The S Girl

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Back To The World

Sara never thought she’d be back right in the lion’s den after putting so much effort in her escape. And, the worst part was she came back willingly. She had no choice left with a sick Sylvia under her watch and the need for an immediate shelter brought her here at the mansion.

The sun was just peaking through the junction of the twin hill when the roars of the engine stopped. Sara took a deep breath to inhale the fresh smell of earth. At least, the rain did one good thing.

She closed her eyes, listening to the chirping birds, the running lake, murmurs of leaves and soft whispers of the morning breeze blowing past her, making feel refreshed. A soft smile played at her lips.

“If you are done appreciating nature, shall we proceed, Ms. Hussain?”

The sore voice made Sara cringe as she opened her eyes to look at a scowling Intruder. Instead of replying verbally, she smirked.

“At least, you’ve got one good thing I can admire.”

He raised his brows and crossed his arms. “And, what’s that suppose to mean?”

Sara shook her head and got off the bike to walk toward him. “I’ll handle it from here.”

She tugged at Sylvia’s arm as Intruder sighed and handed her over to Sara. He wanted to carry her for the rest of the way. But, there was no point in arguing with this thick-skulled woman and his muscles were feeling stiff as well. Riding a bike for three straight hours took a toll on both of them, but somehow Sara looked better than him. So, he let her take rein for the moment.

Sara carefully got Sylvia off his lap and walked to the mansion holding her by her shoulder. As soon as they reached the main door, the question popped into her mind.

“You left the mansion on the surface!” She looked at him with a raised brow.

He let out a soft chuckle. “I was just wondering what took you so long to ask.”

“Diverting the attention isn’t working, Mister.” Sara smiled.

“I wasn’t trying either. Anyways, I just felt like leaving it as it is so that I could come back and straight head to my bed without any extra effort.”

“Why bother building a structure that takes extra effort? She asked with curiosity in her voice.

He just lifted up his lips a little. “Reasons.”

Sara didn’t pry much as the main door swung open, revealing the wide-eyed maid. Both of them made eye contact and Sara felt her go stiff. The maid looked at Intruder again and schooled her features.

“Welcome, Master. Please come in.” She stepped aside to let them come in, avoiding eye contact with Sara as much as possible.

They both crossed the lobby and headed toward the living room. Sara made Sylvia lie down on the plush white sofa before facing back the people. Intruder was standing near the stairs while the maid was standing close to the sofa but away from Sara.

“Mrs. Karzai, take the girls to the care unit and treat them. Also, bring Ms. Hussain’s clothes upstairs.” He turned to leave, but Sara stopped him.

“What do you mean by upstairs? What clothes?” She frowned.

Intruder clicked his tongue before turning around with a bored look on his face. “What happened to that fast brain of yours, Hussain?” Sara scowled at him. “You are coming to my room and staying there. Clear enough?”

“No! Not happening. I’m not staying in your room.” Sara lifted her chin as she spoke.

Intuder scoffed and crossed his arms. “My house, my rules and you will obey them.”

Sara smirked despite the itch to scratch off his handsome face. “Fine!”

She started walking back to the main door. But before she could go more than a few steps, Sara felt the whole floor shaking. With her eyes wide, she saw the soothing morning light through the window vanished behind the metal plate outside the window. And, all of this happened in a matter of a few seconds. Sara stood there dumbstruck at the situation before the whole thing registered in her head.

Her eyes turned into slits, brows furrowed and jaw ticked as she looked back to glare murder at the smirking Intruder, his eyes as black as his heart was shining with mirth.

He chuckled darkly. “You asked for reasons, Ms. Hussain, and here’s one of them.”

“Any progress yet?” Ravi asked as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

“No, unfortunately,” Ravi sighed at Officer Ronal’s voice. “We’re trying.”

Good! Keep trying for eternity.

“Okay, Officer, later then. Let me know if when you have anything.”

“Sure, Mr. Hussain.” Ravi hung up the call and threw it away on the sofa.

He rubbed his eyes in an attempt to brush off the tiredness and scratched the day-long beard that he forgot to shave. This whole mess had aged him in just a few days. His head throbbed in pain due to the overuse of his visualization ability. But, nothing came in his hand.

For some reason, in these recent days, whenever he tried to see Sabrina, he saw vague images like white walls, a rotating ceiling fan, the faint noise of the machine, and the most terrifying thing was a pale white hand resting on a white bed.

He knew somehow Sabrina was hurt and she was getting treated in some medical unit. But the question of who and what still plagued him. He told Arup to track down her phone which was dead, by the way.

Ravi sighed and closed his eyes. The helplessness was eating him and he could do nothing. The man missed his wife, his Sara. His whole world revolved around those two ladies and they were not here. Some days, he felt like screaming, some days, he wanted to cry and some days, he would sit down in one corner and never leaving the place for hours.

A wave of pain crashed on his head and Ravi cringed. He sat there for a couple more minutes before slowly standing up and going to the kitchen.

There was almost no grocery left there. He needed to go shopping. But, the person who used to push him to do the chore was not there. So, he felt numb. He looked at the stacks of takeout boxes. Those were piled in one corner of the counter.

Ravi was a man who always took his health seriously. He never touched fast food item except for some special occasion. His diet mostly contained veg items and healthy food and here he was eating away pizza, burger and every other available greasy food. His regular exercise routine was messed up and neglected. He smiled a bitter smile. He was a mess himself.

At least, I’m not an alcoholic yet. Sabrina would kill me if she knew I touched a beer bottle and Sara would scream insult at every chance she would get.

Ravi felt a lump forming in his throat. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. His only pinch of hope was they were still alive. He still had a chance to bring them back and Ravi would make sure to do everything to bring them both home safe and sound. He would not give up, not until he found his ladies.

He was taking a sip of water when the idea popped into his head. He quickly drank the water and rushed to his phone. He dialed a number and waited for the person to pick up.


“Uh... hello, Tia.”

“Ravi! Oh my God! How are you? Did you find anything about Sabrina?”

“No, not yet. Um... listen, can we meet? I need to talk to you.”

“Ah, yeah. I’m getting lunch at two in a cafe close to the hospital.”

“Good. Then, meet you there.”

“Okay, I’ll send you the address.”

“Thanks, Tia.”

“No problem, Brother.” She hung up.

Ravi let out a deep breath. He hoped this meeting would lead him to some possible clue.

She kept walking on the sidewalk, constantly looking back. She didn’t know who she was expecting to follow her, but one could never be too careful.

She tightened the floral red scarf around her head, hiding her face as much as she could. She kept walking until she saw the gigantic building just a few meters away from her. She looked on her both sides before making her way toward the hotel premises.

She quickly walked through the hotel door and went to the reception counter. A chirpy young woman greeted her with a smile.

“Welcome to the Royal Red Hotel, Ma’am. How may I be of your service?"

The woman discreetly looked around before looking back at the receptionist.

“I need a room for the week, a single bed, and the cheapest one, please.”

"Sure, Ma’am. Put your entry here, please.” She smiled as she handed her the registry book.

She frowned. “Don’t you use the digital registry method?”

“We do, Miss. But, we also like to keep things old-fashioned.”

She nodded and put her name on the book. The receptionist handed her the key and took the registry book.

She looked at the book. “Sonia Moressety,” She looked up with a smile. “Well, room number 204. Have a nice stay, Ma’am.

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