The S Girl

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Race and Rescue - 1

A low grunt escaped Sara’s lips as she pulled herself up on the rough ground. Wind blowing furiously at this ungodly time of midnight. Her ponytail was a flying mess when she took deep breaths, trying to calm her racing heart. Climbing up a thirty feet hill was not a child’s game, after all.

With a long sigh, Sara looked forward to a lone house in the far distance. It was the only structure in the whole hillside area, surrounded by long trees in the back and both sides of the house. One of the Black Venom’s hideout in Bhatiary.

It took her almost the whole day to reach the spot. Black Venom was a very dangerous and cunning group of criminals. They changed their locations frequently, destroying the previous hideouts. Even police couldn’t figure out of their existence yet. They were more vicious than a snake.

Madder told her his daughter was kidnapped five days ago and he had been searching for her. At one point, he even managed to find the location and went to rescue his daughter. But somehow they knew about him and changed the location quickly before he reached the spot. All he got was a burning cabin with burning hope.

Sara had encountered the group a year ago while she was investigating this human trafficking group. And, must say, that was a nasty encounter for both of them. Both Sara and Black Venom suffered in the end. Black Venom suffered because of losing their huge percentage of gang members. And, Sara because of getting dead bodies of little children buried in the underground before she could reach them. Since then, Sara loathed the gang like no other. She used all of her sources to get information in one day and finally she was here to meet her enemies once again.

Shaking off the bitter memory, she stood up. Tonight she wouldn’t go back empty-handed. She started to round her way to the nearest greenery which was 30 meters away from her. She would take no risk. One foolish move could be dangerous. When she reached a tall tree, she peaked from behind to assess any danger. The whole front area was empty but she knew it was just a facade. There must be hidden cameras somewhere. She put her senses on high alert. Even though the furious wind was working in her favor, she needed to confirm even the slightest of the noise.

The light was on which meant they were still awake. Sara took off her shoes for extra safety and put it inside her backpack. She rounded the property. There she noticed some armed guards. She sneaked through the bushes to observe their walking pattern. They were walking the whole area without following any regular trail nor standing for a second, much to Sara’s dismay.

This was going to be hard.

Sara moved as noiselessly as possible. She chose the nearest target who was just walking by the other side of the bush. Sara followed him like a cat. When they reached the dense part of the bushes and far away from others, she moved quickly. Before the guard could walk the other way, she snuck out of her hideout and snaked arms around his neck. She silenced him with one swift motion before he could so much as whimpered.

The next target was not so far. She went back to her safety and followed her target. This one was silenced the same way. This part of the area seemed clear. The other guards were at least seven meters away from her position. A perfect opportunity. The dark atmosphere and thick speck of dust on the ground should prevent them from noticing Sara.

She turned to her right nearing a corner of the backside of the building. She tiptoed to her left until she reached the edge. Sara peaked through her place and saw a guard’s back to her. Her next target. With even more cautious steps Sara trailed after the guard. There she noticed a small gap between two columns and smirked. She changed her plan.

With a racing heart and steady toes, Sara held her breath till she walked to the gap, praying on the way that the wouldn’t notice her. She swiftly got inside the gap as soon as she reached the edge. She tried to steady her breathing and looked on her left to the opening. The guard just passed the gap without noticing her. However, he looked alert. He was looking around. She blew out a breath and looked around to find a thin pipe to her front-right wall.


She thought with a smile. The pipe led to a sun shed on the second floor. Without wasting any time Sara climbed up the pipe and grabbed the edge of the sun shed above her. She pulled herself up and hugged the halls, clinging herself to it. She looked on both sides. There was an open window on her right with no light coming from inside. Sara carefully slid to the direction of the window. Unexpectedly she heard some voice coming from inside.

“Are you sure?” A scruffy, authoritative voice spoke.

“Absolutely. She’s coming here. It’s the same one,” Another man whispered.

Sara heard a growl.

“This bitch is too fucked up!”

“Yeah! Still can’t believe she did that to Ian.”

The authoritative man scoffed. “Ian was an idiot. He thought he could sell himself to some money-worm and get away with it! That served him right!”

“But he was one of our best-”

“We can get thousands like him. Now, let’s look at the matter in hand. Get Sylvia out of here. Increase the guards at every floor, especially the roof and the basement. Make sure not even a fly gets in or out, got it?”

“Yes, boss! Right away.”

Sara heard footsteps fading away with a thud of the door. There was a long pause in the room. Sara made a move to sneak but halt on her way hearing the gruff voice.

“Come here, Whore. I’d love to see you get a very good fuck tonight.”

A sinister laugh echoed throughout the room before Sara heard the door slammed closed. She closed her eyes tight, dug her nail in the palm so hard, blood started to ooze out. Her chest heaved with heavy breath.

“Bring it on, Cluster! I’m waiting,” Sara whispered in a menacing tone.

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