The S Girl

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Devil The Boss

Sara was walking through the silent corridor of her office with a stack of files in her hands. She was wearing a baby blue shirt, dark jeans, and her favorite pair of white sports shoes. A navy blue scarf wrapped around her neck complementing her high ponytail. She wore no makeup today. There was no use because she knew most of the day she’d had to stay out under the sun gathering information on various cases. Perks of being a spy.

Sara was going to her boss, Mr. Gulapjaam’s room. She had to do a routine report on the progress of the cases she was in charge of. Her shoes echoed softly as she rounded the corner. Her front collided hard with something hard and she stumbled back. All her files dropped to the floor as an impact. “Excuse me,” She said as she proceeded to lower down.

“Get out of my way!”

Sara stopped mid-air and looked up at the icy blue eyes. His lips were pressed in a thin line. An aura of dominance surrounded by him. But Sara was least affected by him as an instant spark of anger surged through her body. What kind of way was that to talk to someone? Instead of picking files, she positioned herself up and stood tall. Well, as tall as her five-eight height would allow her against his around six one. She finally observed him with complete interest.

The man had a dusty blond hair painted with silver streaks on both sides of his ears. By taking one glance at his face, Sara could tell that this man had attracted a lot of attention in his youth. What caught her attention was skin. It was white enough to scream he was a foreigner if his face structure didn’t. The man was wearing a white shirt, red tie and a crisp black suit matching his pants. A perfect picture of a higher authority. Pissing him off would be costly but Sara had to reply him something, at least to ease the itch to scratch his scowling face.

“Good morning, sir.” Sara offered a polite smile, an epitome of calmness.

He scoffed and went to pass her but Sara stood in his way.

“How are you on this fine day?” She asked with a polite tone.

He growled low, “Don’t you have work, lady?”

“Sure, do, sir. But it was accidentally interrupted by you.”

He rolled his eyes and tried to pass her again and Sara being her sweet self again blocked the road. The man was fuming like a bull.

His growl was in its full force, “What’s wrong with-”

“I need a favor, sir.”

His scowl deepened while Sara continued with her professional tone.

“As a generous authority, I believe you would like to help an employee to complete her task.”

“I have no time-”

“So, I’d like you to pick the files up for me. Please, do that.”

His scowl evaporated in an instant and it was placed with a stoic expression.

“Do you realize what you are asking, Miss?”

His cold tone was screaming he was furious. Sara smirked.

“It’s a polite request, sir. Just hand them back to me and we can be on our way.”

“You! -”

“You are delaying our work, sir,” Sara said firmly.

This was turning into a dangerous direction. Sara had to play her cards carefully.

“I could sue for this, Lady!” His tone was dangerous.

Sara smiled. “Only my boss and the higher authority has the official administration to fire or sue me, sir, which I assume you are not.”

He nodded, “I’m going to talk to Mr. Gulapjaam. I need to know how could he hire someone so incompatible for our organization.”

“Certainly, sir.”

“What do you do?”

“A senior spy. Now please.” She motioned to the ground with her chin.

"You are going regret this in the worst possible way," He whispered harshly.

Sara only chuckled in reply. It was nothing hear threats like this.
After sending Sara a death glare he lowered himself down. He gathered the file and shoved it in her hand. Without uttering any word he rounded her and walked on his way but not before showing her the silent threat in his eyes. Sara rolled her eyes.
Her earpiece suddenly beeped.
"Ms. Hussain. Can you please come to my office?"
Sara hummed, "Why should I, Mr. Roy?" Her tone was playful.
"Argh, just get here, Sara! The murder report just arrived," His impatient voice made Sara frown.
"On my way."

After meeting with Arup, Sara entered the office of Gulapjaam after knocking. She saw him talking to someone. But that person was facing his back to Sara so she couldn’t see him. Gulapjaam saw her and gave her a warm smile. He said,

“So, Mr. James here is my one of the most loyal employees I was talking about to you. She’s my S Girl.”

Both of them stood up from their seats and faced to Saravi.

“Mr. James, meet Ms. Saravi Hussain, works as a professional spy in the organization." He turned to Sara. "Saravi, He’s Mr. James Morton, the head of our Canada branch,” Gulapjaam introduced them to each other.

Nothing could get past her ears as Sara kept staring at the man before her. She was shocked would be an understatement. The same blue eyes, the same frown. And, wait did he said that he was a branch head?

You are so ruined, Girl!

He was the man who could get her fired with just a wave of a hand. Branch officers had the authority to request termination of an employee if they requested their employer. This was not good, not good at all.

Sara, however, managed to notice the same bewildered expression on him. His mind was also seemed to freeze for the time being as Sara couldn't read anything in his mind. The silent interaction didn't go unnoticed by James. He decided to break the silence first.

“So, Mr. Gulapjaam, this one is your most loyal worker?” He threw an open mockery to Saravi.

He emphasized the worker word in such way as if he intended to call her a servant or something lower class like that. Sara couldn’t expect more from him than such kind of word. Gulapjaam seemed confused by his sudden change of behavior; he got the smell of something being wrong.

James’s insulting mockery was acid for Saravi. But she remained silent as usual, without any expression or gesture but prepared for a war in her mind. James had the same mindset as well seeing he was smirking at her. Gulapjaam couldn’t stand the situation anymore. He came ahead and talked fast.

“Ah, yes she is. She’s the best at her job. But I guess if both of you knew each other?”

Mr. James opened his mouth for the reply but Sara poked her nose here.

“We’ve just met in the corridor. It was a pleasure to meet with Mr. Morton, to be honest.” Sara smiled at James.

The interruption didn’t please James for sure. Well, it was evident with his facial expressions, but he didn’t forget to return his professional smile anyway. Gulapjaam went back to Saravi.

“Anyways, Saravi, I wanted to inform you that I’m going to Canada for a few days for an important case. So I’m leaving Mr. Morton in charge of our branch here. He’s experienced and well-trained in his work. I hope you and others will do great under his charge, won’t you, Saravi?”

“I’ll... try with him.” Sara kept her smiling.

“Good! I want everything to be perfect, okay?” Gulapjaam was trying to make her promise, but Sara didn’t give him that chance.

“I will see to that. By the way, sir, when is your flight?”

Gulapjaam looked down at his wristwatch, “In the next two hours. Got to go now. So, see you later, Saravi.” He gave her a soft smile.

Sara returned her genuine one and shook his hand.

“Have a safe flight, Mr. Gulapjaam.”

Gulapjaam nodded then looked at Mr. James.

“Goodbye, Mr. Morton. Hope you’ll have a good time here."

“Looking forward to as well.” He glanced at Sara’s bitter smile for once.

Soon, Gulapjaam left his room. But he couldn’t ignore the tension between James and Saravi. They made him confused, and their crossed attitudes were even more confusing. But he had faith in both of them, and he knew that whatever would happen in between them they’d never let their job get affected for this in the end. It was a matter of time now to see if his thinking worked out or not.

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