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Deeper Into The Dark

“Easy there, easy. Calm down, please,” Sabrina said as she approached the beastly thing with slow, cautious steps.

The thing was fuming as his breathing was loud and heavy. His shining blue eyes, which had no pupil was narrowed in a predatory glance. Sabrina didn’t know how to manage a beast. She was a psychiatrist for humans after all, not for some beast. But she had no choice. If she wanted to escape the hellhole, she’d had to face this otherworldly creature. Her steps needed to be wise and careful.

When Sabrina was near his arm length, she expected another attack from the beast. But to her surprise, he turned around with a grunt and walked far away from her. He sat on the ground, creating noise and kept giving her death glare. His actions, however, gave Sabrina a little bit of courage. She tried to communicate with him again. She tried to clear her dry as the desert throat but ended up coughing.

“Well... um... let’s get introduced properly, shall we? Ah... I’m Dr. Sabrina Rahman Hussian. I'm a psychiatrist and your doctor here. May I know your name?”

The silence was what she got in reply. But she wasn’t going to stop.

“Ah... I understand you don’t like me and don’t want to talk to me. But as... humans, I guess we should converse a bit to get to know each other don’t you think?” Sabrina finished with a cautious feeling.

This time, the silence was replaced with shocking laughter. Sabrina stood there silently before hearing a grumbling voice speak.

“Humans, huh? What do you take me for, Oldy?” He cocked his brow in pure amusement.

His sudden change of expression confused her, so his words.

“Um... well, at least we’ve started talking. I thought only I’d have to keep talking here.”

To prove her point right, he gave Sabrina another silent treatment. Again, Sabrina refused to get offended. She knew how to deal with grumpy patients like him. This young beast, man or whatever, was one hell of a raging species. Patience was the only key to unlock his inner self.

“Okay, if you are not comfortable, then let’s skip the introduction part. I’ll call you, Mister, okay? So, tell me about you...”

“Sounds like Master, like you all call him, huh? Listen, bitch! Don’t you dare compare me to him!” He raised his voice so loud that it echoed throughout the whole room.

Sabrina had to cover her ears. She was shaking and breathing frantically. To say, she was stunned to the core would be a huge understatement. This specimen was no doubt held unbelievable strength. She got the trailer when he practically threw her away a few minutes ago. Guess, this had been just the beginning of the movie.

He strode toward her and without any warning, gripped her neck tightly. Sabrina couldn’t feel the ground, she was throwing her legs in the air. The beast was giving her the dark and most sadistic look one could ever give. He had no remorse on the inside for what he was doing. His lips were curled down in disgust for that old piece of a body, he was strangling with much ease.

“You so wanna get my name, huh? Well then, call me Damien, Bitch, Damien! And never talk about that white shit to me!”

With one last painful squeeze, he carelessly dropped Sabrina on the ground and went back to his corner to sit down and grunt in anger. Sabrina was breathless at this point. Her throat burned and her head was pounding because of long hours of starvation and torture. However, a million questions of whys started to clot in her mind like blood, though, she didn’t dare to speak a word. This man was far too intimidating for her to bear with him. When Sabrina saw him sit down on the floor with a huff, she started to breathe.

“O-Okay... D-Damien. I-I won’t talk about W...”

Sabrina had to stop as soon as she heard the low growl. She realized not only her slip up, but also her mistake in the method. Sabrina had been going on usual with the guy. Seemed like it was time to change the route of approach. This time, she’d had to be successful, at any cost. She took a long, deep breath, calming her nerves. Then, offering Damien a trembling smile she said,

“Let’s start afresh.”

Ravi was bouncing his knees, nervous. He was sitting in a park in 11:30 in the morning. His hands were shaking with anxiety. He sat there for the past one hour waiting for Arup to arrive. He should have arrived thirty minutes earlier.

“What’s taking him so long?” Ravi muttered under his breath.

He took a long breath to calm his nerves, but nothing was working. Nothing ever worked when he was this nervous or anxious. It was the sole reason why he couldn’t get to work on his visualization ability since this morning. In the early morning, when he was relatively less tensed, he tried to visualize. What he saw was a completely black image. At first, he was confused. He tried again and got the same result. After six failed attempts to see his wife, he thought he was losing his ability.

Then, he tried on Sara to see if it still worked or not. He was relieved when he saw that Sara was eating an apple near a lake or river. Behind her was a gigantic cream mansion not so very far away. He wondered what was she doing in a place like that. Why was she even eating outside a mansion when there was a possibility to eat inside. Perhaps, that was the mansion of some enemy. But then again, Sara wouldn’t stay there for a meal if that was the reason. In one word, he was completely confused, not just only about Sara’s situation but also about the black vision of Sabrina.

“Good morning, Mr. Hussain.”

Ravi jerked out of his thoughts at the voice of Arup. He looked up to meet the young man.

Ravi gave him a nervous smile. “Good morning, Arup. Did you bring the information?”

Arup nodded and sat next to a worried Ravi.

“Mr. Hussain, please relax. Everything will be fine. Just listen to me, okay?” Arup had put a hand on his shoulder.

Ravi sighed at his touch and slowly nodded his head.

“Good. Now, about the important issue, I went to the slum this morning. I tried to contact the families of Melina and Niraj to get the information about Niraj Kumar. According to their statement, Niraj was the son of Rajat Kumar, their neighbor Ratan Kumar’s brother. Niraj lived in their village in Kushtia. He was a local farmer. He occasionally came here in Dhaka to stay at his relative or buy farming products. Last time Niraj visited his relative was two months before Melina’s murder. And, you know what’s surprising? Melina and Niraj were in a relationship for the past 7-8 months, but their families found out only a few days ago before the sad incident. They didn’t mention the relationship thing last time I visited with Sara. I don’t know why they decided to disclose the matter now. Maybe because the last time they were mourning over her death when we got there.

Anyways, now about the recent update, when I tried to know about Niraj’s regular behavior, they informed me that Niraj had been strangely behaving very secretive since his last visit. He used to go out early morning and come back late at night. When his family asked him about his sudden change he avoided their questions. No one knew why he was acting like that and probably never will. Niraj is a dead case now. I wonder if Sara had assumed something or not. You know, Mr. Hussain, she even refused to go to Niraj’s place that day. Who knows, maybe she somehow thought that the visit won’t come in any use or she had any other plans? This whole thing is confusing as he... ah... sorry.” Arup smiled sheepishly.

But Ravi was drowned in other thoughts to notice Arup’s swearing.

“If Niraj had been secretive that means he was up to something that involved the serial killer case. Now, I’m no expert in investigation things, but my assumption is, maybe Niraj was indirectly involved in Melina’s murder. Let’s come to think of it in this way, as you told me, Niraj voluntarily took Melina to the medicine shop that night and then, the next day they found only Melina. Niraj Had been already missing. Is there any possibility that Niraj directly killed or helped to get Melina killed?” Ravi looked at Arup to know his opinion.

“Well, this might be a possibility, but if Niraj was directly involved in killing then he would be the serial killer. And, he was only nearly a twenty-something kid. He would need a mastermind to plan the whole thing which I think he wasn’t capable of. If we talk about his helping someone to get Melina killed, then there is a major plot hole. Why would someone want to kill his eight months long girlfriend without any solid reason or getting blackmailed by someone? Wait, what... blackmail!”

Arup looked at a shocked Ravi, who was reflecting on his own emotion.

“So, there might be someone who was blackmailing Niraj to kill Melina. If so, then the case would turn into a completely other direction,” Ravi said with a frown on his face.

“That leads to the question of why would someone want to choose Melina to get killed by her own boyfriend. Who would gain what by killing an innocent girl?”

“That’s the main question, Arup. That is the question of which we must find the answer, at any cost.“Ravi looked at Arup with a newfound determination.

They had to know the truth and for that, they were ready to dig deeper. Even if that means they’d had to risk their own lives.

A black BMW stopped in front of the enormous building. But no one cared to come out the doors. The shiny car was starting to attract people’s attention when a bike stopped beside the car after a few minutes. People saw the person killed the engine and putting off her helmet. She was a very beautiful yet roughly clothed woman At the same time, the back door of the car opened and a well-suited, tall and extremely handsome guy came out.

The woman nodded at him and got out of the bike. The man started to walk and she joined him soon. The pedestrians who passed them gave them weird stares. They couldn’t help but think about that woman who had a strange, mysterious aura and how unfit her outfit was with the perfectly clothed man with her.

The woman, however, didn’t even spare a glance at anyone, not even her handsome fellow. Her focus was solely based on the entrance.

“Why are we here in such luxury, Mr. Rahman? I thought you knew about my need to stay hideous,” Sara said as she walked.

Prince glanced at her.

“We’re in Chittagong, Ms. Hussain. And, I think, it’s the perfect place to enjoy some luxury while on leave.” Prince gave Sara his usual charming smile.

Sara raised her brow at him.

“Yeah, such a lovely place to get easily noticed by public and police, totally enjoyable!” She replied with her usual sarcasm.

“I know that you want to be secretive, but trust me, this will be the best for you, for us... uh... for our case too.” Prince cleared his throat.

“Trusting you is equal to taking a risk, Mr. Rahman,”

Sara looked at Prince, who clenched his jaw tight.

“Don’t worry. I love to take risks. It helps me to learn more about the people, whether he’s an enemy or a friend.”

“Are you saying, you are trusting me?” Prince’s eyes lit up with a smile.

Sara nodded.

“I’m trusting you, Mr. Rahman... but for now.”

“What do you mean?”

“This trust I’m having on you is because of the situation, not because I want to. I hope you understand that.

Prince looked at Sara for a brief second before looking away.

“It’s because of the friendship deal, isn’t it?” Prince sighed. “Well, you are right. Friends can be enemies sometimes and enemies can be friends. You never know, Ms. Hussain,” He stated in a cold voice.

Sara smiled.

“And, that’s why I don’t trust people so easily.”

Prince sighed before curtly nodding.

“Ladies first,” He said as they stood before the hotel entrance, gesturing Sara to enter first.

The guards greeted them with smiles as they both entered the grand hotel. When they reached the reception, a female receptionist smiled at them.

“Good Afternoon, Sir. Good Afternoon, Ma’am. Welcome to the Royal Red. How may I assist you?”

Sara noticed that Prince had turned on his charm mode almost instantly. He was smiling, effortlessly affecting the woman right at that second, making her look at him as if she was a shy teenager with a blush.

“Oh, men!” Sara thought as she discreetly shook her head in amusement.

“Hello, I’d like to book two rooms for three nights,” His voice threw off a demanding vibe despite his flirtatious behavior.

Almost instantly the receptionist replied, “Sure, Sir.”

She gave them the registry book and told them to sign in their names. Sara signed first. Of course, she chose a different name this time as well. If she could make those policemen delay even a few minutes that would worth it. This time she chose Alisa Ahmed. When it was time for Prince, he went for his actual name while smirking at Sara’s name choice.

After the registration and payment, when the receptionist was taking back the book, both of them saw her eyes getting furrowed as she looked at the book. But it was just for a second. Next, put had put on her professional smile, hoping they hadn’t noticed her imperfect act of the moment.

“Thank you, Sir. Thank you, Ma’am. Hope you enjoy your stay here. Here are the cards,” She handed the respective entry cards of their rooms.

Both of them returned her thanks and went on their way. The receptionist looked at their back.

“This is strange! Why did he do that?” She muttered absent-mindedly while keeping staring at their way until they went inside the glass door.

“So, what did you want to talk about?” Sara asked as she crossed her arms.

She was sitting on a plush white sofa beside the light blue bed while staring at Prince. He placed himself on the white bed. They were in Sara’s room. Her room had beige walls with the cream tiled floor. It was a nicely designed room with a great view of the sea outside the wide window with balcony. However, Sara wasn’t enjoying the luxury one bit. She had all her focus on the man before her who was silently watching the sea.

“Mr. Prince?” Sara asked again.

Prince took his time to take a breath before focusing his light brown eyes on Sara.

“I know what were you doing there,” Prince said with a cold voice.

“And, I know this topic isn’t going to be about your sudden resignation.”

“Oh, yeah? That’s great. It’d make the conversation much more smooth.”

“You were looking for clues to solve the mystery of Suzan Roger’s death,” Prince said, ignoring her witty remark. “You wanted to find out who had gone to that forest before you, right? But I’m sorry to say, you won’t find that person anywhere anymore.”

Sara raised brows. “Oh? Where is he then? In heaven above or Mars, perhaps!”

She just couldn’t resist herself. Here she was trying to find a person who could be a potential clue to the death mystery and this Prince here was riddling things out. It was just what she needed at the moment.

“Because that person is sitting before you, Ms. Hussain,” Prince said with a casual tone.

Sara narrowed her eyes. Then suddenly, chuckled.

“Great, it’s nice to meet you, then. Now, what information do you have?”

Prince smirked at Sara. His eyes spoke mysteriously. “Well, let’s see, what do we have here.”

Prince had put his hand inside the coat and brought out a light green file. He opened the file and looked up at Sara, motioning to the sofa. When Sara nodded, Prince walked up to her. Taking a seat beside her, Prince showed Sara the file. Then he started.

“This file contains information about the forest accident of the Rogers. The old scraps of newspapers you see here are the articles on the accident back in 2001. According to these articles, There was a quick renovation of the forest after the accident had happened, almost within two weeks. Why did they renovate the forest that quickly is still a mystery, but I guess, the possible reason might be..."

“Bribery,” Sara cut him off. “There’s no doubt Roger bribed and blackmailed countless people to cover up the crime. He didn’t want anyone to find out what happened and whoever might have tried to disclose or solve the case had disappeared, right?”

Prince raised his brows in astonishment, “You know?”

Sara smiled, “No. Just brain and experience. Anyways, continue.”

Prince turned the page. There were some pictures on both sides of the page.

“What you didn’t use DSLR Camera while taking those pics, Mr. Prince?” Sara said with amusement.

“These pics were taken with a night vision camera. That’s why they are so unlikable. Anyways, so, last night I raided the area in search of some clues and guess what I found. This!”

Prince showed a certain picture which showed four long and rough lines on a tree. It was as if something was trying to pass through the tree and scratched it with its nail.

“Claw print?” Sara asked, furrowing her brows in confusion.

“Something was there last night, Ms. Hussain, and by the looks of it, it didn’t look like a regular animal thing. In fact, that forest area doesn’t have such dangerous animals like this which had these types of claws. Other photos are just the proof that something strange had roamed around the area. It was mostly walking in the forest. But there was no footprint of its entrance or exit.”

“I didn’t see any claw prints today.” Sara looked at Prince.

“It’s because you didn’t go that deep into the jungle. It was far too inside from your fighting spot. Well, it’s partly my fault though. I had made you come with me before you could continue your search.”

“It didn’t leave or enter the forest, right?” Sara said as she ignored Prince.

Prince nodded.

“And, is there any chance animals from the other part of the jungle are could come inside the forest spot?”

“No, because, the boundary of the forest spot in protected with strong wires and net.”

“Then, is it possible that this thing was there from the beginning?”

“What are you implying on, Ms. Hussain?”

“Mr. Joynal said that the spot wasn’t rented for years. He didn’t mention any animal let alone a dangerous one. If this clawed being was already there. Someone should have seen or sensed its presence. But no one has reported about such thing. I believe, our dear Daniel Roger has something to do with the issue.” She said as she looked into the distance.

Then, she looked at Prince, who was already looking at her.

“Well, Mr. Prince, we are not dealing with one Beast only.”

Sara’s face twitched into a slow smirk.

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