The S Girl

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Make a Deal

With pounding head, blurry eyes and bruised body, Sabrina looked up at her predator. Her eyes remained soulless as she watched Damien stride toward her with long powerful steps. Her lips twitched into a smirk as the beast yanked a fistful of hair making her face him.

His piercing bright blue eyes only spoke malice. With every breath, he released venom. Nobody challenged him, no one. But this woman? Sabrina kept smirking. Enjoying the situation despite the endless wave of pain flowing throughout her whole body. One would think she lost her mind. She sure looked like one.

“You fucking bitch!” Damien spat in her face. “You think your petty tricks to anger me will work, huh?

He pulled her hair, enjoying the sound of Sabrina’s painful scream.

“Do not make me the reason of your death, bitch,” His voice was dangerously low.

Sabrina shivered to hear the cold tone. But still, she somehow managed to speak. She had to.

“Why?” She gurgled blood with just one word.

She coughed as more blood poured out of her mouth. Her throat hurt, but she forced her words out.

“You... scared?”

Another round of a bloody cough.

“Couldn’t... handle a... Oldy?”

As a reward for speaking out, Sabrina got her head smashed with the cold concrete. And, that was the last of Sabrina. Damien huffed as he stood up and looked down at the unconscious body of Sabrina. He didn’t care if she was dead or just fainted. He had enough. This woman was crawling under his skin or more specifically, his heart and he hated to admit that.

It was no secret to him what she tried to unlock his emotions by making him feel guilty. But what stunned him was the way she did it. She wanted to hurt herself to prove her worth to him. No other doctor or psychiatrist ever did such kind of thing. Hell! No sane person would choose this kind of stupid way to treat a patient like him.

But Damien was no fool to fall for the trick. The latest doctor was nothing but an irritation since yesterday. He was glad to silence her. But if he was truly happy then why he felt so unnerved, so restless now? The big question was: why couldn’t he beat her when she asked? What just happened in this one hour?

Damien shook his head. He wouldn’t think much about some pesky old hag. He didn’t need to. This woman was dead. Who could live after such blow, by the way? His eyes darted back to the unconscious body of Sabrina. Her body was still, covered in bruises, scars, and blood, ugly red blood. She looked way older than her age. She looked tired, worn out.

Was she really dead? Damien wondered.

Before he could stop, he lowered down. His hand reached out to touch her wrist. His thumb searched for the vein. Damien didn’t know what he was doing, even why. His heart was beating fast for an unknown reason. He felt sweat bead forming on his forehead. What could be the reason for such a strange reaction? Damien was confused to no end. However, he followed his instincts nonetheless.

Damien jumped when he felt the pulse. It was slow, very slow, but he could feel it. Just in time, the door burst open and Damien moved away quickly. He looked up with a blazing fire in his eyes.

“Well, well, playing with the doll, aren’t we, Damien?” His smirk only fueled Damien’s fury.

A low growl erupted from his throat. His voice was cold and menacing.

“Get the fuck out, White-Shit!”

His smirk only widened. But he didn’t care to reply. Instead, he motioned his head backward as two men in black suits popped up from his behind. Nodding at their boss, they went to Sabrina’s unconscious body and grabbed her both bruised arms. With a blank face, both of them started to drag her across the floor like some garbage.

This was nothing new to Damien. All others were treated like this or even worse. In the kingdom of that White-Shit, nothing was wrong. They could rip out one’s heart with one hand and enjoy a hamburger with the other. Damien was no different either. All the traces of his previous action had vanished from his face, leaving a cold mask.

With a bored look, Damien saw as they took Sabrina out.

“What do you say? Should we dispose of her or keep her?” His musing voice made Damien turn his head to him.

His grimace was automatic. But Damien thought over the options. That weak doctor was nothing he had never seen. Many came, many gone. But there was a fire in her eyes, an unbreakable determination. He saw it today. Although at times it was irritating, it was amusing as well. No one ever managed to entertain him for more than two hours. This woman went for two days. He could surely enjoy himself a bit more.

If she manages to survive.

Damien smirked.

“So?” The White-Suit arched his brows.

Damien turned back and kept walking to his corner. When he sat down, he looked up in his devilish reddish-brown eyes.

“Keep her.”

A long sigh escaped her lips as Sara took in the not so delightful sight of the Delight Valley. A place that was basically a cheap slum, not to mention a safe haven for all kinds of criminal. So, naturally, people were looking oddly at the woman in a black tank, big jacket and navy blue jeans. What was she doing in such a place?

Sara, on the other hand, cursed Kalu under her breath for recommending a criminal’s den for her. What could she find here other than the smell of sweat and garbage? Not to mention the extreme heat of the midday sun and mud-coated, slippery walkway. Sara huffed as she wiped some sweat off her forehead.

After granting Kalu another strong string of curse, Sara started to walk through the mud and curious people. The path had no interesting scenery. Just some tin shade houses, better say, huts on both sides of the path. Small windows, and equally small doors. The constant chattering of people with the same curious eyes occasionally silencing the way Sara walked.

Sara paid them no attention and kept walking until she reached in front of the small iron fence. A small one-story house was waiting behind the fence-gate. An unusual setting in a place like this. But it was the storehouse of the local drug-dealers, murderers, thieves and such.

The very presence of the building gave her an eerie feeling. The almost yellow with ugly bare bricks around the structure screamed at her to move out of the way. As intimidating and old as it seemed Sara pushed the threatening feeling away with her nonchalant steps. She crossed the fence-gate as she entered the premise. Three guys were talking near the main door of the house. Even though they were wearing cheap shirts and pants their built body and rugged face were a red alert. They were not to be messed with.

Local gangs.

With a deep breath, Sara stepped forward. She wouldn’t let them know that she was nervous. One sign of weakness and they could turn out to be a threat to her. And, no one wanted chaos in the kingdom of criminals. With a new facade of confidence, Sara walked toward the door. As she was about to touch the knob a big, callous hand caught her wrist. Sara’s eyes snapped to a pair of dark brown eyes. He was one of the three.

“Whatcha doin’?” He asked in a rough voice.

Sara narrowed her eyes at the tone but replied in her smooth voice.

“Is there any Madder Simons here?”

Now, it was his turn to furrow his brows and he didn’t hide the threatening tone.

“What do ya need from him?”

“I’d only tell him,” was Sara’s firm reply.

“You won’t get anything outta here. Get out.”

“And, if I don’t?” Sara arched her brows.

His grip on her wrist tightened.

This was not going as she planned but she couldn’t help his cockiness. The man could just give her the information and she’d gladly part their ways. But no. There had to be a drama before she could get what she wanted. Sara took a deep breath and tried a different way.

“Look, you must know Kalu, Kalvin Khan.”

His grip loosened a bit. “Kalu?”

“He sent me here. He wanted me to meet Madder.”

The man furrowed his brows. He seemed to be in deep thought. After a couple of minutes, he broke out of his trance and looked down at her.

“Come.” He opened the door and dragged her inside before Sara could protest.

The inside was another kind of chaos. The white walls and gray concrete floor were as scary as the outside of the house. People were having drugs like daily meals. Some were shaking their heads, some were blabbering nonsense, some were just sitting down or lying on the floor and some were injecting or inhaling marijuana. Men and women both were welcome here. The intoxicating smell of their sweat and drug almost fainted Sara had it not been the strong burly man dragging her to God knows where.

They soon came inside a dark room. The man left Sara and locked the door. Sara furrowed her brows, not trusting his intentions. She crossed her arms as the man flicked on the light. The harsh white light filled the room that most likely was a storeroom of drugs and boxes.

“Speak!” His voice commanded.

“Bring Madder and I’ll talk.”

The man huffed.

This woman!

“I’m Madder. Now?”

Sara smirked.

“What’s the proof?”

She got a grumble in reply.

“Look, kid, dontchu dare to mess with me. I’m not in the mood to fuck.”

Sara shrugged. “Okay, as you say. Just tell me who’s Sylvia.”

His eyes widened.


Sara saw the familiar flicker in his eyes and that was all she needed to know.

“Your daughter’s been kidnapped, right?”

Madder furrowed his brows. “How do you-”

“Kalu told me and you’ve only told Kalu about the matter if I’m not wrong.”

He lowered his eyes and looked away.

“Why are you here?” The distant tone in his voice was noticeable.

“To make a deal.”

His eyes snapped back to her, silently questioning.

Sara sighed. “Look, I know what you do, or used to do. And, I need your skills to find someone. This is an emergency.”

“I do nothing.”

This man was really not so interested to make things easy, was he? Sara scoffed.

“Really? I don’t think an ex-military tracker is a nothing kind of person.”

Now it was his turn to scoff.

“Why do ya think I’ll help?”

“’Cause I’ll help to get your daughter back from the Black Venom.”

She paused to look at his reaction. After a long moment of silence, he finally spoke,

“You’re well informed, I see. What do you do?”

“Just a spy.” Sara shrugged.

“You could do the job yourself.”

“I’m on the run. Like I said, ‘Emergency’”

He nodded with a sigh.

“So?” Sara said with a hopeful heart.

He looked at Sara with assessing eyes.

“Fine. But if I don’t get back my dau-”

“Rest assured Madder. Your daughter will get back home in no time. Promise.”

Madder sighed, “Who’s the guy?”

Sara smirked.

“A truck driver.”

She stared at the paper for a long time. The white sheet, inked in red letters, digitally printed. She knew why. They wanted to hide their identity. The handwriting would have been risky. They could get caught.

So careful.

A sad smirk marred her face. She folded the paper and picked up the light from the dressing table. She had been sitting there for a while since she got the letter. She flicked on the burner and held the paper on fire, watching it burn like it was the most fascinating show of her life. She smiled as she recalled the words.

Dear Sonia,

You’ve done an excellent job so far. We are thrilled to have you as our assistant and I’d like to reward you for your hard work. I hope you’d like a short break from your job, not your official job, don’t worry. I’m setting you free from the further duty as of now. But do keep in mind that we will contact you soon. Enjoy your freedom.

Best Wishes,

Your Boss

She sighed as she looked up in the mirror.

“Freedom, huh?” She chuckled as she tossed away the burnt paper.

Can this ‘freedom’ be any funnier? This was not freedom, it never was. They said they will contact her soon, but they never said they would keep watching her. They chained her, permanently. They made her their puppet. She would dance as they pleased. Nothing but a wooden puppet. All because of some photos and bloodstain. Sonia grimaced.

But it was not too late yet. There was still a chance of survival. There was still hope. Sonia was waiting for this chance, for this hope and she finally got it. And, she wasn’t going to waste it. Risks were there, but she was confident too. Now, all she had to is one thing.

“Let’s find Saravi.”

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