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Race and Rescue - 4

The whole place was in chaos. The noise of bullets, fast approaching footsteps that wanted to counter the pitter-patter of the rain, the raging thunder striking the sky, all of this indicated that this night was ominous. The smell of smoke, earth, and blood whispered the presence of evil. But then, this place was not good in the first place.

Sara knew this. She knew, but still, she jumped ahead in front of the hungry hyenas to save that one girl who deserved nothing of this evil. But her misfortune brought her in the middle of the chaos.

Nobody deserved to die so pathetically, not those bodies rotting in the hallways. And, in some twisted way, not even that Lucifer even though what he did, what they did was unforgivable.

But Sara had to bear the burden of killing them. She was so envious of those who could kill with their left hands and eat a hamburger with their right ones. She never got the privilege of preventing herself from the self drowning, though nobody knew what she went through inside.

And, Sara didn’t want them to know either. The harder the exterior, the better chance at protection. Even now, as she kept firing away at those pathetic excuses of lunatics, she felt pity for them in some dark corner of her mind. She was an observer of the human mind, after all. She knew well what people hid behind their false facade. And, trust me, most of those dark thoughts were not so healthy for normal people.

By now, Sara killed almost over a hundred as she was going further down the land. The big jacket that kept her protected till now was a drenched mess as well as her. Even under the heavy rain, she could feel a few trails of sweat trickling down on her forehead. The tension in the environment was that thick.

Sara left the house ground with not only bodies but bruises behind also. But no pain registered in her head even though the amount of bullet wound she had received that left several holes and blood trails in her body. And, that was the whole purpose to suffer the internal torture, to begin with.

She was no supernatural creature who would heal right away after getting wounded. The pain of her burnt arm was still raw and she was still healing at a snail’s pace. But, this woman possessed the mental power to suppress the pain, almost like a painkiller. And, this painkiller could only last longer for a couple of hours.

Even, the duration of the effect depended on the level of endurance. The more she could endure the internal pain, the longer the time. And, judging by her worse condition half an hour ago, she’d be lucky if she survived the night without feeling any pain any time soon.

Sara was running at the moment, the last bullet grazed her arms a couple of minutes ago. She was close to her checkpoint, the location of their bikes. She hid behind the trunk of a tree to dodge another bullet.

Judging by the noise of gunfire, they were getting closer. And, there was less time to survive. But luckily she was closer to the flat ground. Just a half an hour race to the north and she was good.

Sara took a deep breath and looked out of her cover. But she had to retreat back quickly otherwise one of the bullets might have bulls-eyed her. She waited for the gap in their firing and fired back with equal intensity. She managed to down a couple more gunmen. But, in the sea of a thousand more, it was really nothing.

The bark of the old banyan tree suffered for a few more times until Sara decided it was safe enough to move after getting a few more down. They were getting too close. Sara surveyed the area for the perfect moment to get up and leave.

She soon got her chance and wasted no time leaving the safety of the tree trunk. She ran toward the thick side of the forest. That was the quickest shortcut to the flat land if not the safest.

Sara was in full on sprint mode, very eager to get out of this hell. She crossed dead branches, rough edges, sharp splinters, bumpy ways throughout her race toward her safety.

After running for some more time, she came to a small opening. Sara halted to bend on her knees, trying to control her fast beating heart as she showered under the heavy rain. Water drops trickled down her lean form as she straightened her back only to stumble her gaze upon someone. She squinted her eyes to see that person more clearly.

Her eyes widened the next second as she learned who was standing there in quite a few meters of distance away from her. Sara could feel his steel gray eyes, his dark blonde hair was sticking to his forehead. His tight-fitting white shirt did nothing but emphasized his broad, muscular physics. And, his dark pants that were barely managing to cover the outline of his muscled thighs. He might not have been a beast as Lucifer, but he was no less intimidating in both shape and size departments.

And, right now, with his sharp, square jaw that was grinding teeth and his hands fisted, Cluster stood there like he was the death personified. He did justice to his aura, though.

Sara’s breath hitched. Finally, the moment was here. Her sole enemy was here after years and, she was standing there just a couple of feet away from him. But the initial excitement didn’t last long.

Before, she realized, Sara’s eyes darkened as the painful memory flashed before her eyes. She remembered the burning house, she remembered Sylvia’s horrible condition, those buried bodies of little children and her eyes darkened a few shades more.

She wanted blood. Morals can be damned! She wanted to murder him for doing those insufferable things to those innocent children. And, she was ready to suffer in a life long guilt if she got to make him taste his own bile tonight. With her hands fisted, she strode forward with determination.

On the other side, Cluster wasn’t the one to be left behind as well. He was very much eager to finish the little cunt for killing his brother. He wanted revenge and tonight he would bath in her blood.

The moment they came close to each other, Cluster had lost it and flung his arm toward her face. But, Sara caught it in the mid-air with a firm grip.

The audacity of that pathetic excuse of a woman left Cluster wide-eyed. But, he composed himself soon as he saw her quirk her brows upwards. An open challenge!

In the next second, Cluster moved his other arm only for Sara to block it away and push him back. He saw red. And, blinded by fury, he threw his arms and legs, attacking her nonstop. Sara matched his motions after having difficulties for a few times.

One thing she observed was that Cluster was faster, much faster than his brother. He used his swiftness to his advantage for his attack but lacked a bit in defense. And, Sara was aiming for the moment he would go defense himself.

They moved all around the space they got, tackling each other. If one threw punches, the other would bend and send a roundhouse kick. If one would push the other to the ground, the defender would roll away to save the skin. Those movements were almost blurry to regular eyes.

They went at it for a couple more minutes until Cluster somehow managed to push Sara down to the ground and at the same time pulled out a razor-sharp knife. He didn’t give Sara time to move this time and kicked her already bruised face, making her spill blood and her head spin. She was lucky she didn’t feel the pain though. It would have been unbearable for her.

Cluster, however, was blind to notice that she didn’t wince at his kick and got down to cage her body between his knees. Next, he raised the knife as rain hit Sara’s face from the sky. A flash of lightning brightened the area above their head, making the knife sparkle for a split second.

The sharp edge tipped at her throat, ready to pierce the skin any second. With a final roar, Cluster struck the knife toward her only to stop mid-air as a relatively small, blood coated hand gripped the edge in a tight hold.

His eyes widened as blood dribbled down her hand. It shook a bit with the amount of force it was applying but the beholder of this grip didn’t even blink an eye. For the first time, he noticed something was wrong. It wasn’t just a woman’s weak attempt to display her strength. For some reason, he felt as though Sara truly didn’t feel the knife cutting through her skin.

The thought pinched friction of fear in his mind. And, in this little of time, he let his guard down just enough for Sara to pack a swift punch in his eye with her other hand.

He grunted and touched his bruised eye, dropping the knife in the process and that was a grave mistake. He gave Sara the exclusive chance to change the game and she wasted no time.

Sara caught the falling knife in the mid-air and aimed to strike. Cluster, however, moved just in time to avoid getting his heart pierced. He rolled off her body, still clutching his bad eye.

Sara quickly sat up and swung the knife in his direction which he barely managed to avoid. She stood up and ran toward him. And, Cluster, who was still sitting on the ground, tried to perform a roundhouse kick but got his left leg stuck in her hand.

Before he could even try to move his ankle from her vice like grip, Sara was quick enough to expose his ankle vein by pushing down his sports shoe. Cluster went hysteric at this point when he learned what she was about to do.

He tried to kick her with his other leg, but Sara twisted his ankle to make him groan and stop attacking. She was done with his bullshits, so done that, the next second she didn’t hesitate the slightest to raise the knife in the air and swiftly ran it through his ankle vein.

His scream tore through the night sky. His octave challenged the roar of thunders and the heavy rain. Sara left his ankle to let him thrash on the ground for a few seconds before his voice stopped for the rest of eternity.

Sara stood there silently, watching the dead body with a blank face. It was like she was registering his death in her head, his death, the leader of the Black Venom’s death. And, no one was there to witness the fall of one of the vicious criminal group in the world.

She had finally fulfilled her promise. She wasn’t leaving empty-handed tonight. She had saved Sylvia and who knew how many souls from the grasp of this devil. But the most significant earning was the death of the leader, most satisfyingly so, by her hand.

But, even in that moment of victory, there was one thing Sara didn’t forget to do. She could never forget this small thing, though, this time she didn’t do it out of guilt or duty but out of pity. She took a much needed deep breath and looked at the body for one last.

“I won’t say rest in peace, Cluster. But, try to make something better of yourself in the afterlife. Who knows you may earn the forgiveness of the suffered souls?”

Sara left the opening and headed far north. The forest there was less thick and the branches were more spacious for her to make her way through. She could hear the noise of other footsteps nearby and quickened her pace.

Somehow, she managed to make it to the other clearing and soon spotted her black Ducati and a silver Kawasaki Ninja 300 beside hers. She smirked to see the silver beauty and the man and the woman who occupied it.

The seat wasn't very spacious so Intruder had to place Sylvia on his lap and by the looks of it, it was quite uncomfortable. Sara's eyes roamed back to Sylvia who had her eyes closed and shivering despite having his jacket on her. He was frowning while rubbing her arms and hands.

"Still unconscious?"

Intruder jumped at her voice and looked up her. He nodded his head and sighed.

"I think she may have gotten a fever. Her skin feels like it's on fire."

Sara frowned. "Not good."

She quickly got to her bike and started the engine.

"We must leave soon, Intruder. Cluster's men are getting closer and they can ambush us any minute."

"Did you meet him?"

Sara stopped mid-air before she could put on the helmet. He noticed her shoulder go stiff for a second. Sara, though, shrugged as she wore the helmet.

"Yeah." She muttered.

Intruder frowned. "And?"

She sighed before sending him a hot glare. "And, he must be shaking hands with his brother. Now, do me a favor and put on that damn helmet and let's leave, for God's sake!"

She didn't wait for him and roared the bike to life before rushing past them. And, Intruder, on the other hand, sighed before adjusting Sylvia in his lap before putting on helmets on both of them. With a dejected heart and sour taste in the tongue, he started the engine and joined Sara, leaving the rough rainy night behind.

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