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Playing With The Big Guy

“Ah, I see the party has already started without me.”

Sara smiled when she saw two guys talking in the dining room. Both of their heads snapped back to her as she spoke. One of them smirked at her while the other raised his brows.

“Good evening, gentlemen,” Sara said as she took a seat, opposite of them.

“I was just going to tell Maddy that we are expecting an in-house guest tonight.” Intruder hid his smirk behind the glass of water.

Sara raised her left brow at Intuder and looked at Madder. “Well, I hope it’s an early surprise for you, Madder.”

Madder chewed his steak. “Yeah, I didn’t think you’d know him.”

Sara smiled. “Don’t worry. I still don’t.”

Madder nodded. “Good for you. V... he here is quite handfull.”

Sara didn’t miss the stern look Intruder gave Madder at the almost slip up. However, she didn’t pry. At least for now, she could add a letter to that handsome face. She’d get her own session of Q&A with him later.

“Where’s Sylvia and that woman... Karzai, was it?”

“Yes, Ma’am, right here.” Mrs. Karzai smiled as she brought a tray in her hand.

She placed the tray beside her and started filling her plates with delicious steak, rice, and veg curry on the side. Sara smiled at her and thanked her.

Intruder was watching them interact. His brows furrowed as he saw Sara treat his maid better. He wondered what changed between them. Did Sara cast a spell on Mrs. Karzai? It wasn’t even a few days ago she was scared at the mention of Saravi Hussain.

“You two seem to get along well.”

Sara’s eyes snapped back to the dark-eyed villain. She smiled.

“We do. Now, about Sylvia-”

She heard a gasp and turned around to see Sylvia with wide eyes. She was wearing a bright yellow top and white trousers. Her hair was in a low ponytail.

Much to Sara’s relief, Sylvia looked healthy, a lot healthy than last night. Her bright brown eyes seemed to brighten a few shades more as she watched her father sitting there. Sara saw Sylvia walk fast and jumped into the arms of her waiting father.

Both of them were smiling ear to ear as Madder cradled his arms before releasing her.

“You’re here,” Sylvia whispered.

Madder blinked as he smiled. “Yep, kiddo. Dad’s back.”

Sylvia grinned so wide her dimpled cheeks started to flush. She sat beside her father as he asked about her wellbeing. The brightness in her eyes dimmed down a bit but she kept her smile.

“Nothing, I couldn’t handle. I am a big girl you know. ” She sounded proud.

Madder nodded before kissing Sylvia’s head. The image of Sara’s own father flashed before her eyes. Who knew what was he doing? How was he coping up with her mother’s kidnap? Sara had the sudden urge to run back to him and hug him. That old man needed her the most at this moment and she was not there. What kind of a pathetic daughter was she?

“I really owe you both for saving my Sylvy.” Sara snapped out of her thought and focused on the matter.

She and Intruder nodded and Sara jumped right back into the action.

“Speaking of favor, I’d like to know about the progress, Madder.”

The smile and warmth vanished from his face. He cleared his throat.

“Uh... yeah, about that-”

“Did you find him?” Sara frowned.

Madder sighed before nodding. “Yeah, I did. But I was late. He already checked out of the world before I could reach him.”

Sara stopped eating. “What happened?”

“Hit and Run. He was going for his truck this noon when some car hit him in the mid-road.”


“Around some lake park in the Gulshan area, I don’t know.”

She lost her appetite. Her eyes darted back to the Intruder. His brows were furrowed. Apparently, he was confused. Sara continued.

“Were you able to get information regarding him? What was he doing there?”

Madder shook his head. “Someone cleared the coast before police reached the crime scene.”

I bet that’s the same group. But, who are they? What do they want?

There was only one way to find out. She needed to get back to Dhaka. She could most probably find some clue there. It could be in Daniel Roger’s apartment or office perhaps. He was directly involved with the criminal group. He must have hidden something in his lairs. She needed to hurry before they remove evidence from there as well if they hadn’t already. Time was running out.

Sara dropped the spoon on the plate. “I need to leave.”

“No!” Intruder yelled. “You’re not going anywhere.”

Sara stood up and turned when Intruder grasped her wrist and turned her back. Sara hissed.

“Let me go!”

His grip only tightened. “Not until you tell me where are you heading off?”

Sara scoffed. “I’m not bound to you, Intruder. Leave me!”

Intruder pulled her close to his chest. The blazing fire in his eyes matched Sara’s.

“You are not leaving anywhere until I permit you, understood?”

Sara chuckled humorlessly. “You are most certainly not my boss. I don’t even listen to my boss when it comes to the serious matter so who the hell are you?”

Intruder smirked. “You’re right. I’m not your boss. I’m your freaking nightmare!”

He pushed Sara, making her stumble on the floor. She was seething with rage. But before she could teach him a lesson, Sara felt him grab her elbow and pulled her away from the dining room. The people in the room saw Sara screaming into the deaf ears of Intruder as he pulled Sara with him.

He slammed the door of his bedroom. His fingers tightened around her elbow as he dragged her in the darkness before pushing her to the couch.

Sara landed on the soft surface. Her blood boiling at the audacity of the pathetic excuse of a human being. How dared he!

Sara made a move to get up when Intruder did the unthinkable. He gripped both of her wrists to stretch it on the farthest end of the couch head. His knees bent to firmly attach them on both sides of her hip. And, his toes held down her knees in place.

His breath was heavy as his eyes were blazing with rage matching Sara. She held his gaze as firmly as she could. Even though the proximity of his body bothered her she managed to keep a stern expression. Sara saw his jaw clench.

To add a special effect in the scene, a thunderbolt lightened the room just enough for both of them to see each others striking features more prominently. The glower in their eyes didn’t fade for even a second.

To taunt the beast Sara raised her left brow.

So, what are you trying to prove here?”

Intruder smirked. “What do you think, Hussain?

Sara leaned her head back in a relaxed manner. Her eyes never left his for a second.

“It’s a shame that arrogance suits you so much. Makes the dark side of your pop-out in the public and let me tell you ‘you have an ugly dark side’.”

He chuckled. “And, here I thought I’d get a thank you. You should kiss me for taking care of you like a damn spoiled princess.”

Sara clicked her tongue. “Rest assured that kiss would be the last thing you’d get from me. Besides, I didn’t ask for your attention, Mister. Now, get off!”

It seemed he pressed himself closer to her body. Sara wanted to murder him.

“Ah, now that we are on the hot topic, I was saying that you are not leaving.”

“I’m not your maid to follow your orders, dude.”

He chuckled. “Come on, you know who rules the place. You should be grateful toward the master, don’t you think?”

Sara huffed. She was getting tired of this. She had to change the plan.

“Look, you are not my master and I’m not one of your dogs and bitches. But, if you are so stubborn to know about my intentions, first let us talk in a more civilized manner. Get the fuck off!”

He grinned. “Now, your talking like you got brains, Saravi.”

Sara gave him a blank face as she saw him move away from her and sit beside her. She took a deep breath.

“First off, I may be late to mention this and it’s probably useless to say now but you should address me more formally. I don’t appreciate strangers calling me by my first name.”

He grinned. “I was wondering when you’d mention that. Anyways, I’m not that Prince charming so don’t expect politeness. Take what you get, Saravi.”

“Wait! You know Prince?”

“Yep! I have full details of everything, especially of that polite dipshit. So, you were saying?”

Sara nodded absentmindedly. This information could come in handy. He could tell something about Prince that would progress the case further. But, for now, she needed to focus on the current matter. Sara cleared her throat.

“So, you know I was asking about some guy earlier,” Intruder nodded. “He was a truck driver who might have known some information regarding the serial killer. I suspect the serial killer is working in a group and they were the ones behind his murder. So, I need to get back to Dhaka as soon as possible because they are destroying each and every evidence they can. I’m sure they are thinking about hunting down the Roger’s as well. If I’m late I might lose the only chance of getting the serial killer and I don’t want to lose any more lives.”

Sara looked at Intruder who had a blank face. His eyes were cold when they met hers. They were silent as the pitter-patter of the rain tried to wash away the quiet environment.

Sara saw him nod. “Okay, you go. But not tonight. I’ll get you back tomorrow.”

She frowned. “You don’t need to do that. I can travel by myself just fine.”

He scoffed. “I have plans there too. I was planning on leaving two days later but seeing the situation... Besides, I don’t need to explain anything to you.”

Sara let out a soft chuckle. “Oh, sure!”

The downpour outside took a turn for worst. Rajiv clicked his tongue as he took a glance outside of his bedroom window.

“This is the third time this week,” He muttered as he wiped his face with the soft white towel.

His face portraited a permanent scowl. When was the last time he smiled? Oh, right, when he got the job at the police station. He was the happiest, full of life kind of person. But now the job started to wear on him sooner than he expected.

The last few days had been hectic. Murders after murders, a lot of files of missing people and whatnot. But the only person he wanted to get a hold of had vanished in the air.

Saravi Hussain, the ever graceful, wit-mouthed woman who was a skilled spy and a professional killer. Just the thought of her left a bitter taste in his mouth.

Rajiv took a glass of water from his bedside table and gulped it down in one go. He had to recheck the papers tonight for any possible clue he could find. Sleep was the last thing he had in his mind.

With a deep sigh, he put the glass down and walked out of the room. The police quarter here was big and comfortable. His unit was different and bigger than most other ranked polices there. He was in charge of them, after all.

The living room was what he loved the most here. The beige walls and the wooden floor gave a cozy feeling to the place. There was a big golden-brown sofa close to the fireplace. Two floor-to-ceiling windows were just behind the sofa. They both had white curtains.

Rajiv saw one of the window glasses was slid open to one side. The rain was hitting on the floor wetting the soft white carpet on the floor. Those curtains of the window were furiously flying in the air.

He frowned. “When did I left the window open?”

Rajiv walked to the window and shut it with a loud bang. He sighed and turned around only to find a figure sitting on his sofa. He was facing the person’s back when he saw the uninvited guest.

He senses were on alert and he slowly started to slide on his left where a gun was hidden behind a plant pot. His fingers grazed the handle of his 9mm.

“No need, officer.” His eyes snapped back hearing the soft feminine voice.

He still grabbed the gun and hid it behind his back when he heard her chuckle.

“Always so careful, aren’t we?” She spoke from the shadow.

“Who are you?” Rajiv took a tentative step toward her.

He saw her stood up. He had to suppress the urge to point the gun at her. She went toward the switchboard and turned on the lights. The whole room flooded in a warm glow when she decided to turn around.

Rajiv gasped as he watched her with wide eyes. He couldn’t believe it. How could this happen? What was she doing here? How did she even get in? This was a police protected area!

Her soft chuckle brought him back to reality.

“You really didn’t expect me, huh? Well, you’re not much of a fan of surprise, are you?”

“What do you want, Saravi Hussain?” Rajiv growled.

Sara crossed her arms as she smiled. “Just thought to pay you a visit since you are so desperate on finding me. Why? Should I just take my leave?”

Rajiv furrowed his brows. “That was a bold move, Ms. Hussain.”

“Indeed, it was,” Sara nodded. “So, shall we sit down and talk for a while?”

Rajiv let out a chuckle. He must have been dreaming. Saravi Hussain, the one he was after for so many days, had just decided to make his job easy just like that! No way! There had to be some catch there.

He, however, motioned her to sit on the sofa. Both of them sat opposite of each other.

“So, how did you get in here?”

Sara leaned back on the sofa, her eyes might have been on his but her attention never left from his left hand, more precisely, his gun.

“You police need to work on your strategies a big time. I have to admit even criminals have a better protection system.”

Rajiv grimaced at her words. They were sure lacking somewhere, else she shouldn’t have been here.

“Did you bribe them?”

She grinned. “My hands and their faces are just enough, Officer.”

He furrowed his brows. “Why are you here, Ms. Hussain? You could have met me in the office tomorrow. We could have avoided a lot of hassle then.”

The grin wiped off of her face. Her eyes turned cold.

“What do you know about the murder that morning, Officer?”

Rajiv took a moment to think before answering her. He still couldn’t believe he was having a conversation with a criminal and they were so comfortable in his living room.

“You murdered a gang member that day. We suspect you are involved in the Gulshan Lake Park murder incident. The guy you killed was the one who did your job and you killed him because you didn’t want to give him his money.”

Sara remained silent for a moment before she let out a soft chuckle. Rajiv frowned.

“Wow, Officer! Why don’t you start a writing career as a side business? You guys sure come up with weird theories.”

“It’s the most acceptable theory, Ms. Hussain,” He sneered. “Why else would you kill the guy?”

“Who said I did?” Sara countered in a more serious tone.

Rajiv was taken aback.


“You know, I thought you would be honest enough to accept your crime, Ms. Hussain.”

Sara scoffed. “Don’t give me that ‘all criminals deny their crimes’ vibe, Officer. Do you have any solid proof that I was the one?”

He crossed his arms. “We have the fingerprint results.”

Sara stiffened. “And?”

“And, what? you’ve left your prints all over the knife, Ms. Hussain. You split his stomach and then his throat. Are you saying those weren’t your fingerprints?”

Sara remained silent. She was trying to process the information. After a while, she took a deep breath.

“You are right, Officer. I did leave fingerprints on that knife. We had a fight that morning. I was in the park and I felt him follow me. We went into a secluded area and then he tried to attack me with that knife. During the fight, I managed to know he was a gang member. I even suspected that he was somehow involved in the serial murder case. I tried to leave the spot but he cornered me. I had no choice but to attack him. I admit I ran the knife through his stomach but...”


She sighed. “I know it sounds unbelievable and weird, but he snatched the knife from me and he slit his own throat,” Rajiv’s eyes widened. “And, before he died he said that I am going to die and soon.”

Silence fell upon the room. Both of them was lost in each other’s thought. The reality was unbelievable but Rajiv suspected that Sara could be lying. But then, if she would have been lying then why would she bother to risk herself by coming here in a police quarter. Didn’t she know he could arrest her or worst kill her on spot? What did this woman want?

“Do you have any proof to justify your statement, Ms. Hussain?”

Sara shook her head. “Not at the moment. I need proof and I need your help.”

His eyes snapped back to her. “Why would I help you?”

Sara sighed and shook her head. “You really believe I just lied to you, right?” She chuckled. “Of course, an unbelievable truth sounds worst than a believable lie. But, you need to help me if not for me but for the sake of the case.”

Rajiv leaned back on the sofa as Sara continued.

“You said it was the fingerprint report that convinced you people that I was the one. Did you, by any chance, cross-checked the results?”

He frowned. “What do mean by cross-checking? We have this proof from the reliable source.”

Sara smirked. “Even a solid wall has one or two holes in it, Officer. I suggest you recheck the evidence and the source. Who knows, what bug comes out of it?”

“And, what if the result is the same?”

Sara smiled. “Then, I’d admit that you policemen are big losers. Try it out, Officer. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.”

Rajiv straightened his posture. “Why should I go against my authority for a criminal?”

“You are not fully sure I’m a criminal, Officer, not yet. And, I’m not saying go against Officer Ronal. He hates me anyway so it’s his job to find my flaw. Investigate it, Officer, just don’t let Ronal get a whiff of it. Simple!”

Rajiv thought about it. He hated to admit but Sara was right. He should have cross-checked the information. It would have given him a lead to progress the case further. But, doing it right under his boss’s nose would be a tough job.

Rajiv sighed. “I can’t believe I’m doing this. Okay, fine. I’ll do it. But, first, you’d have to be in my custody.”

Rajiv expected her to frown but instead, she grinned.

“You really believe I would be just here to chat with you and let you drag me into a cell?”

Rajiv scoffed. “What else you’ve got out there to do? Besides, it’s my job to arrest a suspect or a criminal so I am going to do just that. You should comply willingly if you are not guilty.”

Sara looked at him for a moment before she sighed. “Fine. Just make a call to assure me you are going to do as I suggested.”

His eyes narrowed. He didn’t think Sara would agree with him so easily. That mind of her sure worked in a weird way. He searched his pocket for his phone but couldn’t find it. He decided to try the landline. He got up and rounded the sofa to reach a table near the wall. There was a white land phone waiting for him.

He turned to look at Sara to find her watching him with a neutral expression. He turned back and dialed a number of the main office. After a couple of rings, he heard the other person speak.


“Officer Rajiv speaking.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I’d like to have a look at the fingerprint reports and recheck some stuff regarding the serial killer case.”

“Okay, sir, sending them right away in your email.”

“And, make sure to send the address of the source.”

“Sure, sir.”

“Good! And, keep it private.”

He could feel the guy hesitate.

“Uh... Sure, sir.”

He hung up and put the phone down.

“So, Ms. Hussain, I hope you are ready to-”

He stopped as he turned around. The room was empty as if there was no one else besides him. There was no Ms. Hussain waiting for him.

He closed his eyes shut before taking a long deep breath. That wretched woman again tricked him!

Sara looked around before jumping down the wall. She let out a low grunt as she felt her knees wobble when she stood up. A dull ache on the side of her waist indicated that she still needed to rest. Hopefully, she’d be in perfect shape in the morning. However, the good thing was that she finally managed to leave the police quarter unscathed.

Sara sighed as she pulled her hood up and started to walk by the wall. Her denim jeans and the dark green tank top was drenched along with her leather hoody jacket. Her dark black sports shoe squelched as she walked in the muddy road.

She passed two blocks from the quarter. She stood in a dark, abandoned alleyway where she parked her bike. Just as she was about to sit on the leather seat her eyes darted back to the sticky note attached to the left mirror.

It was a drenched mess already. Who knew for how long it was sitting there? But, most importantly who could have sent it?

Sara carefully picked up the note and brought out a flashlight from her jeans pocket and lightened it up over the note.

Call me in the number below. Memorize and burn.

There was a phone number written down there. Sara frowned as she contemplated whether to believe it or not. Could this be a trick to catch her? Would it be wise to take the risk? She wasn’t so sure. But then, what if the person could actually help her? What if he or she knew something about the murders? Would it hurt to contact for once? Surely not. But, there was always a ‘but’ there.

Sara sighed and memorized the number before tearing apart the note into pieces and put them into her pocket. She would find a place to bury those pieces somewhere along the road. She had another matter to take care of at the moment and she was dreading for that part.

Sara killed the engine just outside the mansion. She was shivering from the cold. The police quarter was a straight two hours journey from here and in the late stormy night like this, it was a nightmare to travel.

Sara quickly ran back toward the door and slipped through the door as silently as possible. The place was dark as expected. Mrs. Karzai left right after Madder and Sylvia bid farewell after the dinner.

Now, in this whole big mansion, it was only her and Intruder. She could feel the rumble of thunder outside from the living room. She tiptoed toward the dressing room and quickly changed into some pajama. She towel-dried the hair before placing the wet clothes inside the laundry room.

After all the thing was done, she took a deep and prepared herself for the biggest fear. She silently went up to the marble stairs and reached the only bedroom door on the floor.

She smoothly twisted the knob, wincing at the faint click sound as she pushed the door open. She looked into the darkness of the room. She saw him sleeping soundly on the couch. His left arm was propped up against his head and the right one was resting beside his chest.

Sara released a relief sigh under her breath and made a move to go to the bathroom.

“You should have shut down the computer, Saravi.”

Sara missed a heartbeat when she heard his groggy voice. He was awake!

“Well, I guess you know then where I was.” She tried to sound unaffected when she was feeling a little scared.

Why was she feeling scared, she didn’t know. What was there to be afraid of? She didn’t waver in front of the officer and this was just another man. But then, Officer Rajiv wasn’t as intimidating as Intruder. He was a far different story. However, for now, she had to play cool.

“What were you thinking about going to the lion’s den, huh?”

He pushed his arm off his head and was now glaring dagger at her face. Sara narrowed and her eyes and glared back.

“Giving me stink eyes won’t answer your question, Intruder.”

He raised his brows before shifting his body toward her. Now, his right arm was under his head and the left one was over his stomach.

“Really! So, that was your plan, Hussain? You would make me sleep on a couch on my own room and then sneak out into the IT room and search through the police database and get out in the middle of a dark night? Clever, Saravi, clever! But, you forgot one little detail. This,” He motioned his hand around his body. “Is my house. I know when a fly gets in and gets out so should have been aware of the consequences.”

Sara rolled her eyes.

“Seriously, Intruder, you are so full of yourself. I already told you I don’t owe you anything. Yes, you’ve supported me back in Cluster’s hideout. I’m grateful for that but that’s all. I can not serve you for my whole life for that one incident. For all I know, you could have ulterior motives back then. I don’t even know your name! I understand you have your reasons but there are some lines that should not be crossed, Intruder.”

He sat up with blazing fire in his eyes.

“I can see how thankful you are, Hussain. After all the things I’ve done, after giving you a place-”

“Did you let me stay for purely out of your kindness?”

Sara’s cold voice made him shut up. She sighed.

“I know, it’s not your kindness but the deeper intentions that made you let me stay close to you. Maybe, you wanted to keep a close eye on me. I don’t know. But, I do know you’ve helped me and all I can do is thank you but nothing else. I have a mission to take care of. I have my name to clear so if I feel like leaving late at night somewhere, I would do that. And, I’m sorry, you have no right to stop me.”

Intruder remained silent. His eyes no longer glared at her but instead, they looked out the window. Sara was breathing heavily after the long speech. But, he needed to understand she was not bound to him.

The silence was deafening. She waited for him to reply for a couple of minutes, but he was comfortable watching the rain and thunder.

Sara sighed and turned to walk to the bathroom.

“You went to that new police officer, Rajiv, right?” He said in a cool voice.

Sara stopped but didn’t turn. “I needed him.”

“He could have arrested you.” His nonchalant voice made Sara frown but she was quick to reply with a smile.

“He would have to spend years to reach my thinking level.”

He turned to her. “What’s you brain number?”

Sara blinked. What was the brain number? Was he asking for her IQ?


His eyes widened but he smiled. “Still, you’re 4 digits behind me.”

Sara chuckled. It was no surprise his IQ level was this high but he was still an arrogant ass and so full of himself.


And, she finally managed a chance to satisfy her bladder as she walked toward the bathroom.

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