The S Girl

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The Murders

After Gulapjaam had left the office, James took his seat in the place of Gulapjaam with a manner and respectful attitude. Sara cleared her throat and went near the table. She put down the files and straight looked into his eyes.

“This is the report file of the previous case history of the Big Boss and his drug dealing business.”

James took the files and started to look at them.

“Details!” He ordered her.

Sara ignored Morton’s dominating voice and started to describe the case history of how Big Boss was managing the big part of drug dealing business in Bangladesh alongside the outer worlds. He has different prostitution and drug rackets running across the world, and only small part of them has just revealed yet and more to come. The organization was on Big Boss aka Rustam Kamal for months with various operations but couldn’t find much proof against him.

Finally, they decided to involve Sara in it two weeks ago, and she brought much success to the case. Sara skipped the part of how she went there or revealed the drug packets. She thought it’d be unnecessary for her interim boss to listen to the full story. Besides, Sara carefully avoided the file that was collected there at the prostitute’s hotel. That file was the vital clue for her which she wanted to examine for that one particular case of Big Boss. She didn’t want to waste a precious material on someone arrogant and ruthless for her.

“Hmm, I see the case has been months long. Well, now that the Big Boss got caught red-handed, the whole thing will be clear to us within some days. Ms. Hussain, your contribution was pretty much well in it. But I don’t think it’s even that much to say that without your participation, we couldn’t ever catch the Big Boss, is it?”

“Well, Mr. Morton, as your perception says. I don’t want to argue with you on that.” Sara gave him her effective sarcastic smile which made James frown, though, only for a few seconds.

Mr. Morton cleared his throat.

“So, Ms. Hussain we can move on to a new case now. The case of a serial killer I’ve heard. Mr. Gulapjaam told me about the case a few days ago. I want to know the details and the progress of it.”

Sara gave him a case report file. Then she started,

“According to the report, a mysterious serial killer has appeared recently in the capital. His identity hasn’t been revealed yet, however, people call him Beast or in other supernatural names and definitions. It’s not even confirmed that he works alone or he has any cooperation or support. The first murder he did was three months ago at the date of 14th April, Friday at midnight. This is the case report on it. He killed a ten years old girl whose identity is still unknown. Her dead body was found near the Gulshan Lake Park.

Her body was torn apart from the belly in round shape, and the murderer took out the organs inside of her stomach. There was a stitch in her mouth as well. The postmortem report says that her mouth was stitched first before the murder so that she couldn’t be able to scream or talk. She was alive and awake during the whole stitching process, but she couldn’t resist more with the pain of belly cutting process and the bleeding. Because of that, she died. Even more surprisingly there was no evidence of the murderer nor any witness. Everything was clean on the spot except the dead body itself.” Sara quit here and brought out another file and gave it to Mr. Morton.

Then she again started,

“So, this is the second case report file of the same serial killer case. The same incident happened just one month after at that same place and the same date of 14th May, Sunday. This time it was also a girl but of fifteen years old. But she was recognized after all. Her name was Melina Das. Her parents are house servants. She was killed in the same process of belly cutting but even more brutally with the addition of four red circles on her both side of her neck. It was the marks of hot iron attack. That night she went for bringing some medicines for her father but never returned. They complained to the police, but they told them to wait ’til the morning for the investigation, and in the morning they found the body which was laid down on the road beside the park.

The result of the murder witness is still the same. Nobody didn’t see him coming or going. No evidence was found. Police scoured the whole park, but nothing looked suspicious or helpful to them. It’s like the murderer just came, killed, took the organs and went away from the place with clean hand.” Sara again stopped for the moment and gave James another case file.

This was supposed to be the last record because there was no other file left in her hand. However, she continued herself,

“Then, the last murder, the one that was the most horrific one by now. The incident happened just fifteen days ago and once again on that same date of 14th June, Wednesday. Another unfortunate girl became the victim of the same merciless serial killer and at that same place of Gulshan Park with the same schedule. She was a twenty years old girl and from much renowned wealthy family. Her name was Anita Rogers. Her father is a businessman. They have a business of diamonds. He’s the CEO of Rogers Group of Industries. Her late mother was a well-known psychiatrist. Anita had lost her tongue, her eyeballs were taken off, and her neck was half cut with a big knife, then that very symptom, her lost belly organs.

She went to a party for her friend’s birthday that night. According to the postmortem report, they found alcohol in her blood which means she was drunk. Her father called the police for help, and they started the search immediately. Soon they found the girl, but it was too late for them. Even in this case, they couldn’t save the girl from death nor solve the murder just because of the lack of witness and evidence.

Must have to say the murderer is very professional at evidence hiding and in the killing. The police department has lost all hopes and citizens are panicked. Gulshan Lake Park area is now restricted to the public by the government. Thus, the case was handed over to our organization last week, and the team started its investigation on the case a few days ago, and it’s currently a work in progress. I was given the responsibility to handle the case two days ago. And, that’s the case description for now.” Sara took a deep breath after talking.

Mr. James listened to each and every word of her. He seemed to be lost in the deep sea of thinking. He said in an absent voice,

“Every murder has followed a pattern here. First the date of Murder which is 14th of every month. Next, the killing process. Despite the variety that all of them has lost their stomach organs and every person was female and their age difference increases with every five years from each one. With every murder, the brutality increases and the last one...”

“The crime scene at Gulshan Lake Park,” Sara added the last words.

James put down the files and looked at her.

“Where all the game has started.” Sara pointed the finger at the report file.

“Yes! That place has something in it,” James said excitedly.

“But the question is, what that is?”

“Ms. Saravi, you said police searched the place very well, right? Then how could it possible that there was nothing to be found? Every crime has to have some evidence. Every single one has to be something left behind.”

“I don’t know about the policemen. Those are just the duty servants of the government. Anyways, I was saying that I’d like to investigate that place, personally.”

James looked at her from head to toe again just like he did back in the corridor. Then he suddenly asked,

“Ms. Saravi how old are you?”

Sara got slightly taken aback by his unexpected personal question.

“Why do you need my age information all of a sudden?”

“Can’t you just answer a straight question without crossing back for once, Miss?” He told in his former rude voice.

Ah! Now we are back on track,” Sara smiled secretly.

“Well, I’m 25. So?” Sara replied.

“Shouldn’t it’d be me the one to question you, Ms. Saravi Hussain?”

“Yeah you should be but let me tell you that we both have that right on each other.” Sara smiled in her formal way.

“Yeah, just leave on that. You... can go on investigating by yourself. But as it’s a private investigation I can’t assure your 100% safeties. Although I can tell someone to monitor your movement during the investigations, that’s all.”

“Thank you very much, Mr. Morton. You can rely on Mr. Arup Roy on monitoring issues. He’s the lead technologist in the organization here. Though, I don’t think you’ll need to do that much help. I like to do my things without being disturbed or interrupted. So, thanks for the permission only.”

“Don’t need to be over smart than me, Miss. I know things better than you.”

“Of course, Mr. James, you sure do. I also appreciate your perfect plan.”

James looked at her with a surprised gesture.

“Perfect plan?”

Sara crossed her arms and said in a calm voice.

“What else it could be to finish me off than sending me on a private investigation in a well known hostile place. As I’m a girl and 25 years old, I could be the next possible target of the beast. And, by chance, if I get killed by the murderer or murderers, you can monitor my death through the tracker. Along with that, you can also track down the killer.

Then you will catch him and become a country hero. Besides, you will praise me as a city martyr because I saved the city by sacrificing myself kindheartedly and then you’ll have the personal power to control this organization branch over here.

Oh yes, and you can also fulfill your words of revenge you did to yourself. Now tell me, Mr. James Morton, isn’t that a perfect plan that needs to execute?” Sara was smiling and without any doubt, that was sarcastic and stinging enough for James.

James left himself open-mouthed after hearing Sara’s words. He couldn’t believe himself how that two inches of a girl could simply just utter his mind thoughts in such elegant way. This left him much amazed and also cautious about Saravi Hussain. Although, Sara didn’t wait for his reply as his facial reaction told her everything. Sara continued,

“Well, don’t worry, Mr. Morton, I’m going to that Gulshan Park next month 14th for the official private investigation, alone. I can take care of myself very well. Also, I don’t think you’ll need to work hard for monitoring on me. If you see me come back in one piece, you’ll get the detailed information about the case and the murderer.” Sara kept her smile on the face.

It seemed like James spoke out after ages,

“Well, if you say so, Ms. Saravi Hussain. But I want the positive result, at any cost. No matter whatever happens to you. I want this case solved in any situation, alright? But before you begin with your private investigation, I want to send other detectives and spies of the organization there to see if they can find something or not.”

Sara nodded.

“Okay, Mr. Morton, as you wish.”

They did handshake which was completely formal and unwanted for both of them. Sara went out of the room and left Mr. Morton in his new office room.

“So, Sara, how’s the new head? Was he okay or cool?” Arup asked. They were sitting in Sara’s office room.

“Why? Didn’t you meet him?” Sara replied while her eyes were hooked on the case files.

“Yes, just a few moments ago. Mr. Morton’s a tough-hearted man. But I heard he wants to send you on a secret mission on that Gulshan Lake Park?” Arup took a sip to his coffee mug.

“Well, better say I told him to let me go on that secret mission, and I also refused the monitoring matter.” Sara looked at him

“Yeah and that was your worst decision ever. I strongly disagree with you on that. I had the chance to monitor you and that monster killer, Girl! What if he dumps you under the grave and no one will ever figure you out.”

Sara laughed at his statement.

“Ah, that’d be very interesting. I’ll have no more wastage to handle with, and I’ll be a free ghost to crack people’s neck. How about starting with you, Arup? Sara laughed. “Besides, you have nothing to do with that now. I broke your ‘strongly disagree’ section very strongly.”

“Because it’s the matter of the spy named Saravi Hussain, huh? Okay, then, I’m leaving the thing right here.”


“Well, I have to tell you something. Our new boss has ordered all the detectives and spies of the organization to search that creepy place for the next few days until they find some clues there. The female detectives are a bit tensed about it because they’ll have to operate the investigation during the night and you know that the place has creeps for women.”

“So, what are the males doing? DJ dance perhaps.” Sara said as she choked.

“Don’t laugh, Sara. Male spies are also not okay. Both teams are stressed about this mission. But the most tensed are those who’ll have to do the search at night. Danger can crawl out at any time. I just guess what if they face a sudden attack from that murderer. We don’t even know if it’s a single killer or multiple persons or maybe it is...”

“What?” Sara looked at Arup.

“Something not natural or humanly.”

“You mean to say a ghost did it all? Come on, Arup! I’m sure that’s a walking human’s job.” Sara gave him a surprised look.

“It’s confusing Sara. Nothing is sure yet. I mean just look, in only three months how much fear it spread all over the country. I seriously want that devil behind the bar.”

“That’s what we all are doing.” Sara thought something for few moments. Then said,

“Arup I need all the information of murder case thoroughly.”

“But you have the report files right?”

“I want to know every single detail from the beginning. I don’t want to miss a tiny bit of the case history.”

“What do you need now?” Arup said in a serious tone.

“The address of the dead girls.”

“But we have only two of them. The first one is still unclaimed.”

“Well then, we’ll look at the unclaimed body later. But first, I need to know the claimed ones better.”

“Hmm... Wait a moment. I’m coming back.” Arup left Sara’s room.

Sara again lost herself in the sea of information on the files. After a short time, Arup came back with a file.

“Here! The desired locations and phone numbers you wanted.”

“Thank you so much, Arup.” Sara took the file and smiled at it.

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