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Race and Rescue - 3

When Sara signed up for the deal she never expected things to move so fast. Before she could comprehend anything, Intruder pulled Sylvia away from her and delicately picked her up in his arms before heading back to the door, all in a matter of few seconds.

Damn! This man’s swift.

Sara saw him standing beside the slightly open door, observing the area. When he felt satisfied he turned his head and nodded at her. Next, He slipped out through the door. Sara sighed and followed his trail. This was going to be a long night.

They were in the hallways again. Their body clinging to the wall. He was walking ahead, keeping a considerable amount of distance from Sara. The constant lightning outside helped them to make their way somehow in the pitch black darkness. The occasional muffle of voice coming from the other part of the house startled Sara more than often.

When they reached the end of the hallway, all of a sudden, Intruder ducked down to blend with the darkness. Before Sara could realize a shuffle of footstep stopped right before her. She gasped.

He was standing in the middle of the hallway. Sara could see the outline of his body. He was wrapped in a black bulletproof vest, dark leather jeans and matching combat boots. But the metal thing that accessorized his arms was a metal spike ball and attached chain. He was swinging it in the air. His face was still hiding in the shadow. The light failed to grace his darkness that was darker than a black hole. But she didn’t need to see to know the direct descendant of the devil.

His presence was domineering enough and Sara shivered due to the invisible pressure she could feel in her very bone. And, there were very few men that ever achieved to make her feel that way in her life.

“Well, well, what do we have here?” He grunted as he took a step forward.

Sara eyed the swinging spike-ball before making her dark brown gaze fall down to the beast of a man standing before her. She took a deep breath before glaring at him. Hell! Even looking at him sternly took a great effort.

“We don’t want any drama here, Lucifer. Move!” She said.

He smirked as he stepped forward. A bolt of lightning struck outside and Sara could see the rough exterior of his face for a few seconds. That tanned skin, dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, sharp nose, thin, cracked lips, the square jaw was a beautiful delusion for a stranger, but not her. She knew how vicious could this man could be.

“Not even gonna greet me, Sweetheart?”

Sara smirked this time. “This heart is anything but sweet, Luce. You of all people should have known that by now.”

He chuckled and reached closer to her. “Ah! That’s why you are always fun to deal with, Sara.”

Without any warning, he swung the ball toward her face. But, Sara was lucky enough to dodge him. Her back collided with the side wall and she could barely hiss out before she had to duck down to avoid the incoming spike. She sent him a swift kick in the leg earning a satisfying grunt. Sara lifted her hand that was gripping the gun tightly. But before she could aim, Lucifer swung the ball from the floor and swiftly knocked the gun out of her hand.

“Not yet, kitty. Don’t let the game over.” He grunted at Sara’s scowling face.

Lucifer smirked towering over her while cracking his thick and veined neck. His inhumane broad shoulders covered the most space of this already narrow hallway. His chest was heaving as he breathed out like a dragon. No wonder his name was Lucifer.


Sara’s eyes widened. Last she had seen him, he had been a big guy. Now, he was a ripped, vicious beast. The last time she had fought with him, she could have outrun his strategy after noticing his swift, reckless fighting pattern and he had left her breathless by the end of their fight.

How she had fought him, only she knew. Sara was lucky she didn’t have a heart attack right after she had knocked him out. He was a beast in literal words. And, this beast had grown up more in these last years. Sara wasn’t even sure herself with her physical ability, at this point.

Ability! That’s right!

It was the only way left now. Sara looked at him in the eyes before she took a measured step back. She saw his smirk broaden. Sara took another step back. She saw he took a step forward.


They kept going at this back and forth game for a couple of times before Lucifer suddenly decided to pounce on his prey. But he didn’t know Sara was very ready for his approach. So, when he jumped Sara did a backflip stunt and then rolled to the side. Lucifer growled to see her escape and made a dash toward her. Sara wasted to time to run past him. She barely missed the punch that landed on the brick wall, making a hole in there.

Sara ran to the closest window and quickly jumped on the grid to balance her before she landed a quick punch in the fast-approaching Lucifer’s head. He bent a bit and stumbled back a few steps, involuntarily giving Sara a chance to jump down on his beastly body. Sara was fast enough to shake her hand on his neck. Her legs stay glued on each side of his thick waist. Lucifer shook his body vigorously, punched backward in the air to shake her off. But that persistent woman was on a grave mission.

She somehow managed to pack a few punches on the side of his face while hanging on his back. The continuous beating made Lucifer dizzy for a moment. Sara took the chance to push his neck forward.

His steps wobbled and so was Sara’s balance. The beast tried to control his steps, but the extra weight on his back dictated his way and before he knew, his head was colliding with a wall. Blood oozed out from the open gash and Lucifer hissed.

“Damn! You fucking bitch!” He roared throwing his arms on the side.

He was still like a stone. So, Sara couldn’t move his body anymore. Lucifer kept twisting his body at various angles vigorously. It was getting difficult for Sara to keep balance. Her grip on his neck was loosing.

Somehow, in the middle of the chaos, Lucifer managed to grab her waist. And, like an insect, he picked her up and threw her on the floor.

Sara hissed in as she fell on the rough concrete floor. But, she rolled aside as soon as she saw Lucifers foot over her face. She wanted to get up, but Lucifer didn’t give her the chance. Sara yelped when he gripped her neck and yanked her up before throwing off to the nearest wall.

Sara grumbled as her back hit the sharp brick wall. She slid down on the floor with a thump. Lucifer growled and ran toward her slumped form on the floor. Without letting her catch her breath, he yanked her up again by her hair.

He pressed her against the wall and threw punch after punch on her face. Blood coated her face, but Lucifer continued the merciless act. At some point, Lucifer grabbed her neck and slid her up the wall. His hand packed a fist to give Sara his final blow.

Sara was hanging here, limp and numb. She took his blow without any protest. Her whole body ached. Her scalp burned, throat dried and she couldn’t even get started on her face. He was ruthless, fierce and unforgiving.

When he lifted her off the floor to give her the final blow, Sara somehow managed to look at his face. His otherwise handsome face was contorted in an ugly expression. He almost looked like his real self, the real him on the inside.

Sara looked at his fist that was so ready to finish her off. Her cracked lips form into a slight smirk, momentarily catching Lucifer off guard.

Before anyone could know anything, blood spattered on the opposite side of the wall after a boom echoed in the hallway. Both of their bodies slumped down the ground. One of them was lying on his back, facing the ceiling with an empty look. The other one was breathing hard, dropping the gun on the floor. With hands on the chest and eyes closed, Sara thought how she did the impossible.


Sara jumped at his voice and opened her eyes to see him standing there. He smirked as he adjusted Sylvia in his arms.

She was still breathless when she scoffed. “You could’ve helped, you know. But who am I expecting the impossible?”

He quirked his left brow. “Mind telling me, who did this then?”

Sara looked past him to see a sea of bodies lying on the floor.

“Heck! When?”

This was madness. When did he kill so many of the guards in just a short amount of time? This man was really something.

“Are you okay?” He almost whispered. His eyes assessing the damage on her body from his position.

Somehow, Sara felt that he would have come to her and touch her to check for himself had he not been carrying Sylvia. He had just that look in his face that showed the urge he was fighting to control.

Sara sighed and stood up gripping the wall. She slowly walked back to him and smiled.

“Why? Can’t you tell by looking at this beautiful face of mine?” She motioned fingers on her beaten up face.

He looked at her for a moment with a blank face before slowly lifting up his lips into a smirk.

“You look hot as always, Leona.”

He turned around and walked away, leaving Sara dumbfounded.

“Who was that hunk by the way?” He asked as they headed toward the kitchen.

Sara looked at the sleeping Sylvia for a moment before her eyes flickered back to the man.

“Cluster’s brother.”

He hummed and silence followed them. They were both lost in their own world of thoughts. Both of them knew that a grave consequence will follow after Cluster’s would be aware of his brother’s death. He would bring down hell on earth and Sara was going to suffer the most.

Sara knew Intruder was thinking the same. But, there was a slight difference. He was thinking about Sara’s wellbeing which kind of surprised her. He somehow felt guilty for not helping her back there. He himself didn’t know why he felt that way. He also didn’t want her to face Cluster alone, but he couldn’t stop her either. He had no right and moreover, he thought he didn’t care about her. He shouldn’t bother with her issues.

Sara slightly shook her head as a soft smile played at her lips.

And, they say women are more complicated.

They reached the kitchen. Bodies pooled around their feet as they made their way through the room. Sara couldn’t help but wonder again how could he finish them off so quickly. It was impossible!

“Where’s Cluster by the way? Have you seen him?” Sara asked.

Intruder shook his head and sighed.

“The moment I got into the fight, he disappeared through the hallways. I tried to follow him, but got stuck cleaning up this mess.”

Silence fell over them once again as they crossed the kitchen and got out in the back yard. Things seemed to be going easy at the moment. But it surely wouldn’t last long.

And, to prove the point, Sara suddenly felt something eery in the back of her mind. Her sixth sense was on high alert. Before they knew anything, Sara pushed Intruder to the side to avoid the bullet. It rushed past her ear. Had it been just a second late...

“Go, Intruder.” She pushed him.


“Just leave and keep her safe, please.” She looked back at the direction of their shooting and moved as more bullets rushed toward them.

They were quick to hide behind a column. Both of them breathing hard.

“Please, Intruder.” Sara looked at him with desperation in her eyes.

He clenched his teeth. “Fuck!”

And, then he stormed off the other way. Sara couldn’t help but sign looking at his retreating back. She could hear bullet rushing past her and hit the column.

Sara tried to look out from her cover, but more bullet made its way to her. It was like the rain of fire was happening there. One of the bullets grazed the flesh of her arm, making her hiss.

They are getting closer.

This was getting out of her hand and she had no way to protect herself without enduring more pain. Her already bruised and beaten body made her stances weaker, as much as she hated to admit. So, to make her way through this chaos, she had only one option. The same option she was tempted to choose while fighting with Lucifer. But, she back away at the last minute.

Now, the chance presented itself again and she had no choice but to do the inevitable. Sara took a deep breath and concentrated on each and every pain of her body. The stinging of her open gashes, the burning of her bruises, the soreness of her muscles and every other pain she could feel at the moment.

And, now the hard part: She would have to go through the internal pain ten times worse than the external pain. Sara took a deep breath before commanding her brain to increase the intensity of her feeling. She knew this would break each and every inch of her endurance level without actually affecting the bruises on her body. This process might not have healed her injuries, but the ending result would be satisfying enough.

Sara could already feel a slow burn crawling through her veins. She gritted her teeth as she could feel her body on fire. The pain was excruciating. It was the kind of internal torture that tested the very last thread of her patience and endurance. She felt like passing out at any moment. Shrill screams tore through her cracked lips as she tried so hard to stop the pain. This was getting unbearable.

She gripped the back of the column and slid down. Tears trickled down her cheeks as she desperately wished for the burn to die down. This was insane. She shouldn’t have used that ability of hers. It was a mistake! She thought she could make it, but she was wrong, so, so, wrong. This was as painful as the first time she experienced.

She felt someone wrapping arms around her and like the drowning man gripping on the last straw, Sara wrapped her arms around the broad shoulder. She felt the fingers making soothing circles on her back. Shushing her and whispering sweet nothings to her. When the pain reached its breaking point, Sara unconsciously bit the shoulder in the hope of escaping the torture.

The person that was holding waited for her to calm down and it seemed to take forever. They still fired the bullets and was inching closer to them by each second. But Sara and her savior didn’t move an inch.

Eventually, the agonizing torture ceased and Sara could feel herself numb to that torturous feeling. Finally, no pain, no burning. She almost felt normal except for the slight dizziness.

Sara realized she had sunk her teeth into someone’s shoulder and quickly retreated herself back to find a gorgeous pair of dark eyes staring back at her.

For a moment, Sara was mesmerized to see the depth of the darkness and intensity they held in there. But soon, she came back to her senses and scrambled off from his hold.

She avoided his questioning eyes. “I told you to leave, didn’t I?”

Why didn’t she sound so confident? Sara grumbled inwardly. Why he had to be so stubborn and careless. They were on a mission here together. Then it struck her.

Her eyes snapped back to him. “Sylvia?”

“She’s fine. I’ve hidden her in the bushes.”

“But still-”

“What happened to you, Saravi?”

A shiver ran down her spine, hearing him calling her name. Even though, it was not the first time but still...

“Well, get back to her. She needs you.” Sara urged him.

He furrowed his brows. “But, you?”

Now, Sara furrowed her brows. “Wasn’t I suppose to cover you according to the deal?”

Before he could reply a bullet grazed the side of the arm, but luckily, it had been just the skin. He hissed and grunted before stepping away.

“Don’t get yourself killed!” He grumbled before turning around and disappearing into the darkness.

Sara sighed and lifted up her gun before looking back. Her gaze was hard and focused. She’d have to make this through, both of them.

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