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Old Face New Side

Mornings means a new start of life, but in the place where Sabrina was stuck, a new morning was nothing but a reminder of the scars and bruises she received last time. She couldn’t help but reminisce about those moments of her young life when she was once treated like this, worse than this.

“How do you like it, Darling?” A venomous voice spat at her as he drew a new line on the old scar on her arm with a red, hot knife.

She barely concealed a painful scream. She wouldn’t give in, not now, not ever. Her tear streaked light brown eyes held burning fire, specially reserved for him.

“You... know... what?” She coughed, enduring the pain of talking.

“It... It feels like... like I wanna rip off your he... head and skin you alive!” She spat blood on his face, finalizing the statement.

His cruel, cold eyes darkened and he stabbed the side of her rib continuously. Her screams fell on deaf ears. She was slowly dying, but somehow she knew she wouldn’t be dead. He wouldn’t let that happen.

Even after torturous blows after blows, she stood her ground like a stubborn woman. Her eyes that held fire looked at her merciless predator. She remembered every detail of his torturous strikes. She needed to keep them in mind to make him pay. He might hurt her, crack her, bent her, but he wouldn’t be able to break her. She was a fire. She would burn every evil to ashes until the very last breath. It was her oath to self.

“Are you finished with your food?”

Sabrina jolted up from her thoughts to meet Dr. Siddiqui. He was standing beside the door frame. His eyes watching her patiently. Her eyes dropped down to the half-finished soup she was having for breakfast.

“Yes, I’m done,” She said, not looking at the doctor.

Dr. Siddiqui could see that Sabrina hadn’t finished her breakfast. He wanted to urge her to eat, but instead, he nodded.

“Good. I’m telling a nurse to prepare your wheelchair.”

On regular circumstances, he wouldn’t even think of letting a patient like her move from the bed. She still needed to rest. But what could he do? That devilish man in white threatened him to cancel his medical license if he didn’t join here to work. And, since last five years, he was stuck in this hell, wrapped up in his fingers. With a sigh and one last look at his patient, he left the room.

After half an hour, Sabrina was again in the room she dreaded the most. She didn’t see the White-Suit this morning. Though, she found the door open when the nurse pushed her through the door and left her here just a few minutes ago.

With a long, deep breath, she looked forward. Her eyes focused on a certain figure sitting in the corner to her right. His head was down, breathing seemed normal.

It’s time.

She thought before moving the wheelchair in his direction. When she reached near him, he still didn’t look up at her.

“Damien?” She softly called, almost like a whisper.

He looked up at the call and growled.

“You, Oldy, is still here? Didn’t I send you to grave last time?”

Sabrina smiled. “Nope. Unfortunately, you failed.”

He abruptly stood up and within a flash, Damien towered over her form with glaring eyes.

“You seriously don’t wanna live, huh? Your old bones gave up already, I see,” He spoke in a cold voice.

Sabrina held his gaze.

“Well, I don’t think 49 is that much of an age to have rotten bones yet. I surely wish to live long. Will you help me?”

Her confidence took Damien off the guard for a second. What kind of person would talk to a vicious beast like they had been friends for years? Even yesterday she was trembling like a leaf. Damien let out a low growl, warning her for the last time to watch her mouth.

“What do you want, woman?”

Sabrina was waiting for this moment to come. A slow smile crept up her face, almost like a smirk.

“Well, I want something from you, yes.”

After an unnerving long pause, she added.

“Beat me up till you can’t anymore.”

Her eyes were holding fire, carefully assessing the stunned expression of the black beast.

Sara walked through the lane as she watched her surroundings. The early morning silence was quite comfortable. Sun didn’t shine brightly yet. Birds chirped around buildings on both sides of the road. The intense smell of trash hitting the nostrils but failed to affect Sara.

A petite woman with makeup caked face came rushing from the opposite side of the wall. She flipped her brown curls while muttering god knows what from the distance. Her big breasts weirdly bounced through her revealing dark green Salwar suit as she strode forward with an expression of intending to skin someone alive.

It wasn’t until she came at a hearing distance when Sara accidentally read her thoughts.

Fucker! Bastard! A spineless little piece of a shit! What the fuck did he think, he’d easily get away from me without paying? Nine rounds. Nine fucking rounds and that motherfucker still refuse to even see me. I’m still sore for fuck’s sake! No way. No fucking way! I’m gonna dismantle his manhood. Yes, either it’s payment or that. Good idea! Now he’s gonna see the worst of me! Why’s this bitch looking at me? Ha! Another morning fuck, I see. W-What the fuck? That Bitch!

Sara didn’t realize she was glaring at her until that furious woman glared her back. She had been too obvious to expose her secret self. Sara quickly looked away and passed the woman without glancing at her anymore. That lady, however, kept her hot eyes on her back for a few more minutes.

“People and their colorful thoughts!” Sara muttered as she chuckled lightly.

She reached the designated building around the corner and went to the second floor. A worn out brown wooden door awaited her as she knocked on the door. It didn’t open for the first two minutes, so she knocked again. She heard a quick shuffling of the foot along with other things.

“I swear bitch if you don’t stop bothering me, I’m gonna rip off your va... Shit!”

A very shirtless Kalu was standing there, covering the door frame. His genuinely mortified face covered in a deep shade of red starting from his neck. Sara wondered if it was because of anger or embarrassment. She, however, struggled to keep a straight face. Finally, she gave in and burst into a full fit of laughter.

“So, y-you came here to laugh at me in this very morning?” Kalu was looking anywhere but her.

“Funny how one wants to dismantle the manhood and the other wants to rip off the vagina, isn’t it?” She said after her laughter died down. “Though, I’m not sure she was the same woman or not. But it’s quite hilarious, don’t you think?”

“Get in!” Kalu growled as he stepped aside.

She gladly entered his small apartment with a fuming Kalu trailing behind her.

“How did you know she wanted to, uh... Did that bitch tell you? God! That prick-”

“She was muttering her thoughts out loud while rushing through the road. I just overheard her. She was wearing green, by the way,” Sara said she kept an eye contact with him.

Kalu huffed as he sat on his couch, flexing his muscles on the way. It was starting to become uncomfortable for Sara to have a shirtless man in the room like that. But she brushed it off quickly. It was his place after all. He could stay there in whatever way he liked. But the weirdness somehow still lingered there.

“So, what happened?” Sara asked.

Kalu rubbed his face. Dark circles were visible there. Tired and worn out.

“I seriously don’t know how she got here. She says that we slept together, but I don’t remember anything like that. It’s true that I went to a local bar last night and had some drinks but that doesn’t mean I’ve done something, right? Right? Saravi!”

Sara sighed, “What can I say? You know and she knows. You got drunk, you messed up.”

“I didn’t!” Kalu snapped.

Sara nodded, smiling.

“Seriously, I did not! I... maybe... argh. I’m so confused.”

“Just talk to her when you both get cooled off. If you feel something’s fishy, sort it out. If you feel she’s right, then pay her. After all, you kept her up last night for nine rounds as I heard.”

Kalu’s eyes bulged out from his socket.

“What! That bitch is exaggerating!”

Sara shrugged.

Kalu sighed. “I’m stuck! Anyways, you are here for?”

“Won’t offer your guest anything first?”

“You are one shameless woman!” Kalu stood up, or to put it better, pushed himself up.

Sara grinned at him. “I’m still your blackmailer, remember?”

Kalu rolled his eyes as he dragged himself toward the kitchen and started to pick out some dry bread from the fridge.

“I met Prince yesterday.”

Kalu stopped putting jam on bread and snapped up his neck at her direction.


“Yeah. He said he wanted to give me some information on the Roger accident back in 2001. So, we went to a hotel to have a safe conversation. We discussed the information and, turns out, we have to deal with another beastly creature. He was kept hidden in that forest area till last night.”

“All these years! God,” Kalu said going back to his work.

“He got moved from there last night. And, guess who helped the situation?”

“That motherfucker!” Kalu grunted.

“This doesn’t end here. Prince also tried to kill the manager of the forest since he knew too much. So, he planned to blow up his apartment.”

“Sick Bastard!”

Sara chuckled humorlessly, “Sick these days isn’t sick anymore.”

“Did you go back to the hotel?”

“I did, right after feeling the ground shake, watching the blast happen with my very own eyes. It feels quite... There were so many people in that building.” Sara sighed as she looked away.

“We can’t change the death. It’ll come to us at the right moment, not a second early not a second late.”

Sara looked up at him with a faint smile. “Have you started the business of spreading the philosophical word? ’Cause I sure feel like it.”

“Don’t talk about death like it doesn’t affect you, Saravi! Even the most vicious criminal can be moved by it and you are only...”

Kalu didn’t say anything as he trailed off. He knew the feeling very well. It might be hard to believe for some people, but people who killed others like crushing bugs also wanted to change the very moment when a soul lefts a body. But over the time they get used to it. They had to because it was only a game of survival. Either you live or you die. Kalu inwardly sighed as he remembered the first time he took a life. His hands were shaking as he pulled the trigger at the target. He wanted to halt the moment, but at the same time, the dead eyes of his wife and children pushed him to his edge.

The monster who was disguised as a CEO, pushed Kalu to punish him for making her wife commit suicide. What was Kalu’s fault? He was falsely accused of stealing some important file. He was framed by that monster to hide his crimes. He went to jail, suffered with intense humiliation and poverty. His final straw was his family. But he wasn’t lucky. And, that was the day he decided to rebel, to punish those owners of their companies who made their employees suffer or fired them unfairly. Each year he chose one victim. After carefully analyzing their unfair act of authority, he used to choose the most cruel ones.

His last victim was Sara’s CEO. The situation was same as his. The only difference was that it was some design for some wealthy man’s law farm business. The CEO got so infuriated at the loss of the file that he fired each and every one of the employees who were related to the project. Sara was one of the lead architects who also got fired in the process. So, bring justice upon those families he had killed that CEO without blinking his eyes.

But strangely, it was Sara who caught him and suddenly blackmailed him into living a new life. He still wondered how someone would offer such a murderer as him second chance in life. She was a strange woman. When she could easily hand those proofs to the police or be a partner in crime for revenge, she chose to be neutral. But, anyhow he would be forever in debt to her for that, blackmailer or not.

“Let’s get back to the main topic. We’ll have more time to discuss death.” Sara said abruptly, bringing Kalu back from his thoughts.

He hesitated before nodding, suddenly a thought crossed his mind.

“You said ‘Prince tried’ that means that fucker couldn’t kill that man.”

Sara smiled mysteriously.

“Maybe or maybe not.”

“Oh, come on! You would let someone play your card that easily? I don’t believe that. Where is he?”

“Somewhere you don’t need to know now. Okay, so, let’s get to the point. I need you to keep a track on Prince. Can you do that?”

“Sure, ’cause I’m a spy of a spy.”

“Cool!” Sara smiled. “And, about the other information?”

“Dig in first.” He placed a plate full of bread and water on the table. Kalu himself was having a glass full of lemon water.

“Thanks.” Sara smiled.

Kalu sipped the drink before going inside. He came back with some scrapped papers and sheets and sat beside her. He put his empty glass back on the table.

“Geez, this head!” He muttered low before clearing his throat.

“So, this is the family dynasty of the Rogers. Daniel Roger wasn’t always this wealthy tiptop man before. He faced life struggles working in an ordinary jewelry shop at his young age. He met Suzan Rivera when he was twenty-seven and like any sloppy romance story, they fell for each other, faced family disagreement issues and somehow ended up getting married to live happily ever after.

However, the twist here is that Daniel is a big ass gold digger. He got the Rivera business, the Rivera empire by manipulating his father-in-law. He renamed the company built it to today’s Rogers Industries. But then somehow his business started to downfall a few years ago. To get out of the situation he kept loaning. He, however, managed to stand back on his feet. How he did that is still foggy in the history. But I have an idea that he had to do something worse to save his business. And, maybe his wife came to know that somehow and got killed.”

Sara hummed.

“These Beasts, Roger, and Prince have a relation between them, of that much I’m sure. But it still doesn’t clear up the fog surrounding the serial killer.”

“It’s simple, one of the Beasts is the killer.”

“Are you completely sure it is those Beasts, not any human?” Sara looked up at him.

“Well... uh...”

“We can’t assume anything until we are sure of it, Kalu.”

“Why don’t you face that Prince? Grab him and make him spill everything.”

“I can’t at the moment.”


“Because he has already checked out from the hotel.”

Kalu’s eyes widened.

“Last night?”

Sara nodded.

“Yep. I checked the hotel registry before going out.

“God, that bastard!”

“I found an interesting thing though.”


“There were several entries of a man from the past few months who caught my interest.”


“Robert Sullivan, Anita’s fiancé.”

His steps were slow and calculated. Eyes never leaving from the woman sitting before him. Sure, she wasn’t that old, but the fine lines that started to appear indicated she was aging. Her old eyes locked on him, challenging. And, he loved challenges. No matter old or hurt, she dared to challenge him and he would gladly fulfill her wish.

Sabrina waited patiently watching every move of Damien as he walked toward her. His stance was predatory, eyes held the hunger of blood. A beast, pure beast and ironically, her patient. Sabrina took a deep breath. She was ready, so ready to test Damien.

Damien reached her, his foot touching hers. He swiftly bent down to attack. Sabrina flinched and closed her eyes, expecting a punch or throw. However, she received a strong grip on the throat. He set her off guard, squeezing the life out of her. Sabrina’s lungs begged for air. The pain coursed through her whole body. It blended with other pain of her older scars and bruises as Damien lifted Sabrina up in the air.

Her legs dangling in the air, wanting to grab a surface. Weak hands tried to pry off the strong ones. She was soon reaching the point of getting blackout. But Damien didn’t want to give her that satisfaction. He abruptly put her back in her seat, releasing Sabrina from his death grip. And, stepped back to watch her reaction.

Sabrina eagerly breathed in the air Damien granted her. Her cough echoed throughout the room. Her hands clutching her chest for dear life. Damien watched everything.

“Are you happy, Oldy?” Damien raised a brow while an amused smirk plastered his face.

Sabrina slowly looked up at him, still breathing heavy.

“Very... much. I told you to beat me... and you... squeezed my neck. So, tell me, Damien... Were you afraid of hurting an already hurt oldy?”

Before she could comprehend Sabrina received a hard punch on her face that made her fall back from her wheelchair. But she didn’t miss that glint in his eyes. A glint of unknown emotion. Sabrina smiled softly as she remained still on the cold floor, ignoring the electrifying flow of pain through her body. Now, she knew how to crack this big bad Beast.

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