The S Girl

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Some Strange Emotions

“Choose what you like, Ma’am. Master provided everything you might possibly need here.” The maid kept her head down as she spoke in a soft tone.

Sara glanced at the maid before looking at the vast collection of clothing before her. They were standing in the clothing room of the mansion. Yeah, a clothing room because apparently, Intruder seemed to be a filthy rich snob who didn’t bother putting a closet but an entire room for female clothing.

Then what’s that dressing corner doing in his room?

Sara sighed before looking at the stiff maid for one last time. She felt a pang of guilt eating her every time her eyes found the petite woman. The way she stole her phone then sneaked up in the kitchen and threatened her with that phone saying that she’d call people to ruin her family if she didn’t let her out was cruel. Maid or not, she didn’t deserve such treatment.

But, Sara had no choice. She had to take steps to pursue an extremely loyal servant even though she didn’t like the process one bit. She had a family too, after all. She knew how much important it is to a person.

Sara made a move to go to the jeans and leggings section. Her sore muscles made her grunt at every step of the way. After the heated argument in the living room, Intruder left Sara no choice but to follow through his command.

Sara followed the maid around to get Sylvia and herself treated in the makeshift clinic in the mansion. It was like a mini, in-house hospital with white and blue walls and polished tiled floors, not to mention the machines and six beds in the basement area.

That basement was one of a kind. All kinds of secret rooms and stuff were piled up in that one corner of the mansion. So mysterious, so dark. Just like the master of the house. Sara scoffed at the thought of him.

“This one looks quite comfy.” Sara touched the soft material of black leggings.

She checked the size to see it matches her perfectly.

“Try pairing that with this.” The maid handed Sara a dark red, quarter sleeved t-shirt.

Sara smiled softly before taking the top and checking the size for it as well.

She frowned. “How did you know my size?”

“Master does. He arranged the room with clothes fitting just for you.” She muttered softly.

The information didn’t sit well with Sara. Why would some stranger go out of his way to organize an entire clothing room only for her? What was he really up to? This was a hell lot of creepy.

Sara nodded. “Well, thank you.”

The maid nodded and led her to the shoe department. There were all kinds of sports shoes, converses and some four inches stilettos and the weird part was all of them were of Sara’s preferred brands. And, she didn’t even want to think of the price tags.

Sara pulled out a grey converse before facing her companion.

“I’ll take these.” The maid nodded. Sara fidgeted a bit before forcing herself to clear her throat. “Um... I need to talk to you.”

This made the already stiff maid turn into a stone. Sara continued nonetheless.

“So, I know this may sound... weird, suspicious even but I’d like to tell you beforehand that I’m not good at this thing. I... uh... Well, I’m...” She cleared her throat and looked away. “I am sorry. I know a simple apology won’t justify my cruel action of that day, but whatever I did I had to do that so you would let me leave. It was true when I said it was an emergency and I had to leave and I don’t blame your loyalty. You were just doing your job. But, somehow you got in my way and in a desperate attempt I did what I thought was necessary at that time. And, I also know it was wrong so...”

Sara couldn’t say more. What could she even say after what happened? She was wrong and she knew it. There was no way to reverse her actions either. Moreover, she was terrible at expressing her guilt and that was frustrating as hell.

“Would you have really hurt my family?”

Sara’s head snapped back to the woman who was looking at her with an unreadable expression in her eyes. Sara took a deep breath.

“Want to know the truth?”

She nodded. Sara sighed.

“I might have scared them off a little. But nothing serious. I have a family too and I know how it feels when one of your close ones get hurt.”

There was only silence stretched after that conversation. No one spoke anything anymore. There was no need. Both of them got the answers they were searching for. Sara knew it was not easy for that woman to forgive her but there was a lingering promise that things might have turned out good if they both behaved. And, Sara was willing to play her part as best as she could.

Sara was now going back to the room, she dreaded so much since she stepped a foot here the first time. His bedroom. It was just as she last saw. The only difference was this time the windows were tinted black and lights were on.

There’s still daylight out there. How can one waste so much electricity for the cause of richness? Is he a freaking vampire now? Stupid!

Sara slammed the door shut while looking blankly at the floor to ceiling window before her. A permanent scowl was planted on her face when she threw the clothes on the bed and ripped the bloody jacket off.

“Woah easy there, Woman. Don’t want to punish my poor jacket now, do we?”

Sara’s eyes snapped back to the culprit who was leaning against the computer desk with crossed arms in nothing but white trousers. His sculpted upper half was on full display as well as his roaring dragon head tattoo right on his bulging left arm. His dark hair was damp and a knowing smirk was plastered on his face.

“Like it, Hussain?” He asked as he arched his left brow.

Any other woman would have blushed at such situation, perhaps Sara would too if she wasn’t boiling with rage on the inside for the very man who was sinfully handsome while being the devil incarnated himself.

She smirked. “Such a cliche! Couldn’t come up with something original?”

Intruder uncrossed his arms and stood straight before walking toward her.

“Well, this cliche is enough for most ladies to throw themselves at me. Even you, Hussain, judging by the way you were looking at me.”

He winked as he walked past a fuming Sara. Sara, on the other hand, took a deep breath to keep her cool. She didn’t want him to see her wrath. He didn’t deserve her reaction, not at this moment. So, she spoke as calmly as possible.

“You think just because I look at you, I would jump at your bone? What a petty thinking, Intruder! You disappoint me. It was you who put yourself on display so people would look at you. Now, if there was an old wrinkly gay grandpa saw you this way, I bet you’d use the same line as well. Bloody attention seeker!” Sara scoffed before pulling off her hair band and grabbing the clothes on the bed.

Intruder watched her storm off to the bathroom before the slamming of the door echoed throughout the room. And, he there was showing off a shit-eating grin before letting out full blown laughter.

“Woah, feisty lioness on the action, eh? You’d sure keep this mission entertaining, Saravi Hussain.” He smiled.

“Thank you so much for making time, Tia,” Ravi said as he sat down on the chair.

The buzzing noise of the busy cafe filled his senses as well as the smell of orange juice and the chicken sandwich that Tia already ordered.

She offered an apologetic smile. “Sorry, Ravi. Couldn’t wait. It was a busy day and I missed breakfast as well.”

Ravi gave her a small smile and shook his head. “No worries. You continue.”

“At least order something. I will wait. It was just a small bite though.”

Ravi sighed. “It’s alright-”

“No, it’s not! Have you looked at yourself, Ravi? You look like you were thrown before a raging storm and you are still going through that.”

He let out a bitter chuckle. “Not too wrong here.” He cleared his throat.” So, as I was saying-”

“Order first!” Tia clasped her hands on the table with a determined look on her face.

Ravi smiled. “No wonder you and Sabrina are best friends.”

Tia smiled as he quickly ordered just water and a vegetable roll before jumping back to the conversation.

“So, I want to know something about the day Sabrina went missing.”

Tia took a sip of her orange juice. “Yeah?”

“First off, who told Sabrina about the news?”

Tia played with her sandwich for a moment. “Uh... I did. I broke the news to her.”

“What was her reaction? No, wait! How worse did she take it?”

“Pretty bad. She stormed off right away after watching the officer expose Sara. I still can’t believe it’s our Saravi they are talking about. I-I don’t know what to say, Ravi. She practically grew up before my eyes. How could she do something like that?”

“She didn’t. They are lying.” A fire blazed in Ravi’s eyes before it dimmed down.

"All of those was a lie?" Tia furrowed her brows.

Ravi gulped. "No. But, Sara never murdered anyone. I know that."

Tia sighed. "Well, what now?"

Ravi opened his mouth but the waiter came to serve his food. When he left, Ravi turned back to Tia.

"I need information. Perhaps, a CCTV footage of that day. Can you help?"

Tia contemplated on the idea. It wasn't too hard to collect a bunch of footage since she was working there but it wasn't easy either. There could be security complications and with the involvement of police in the matter, things could turn really nasty. But, Sabrina was dear to her. Her wellbeing mattered to Tia as well. So, she decided to take the risk.

"Okay, Ravi. I'll see what I can do."

Ravi sighed in relief. "You have no idea, how thankful I am, Tia."

Tia shook her head and held his hand. "Don't, Ravi. We're in this together."

Her grip on him tightened.

Rustam Kamal was picking at his nails as he was sitting down on the floor. A bored look was plastered on his beard clad rough-edged face. His eyes had dull look but somewhere in there was a flicker of fire that was directed toward the man sitting before him.
His eyes judged the way how awfully white his clothing was. The same as always. A crisp three-piece suit, matching dress shoes and a hat to cover enough of his face like those old British men.
"It is rude to stare, Rustam. I believe you know that already."
He arched his brows as he saw the former drug lord looking at him like he was an old antic piece. The drug lord chuckled in a raspy voice.
"You are quite a sight for sore eyes, Nameless. Not my fault."
Nameless tilted his head forward. "What about my offer?"
"Still considering it."
"I don't have all day." Slight irritation leaked through his calm tone.
Rustam scoffed. "Why? Is that old woman not entertaining enough? She's around your age I think. Old sex doesn't sound so boring to me."
He snickered. "I do use woman, Rustam. Just not in the way you think. I am not that shallow. So, the offer?"
Rustam stared back at his cold eyes. "You'd seriously bail me out?"
He smirked. "In a day."
Rustam suddenly seemed wary. "But, what will happen to my men?"
Nameless sighed before leaning back into the chair. He pulled at his collar. His tiny cell was like an oven. He needed to hurry up. He had other matter that needed his attention.
"That's my problem. Give me all your manpower and I'll give you freedom as well as the destruction of that woman."
Rustam furrowed his brows. This man was a dangerous gambler. He knew his way around all too well to manipulate others to bend according to his will. Rustam could dare say he was the most dangerous man he had ever seen in his life. Cold, cruel and merciless were just small words to describe his vicious personality. Hell! Even no one knew his real damn name. He used MSTR on official papers.
MSTR. Master. How sadistic!
However, if this white devil was offering him something so generous as this, who was he to decline? It would be beneficial for him as well. He could always gather thousands of man if he could taste the fresh air outside.
Rustam sat straight before looking at him in the eyes. "Well, if you keep your words, then."
He smirked. "I never break my promise. Rest assured."
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