and the investigation. That’s why I want a private place to speak to you. I believe you understand the value of privacy when it comes to confidential business talk. Please, Ms. Hussain, co-operate with me in this. It will be beneficial for both of us.”

Sara thought about a moment before replying.

“Alright. I’ll come with you if the reason is so crucial. But I was wondering what I’d do about all these things.” She gestured toward the mess of blood and bodies around her.

At that statement, Prince chuckled at Sara. She raised her brows in question.

“Anything funny?”

“No, Ms. Hussain. Don’t worry about the mess. I’ll have it cleared up by the afternoon. No one would even suspect anything ever happened here?”

“How?” Sara asked, curious.

“What do you think, only spies can have second-hand helpers, detectives don’t? We keep extra hands for situations like this. We are no different than you. We just work with more authority and legal protection, that’s all.”

“Hmm... I see. So, we are both legal criminals then. Killing away people, hiding the evidence like a pro so nobody can trace us.”

“Only we do crime to save people while saving our skins. Now, I think it’s enough of the discussion of how we would cover the incident.”

“One last question, how would you get past Mr. Joynal, the one who owns this place?”

“Hmm... Who said we’re going to get past him?” Prince’s eyes sparkled with mischievous.

It clicked Sara right away.

“Of course, bribery and money. What were you thinking, woman?”

“Well, Mr. Prince, We should get going. But before that...”

Sara turned around to collect her gun and the jacket from the ground. Neither of the things was in good condition. She needed to take care of them later.

“Let’s go.” Sara walked past Prince.

Soon, Prince joined her in the walk. He couldn’t help but do question about the jacket. It peaked his interest.

“If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get the jacket, Ms. Hussain? It seems large enough to fit your body.”

Sara inwardly huffed.

“Do I really need to answer that? I believe we should talk only business at this moment. I don’t like your interference in my personal matter.”

“My apologies, Ms. Hussain. I shouldn't have pried.”

Sara nodded. "It's alright, Mr. Rahman."

Prince glanced at her way and sighed

“I wish you could call me by my nickname, Saravi.”

“Be glad you didn’t speak that aloud, Prince. One slip up is enough for me.”

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