The S Girl

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Race and Rescue - 2

Sara hid behind the door as she heard footsteps cross the closed room. After Cluster left, Sara slid inside the dark study room. She did a quick scan of the room to find photos and pictures of different people hidden in the drawers of the desk. Sara assumed, they must have been the people who were victims of The Black Venom. Even the name left a bitter taste in her mouth.

However, Sara managed to fetch a photo of a young teen girl that had Sylvia written behind the photo. The young girl with raven black hair and silver eyes was captivating enough. But, surely Cluster had other motives to bring her here other than selling off her as a slave or a prostitute.

Sara went through his things more and found out something interesting. Well, apparently, Madder owned Cluster a big deal of drug transaction which was going to be delivered here from some Italian mafia. For some reason, Madder failed in his task and that had cost him his daughter. How the ex-military tracker reached this low point of life was still a mystery though.

Sara didn’t waste any more time and took the necessary documents with her before opening the door. She looked around to check before finally exposing herself to the outer world. She took a deep breath and finally started walking.

The hallway was empty, fortunately. The old plastered walls were exposing naked bricks, the rough concrete floor had definitely seen better days. The darkness of the corridor was tormenting. There were long Victorian style windows, though, to make things somehow visible because of the faint light of occasional thunder outside.

It’s going to be a heavy downpour if it isn’t already.

Sara sighed. But a light shuffle of the foot was enough to alert all her senses at once. She shifted to the darker corners of the long hallway, almost blending with the dark wall.

The shuffling stopped suddenly. Sara waited for something to happen. But nothing happened, much to her dismay. She frowned. Did someone sense her presence? Sara’s eyes widened, but she didn’t dare to even breathe. Her hands reached her hip holster. The cool presence of the metal calming her nerves a bit.

No noise or sound for the next three minutes. Sara held her breath. Time was running out. She had to move. But she couldn’t expose herself either. God! What a frustrating situation was that!

More time was wasted, more minutes were sacrificed before Sara decided she would have to expose herself. She was ready to risk her life to save the innocent girl. Sara was about to move out of the dark when that footstep suddenly started to fade away. The person must have turned a corner.

Sara breathed out before wiping some sweat off her face with the back of her hand.

That was close!

Sara rounded the hallway. Crossing doors after doors, but the upstairs was eerily quiet. Nothing happened yet and that was disturbing Sara the most. This silence was killing her. The way rapid thunder was flicking a light through the dark hallway, It was clear the downpour had already started. It was already raining yet she was stuck upstairs with nothing but silence.

Finally, she came to an end of the endless maze of a hallway and now she was standing between the intersection the grand stairs and another hallway. There was a faint yellow light coming from downstairs with a muffling noise of conversations.

Sara crossed the intersection as silently as possible. The barefoot helped her a lot in this case. She could see armed guards patrolling the area. Nobody moved upstairs since most of the crowd gathered downstairs for a meeting or something.

What’s going on?

In her peripheral vision, Sara saw something move in the dark corner of downstairs. She narrowed her eyes. Her eyes traced the faint movement in the darkness as the shadow made its way toward a guard. He was standing close to some metal door on the left side of the stairs, aware of the predator crawling up his way.

All of a sudden, a veined arm snaked around his neck from his back. Because he could even whimper, the mysterious shadow silenced him and dragged him inside the metal door. He looked like a snake who was going to enjoy his meal after viciously killing his prey.

The whole event was unnerving. Sara knew this silence was no good. And, to think another one was here to attack the gangs was quite irritating. She needed this house all to herself for preparing the attack. And, to see someone jeopardizing her plan was definitely not what Sara needed at the moment.

Couldn’t get another day for your game, huh?

Sara gritted her teeth.

She moved to go down. She made it just at the head of the stairs when the whole building delved into the darkness.

What the...

There was a commotion in the downstairs. Clearly, everybody was shocked to face a sudden situation.

“Great! Now, everybody will know Saravi Hussain is here,” She muttered.

There was a good thing, though. The darkness would allow her to blend into the environment. And, Sara grasped the chance instantly.

She started to descend down the stairs, careful not to make any noise. Everybody was on high alert down there. Some of the guards had lit torches, some of the guards pointed their guns and some of them barking orders. Sara was quick to move closer to the darker corner of the room, near the wall. Her steps were silent and calculated.

“Get your ass moving, fuckers! That bitch is already here.”

Sara could feel her heart drumming against her chest. That pure malice in the familiar voice didn’t go unnoticed by her. There was Cluster; standing close, too close to notice her. He just needed to turn around and spot her glued to the wall near the staircase.

Sara licked her lower lip, sweat breaking off her forehead, she could feel her tank top clinging to her body underneath her jacket. She needed to move, fast.

Sara slowly slid down the wall until she was in a crouching position. The bloody cluster still didn’t move an inch! It was getting tough. Sara decided to push her luck and started to crawl away from the living room full of hostile humans.

Sara didn’t breath until she turned the corner that was hiding the living room from her view. The lights didn’t come back yet thankfully. Sara sighed as she rested her back to the wall. The voices were still loud, but, at least she managed to save her skin from getting busted. Sara looked to her right to find another long corridor. That part of the area looked isolated and somewhat safe to venture. But she knew better than to give in to the temptation.

Sara stood up from her position. Her bare feet touching the cool floor that felt wet after a couple of steps as she followed the sudden trail of rather thick liquid. The darkness didn’t allow her to see the trail. So, she decided to feel them through her feet. She prayed nobody came in her way, at the moment. The less intruder, the better.


Her mind went off to a certain black-eyed stranger for a fleeting second before she snapped herself out of it.

Sara moved further into the darkness until she came closer to a black door. She looked around to see if someone was noticing her or not. She saw a trail of light was just coming around from the corner. She quickly turned the knob as silently as possible and got in. She made sure to lock the door before turning ahead into the dark abyss before her.

The liquid was now a puddling mess in this room. She stomped on the thick liquid, drowning her ankle in the process. There was a stale smell of metal, dead insect and most prominently, blood. The room was cold, making Sara shiver even though she was wearing a heavy jacket.

She walked further into the room. The smell was getting stronger, at this point. Suddenly, Sara stumbled upon something. A moan reverberated in the room and Sara stilled. Her head snapped to her left only to find a dark figure lying on the floor. The source of the sound and the one who made her stumble.

Sara quickly lowered herself near the stiff body, not caring that her knees were getting dipped into the puddle. She touched the small face, which was covered in greasy, long hair. Dirt, sweat, and stench wrapped that person’s whole existence.

Sara moved the oily hair from her face and held her frail body closer to her chest. She checked her pulse and sighed in relief. She was there, barely making it, but still there. Sara softly tapped her cheeks, receiving a faint moan of pain in return.

She didn’t know for sure if that girl was Sylvia or not. But, something in her instinct told her she might have been the one. After all, it was the Black Venom. They could do anything to take revenge and their latest target was Madder and Sylvia.

“I need to get her out.”

Sara stood up while holding that girl’s shoulder, making her stand up with her. Sara tightened her grip when she saw the girl wobble in her steps. She rested her head on Sara’s shoulder as Sara made them both walk toward the door.

Sara opened the door and checked the dark hallway. Surprisingly, it was still empty. Her path was clean and suspiciously so. This was getting too easy for her. At least, someone should have passed through the door. Especially, guarding this place considering the prisoner was held captive here. But they didn’t. Why?

The thought plagued Sara’s mind. She had a feeling this was something to do with that third party here.

What did he want?

Sara crossed the hallway, clinging to the dark, cold walls. She stopped occasionally after hearing footsteps. The girl in her arms was half dead, half conscious. Sara wondered what was she went through to reach this state of condition. Her heart clenched for the girl and the raging fire burnt for Cluster, at the same time. All of them would pay, very dearly.

Sara rounded a corner and heard a soft thud not so far from her position. She straightened her back, ears were perked, eyes frantically searching in the darkness. The roaring sky and the downpour outside shook the entire building, sending off an ominous vibe to Sara. She missed a beat for some unknown reason.

Sara scrutinized her gaze when she saw a faint movement in the darkness. Someone was dragging a body down the other end of the hallway. Somehow, Sara knew it was the same person who caused this darkness.

Without wasting any time, Sara walked faster toward the source. She needed to find out what he wanted. Why was he causing this chaos? Was it him who was cleaning her path? Questions swirled in her mind.

The guy dragged the door inside another door at the end of the hallway. Sara fastened her speed. Her hands pulled out the gun from the holster. She was ready. Sara reached out to turn the knob. But before she could, the door opened itself. Someone gripped her wrist to roughly pull her inside before swiftly closing the door.

Sara barely managed to steady herself and the girl before that person gripped her arm and made them both turn around. Sara was breathing hard when she felt the tall, masculine presence looming over her presence. She felt him tug on the girl’s arm, must have been trying to pull her. But Sara wasn’t having that.

She took a necessary step back with her brows furrowed at the dark shadow. The man slowly walked toward them when Sara raised her gun at his hard chest. He stopped. With that, the time around them seemed to pause as well.

Sara felt a soft rumble in his body as if he was silently laughing. She furrowed her brows. The audacity of this...

“You really think some piece of metal will be enough for me?”

Sara froze. The voice... She knew it. She would have tracked down the depth that voice carried anywhere.

“Why?” Sara whispered, taking a step back.

The girl moaned again, taking Sara’s attention back to her.

“Give her to me.”

Sara snapped her neck in his direction and noticed his stretched arm.

“Why again?” Her voice was stern.

He scoffed. “Too much question.”

“You might be forgetting about the gun, Intruder.” Sara pushed the metal into his chest.

He chuckled softly and shook his head before gripping the gun and roughly pulling both of them to his chest. Sara barely had the time to scowl.


Sara wanted nothing but to rip off his throat, at this point. He had the nerve to be a dick at this kind of situation. But then, he had always been an arrogant ass since they met. She struggled in his grip, but that idiot had an iron fist.

“Let go!” Sara hissed.

He shushed her. “Lower. They are still rounding the place.”

Sara stopped at the mention of business. He might have sensed that too because he loosened his grip on her gun.

“I’ve got a plan.” Sara raised her brows. “Hand Sylvia over to me. I’ll make it out to the backyard. I’ve got our bikes ready there for us down the hill. And, before you ask, yes, I followed you. Now, you here, will follow me and back me up. After we make it down the hill and shake them off our feet, we’ll think about what to do next, deal?”

Sara bit her lips, thinking over the proposal. It was a nice plan. There was a benefit of working together as a team as well. They could get past the gang easily this way. But here was the thing. Why? What was his catch? Would it even be a good idea to trust him? There was only one way to find out, one risky way.

Sara looked up at the dark shadow. She had no other choice but to give in now. Questions could be asked later. Sylvia mattered the most at this moment.


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