The S Girl

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A Night To Embrace

The ventilator dropped down with a loud thud as the man emerged from the shaft. With a soft grunt, he wiggled his way out and jumped down on the tiled floor. He looked around, one of his hand was touching the cool metal of his shoulder holster. He heard muffled voices somewhere in the place. He quickly brought out the silencer from his dark jeans pocket and attached it to the revolver.

His eyes roamed around once more before following the voices down the corridor. The muffled voices turned clear as he approached them.

“Did you hear that?”

“I think I heard something too.”

“Let’s go!”

Such cliches!

The man smirked. He quickly moved to some cubicle on his left side and ducked down behind the desk. He was checking the safety lock of the gun when flashes of light brightened the dark hallway.

He waited for them to pass with a batted breath. The first two of them were fools enough to ignore him but the last one turned out to be a bit smart. He was sneaking a peek into the cubicles of the hallway.

It’s always the last guys.

The man shook his head and positioned the gun on the entrance of the cubicle. As expected, the smart guard decided to peek through his hell and in the next second he was down. The poor guy didn’t even get the chance to know what went wrong there.

The man got out from his hideout and pointed his gun toward those two fools. They were far enough to not hear the noise of footsteps but close enough for him to shoot.

Two more bodies fell down along with their flashlights. The guy ran toward the bodies and quickly picked up the lights and turned them off. He searched their bodies and found an employee access card to the CEO’s office from one of them.

He smirked and flipped the card in the air before catching it. He put the card inside his jeans pocket before walking forward. His gun was leading the way as his ears were perked enough to detect the smallest of noise in the air. He turned two more hallways and walked pass the cubicles. He was now facing many closed doors and a reception area ahead of him. He moved away from the curious doors and kept walking.

So far, everything was running smoothly. He managed to get into the building, killed three nuisances and now he was marching toward the CEO’s lair. He spotted an elevator past the reception area.

He quickly walked toward the metal door and swiped the card he just found on the left side of the elevator. With a soft ding, the doors opened and he jumped in without wasting a breath. He pressed the only button of the elevator that led to the CEO’s floor. He looked around the dark elevator only to spot a glaring camera on the top left corner.

“You found me, huh?” He mumbled with a soft smile before shooting the camera.

The poor thing died down with a spark. Just then, the elevator dinged. The doors opened and the man walked out. This was an elegant entrance of the office. The entire left wall was a floor-to-ceiling window. The view of rain cascading down the glass took his breath away.

The black tiles shined even in the darkness and the right wall was painted white. A reception counter was taking up most of the space of the right side. On the front side, there was a dark mahogany door awaited him. The door had a gold engraving with the title of D. Roger, CEO.

He twisted the knob and the door opened with a soft click. He pushed the door open and walked in. The whole room was dark and silent except for the soft pitter-patter of rain. The office as expected screamed money and elegance. It was very fitting for the billionaire owner of it.

It had everything from an entire wall made of glass to the big shiny mahogany desk with a throne-like black leather chair. Adjacent to the big desk, there was a small place for the assistant in the far corner of the room. It was hidden behind the glass walls with only a flimsy white curtain to protect the inside view.

The man took a deep breath and walked toward the big man’s desk.

“Let the combing process begin.”

After two long hours, he was wiping off his forehead and turned off the flashlight. He folded the small papers and stuffed the pen drive inside his jeans pocket. He checked the assistant’s computer to see if he turned it off properly or not. Satisfied, he smirked and pushed the glass door open. The rain had taken turn for worse out there. He clicked his tongue after taking a glance at the roaring sky.

“Such bad weather!”

His eyes snapped toward the source of the voice. He saw a silhouette of a tall man leaning against the wall across the room. The silhouette moved and walked toward the window. He touched the cool glass before a soft smile graced his lips.

A bolt of lightning flashed and the first guy found his eyes widen.

“Prince!” He mumbled.

Prince looked at the stunned guy and smirked.

“It’s a fitting name don’t you think?”

He schooled his features before letting out a scoff. “Yeah, Prince of Hell. Quite a match!”

Prince sighed and stepped toward him.

“Why must you act to rude, Vee-”

“Shut up!” Vee brushed past him. “Don’t say that name ever!”

Prince turned around and opened his mouth but decided to close it. He sighed.

“Whatever you are trying to do won’t favor you in the end.”

Vee snapped his eyes back at him. “That’s my business, Prince. Now, if you are done, fuck off!”

“I’m only trying to get your head straight.”

“Did I asked?”

Prince scoffed. “She’d only drag you down. The organization will be doomed! Why don’t you understand?”

Vee sneered. “You’re the last person I would learn lessons of do’s and do not’s from, Dude.”

Prince leaned against the cool glass. “I’m only trying to take things like a man.”

Vee snorted. “Yeah, like a backstabbing man. Sure!”

Prince frowned. “What I did was certainly not my choice.”

“You think I give a fuck! You are dead from here, Prince,” Vee poked his own chest. “All you’ve got is a closet full of some Armanis’ and cold manners. I don't do shits with the likes of you.”

“Yes! I’m the bad guy, okay? Fine! So, what? You’ve got no fucking idea what you are turning yourself into, Vee-”

“I. Said. Shut. Up!” Vee grabbed Prince’s collar and growled.

Prince held his glaring eyes with his steel cold ones.

“You’ll regret it. Big time!”

Vee furrowed his brows before jerking his collar one last time. Prince grunted as his body got smashed against the glass. But, he made no attempt to move away from Vee’s grasp.

“If you so much as try to do anything to her, Prince...”

Prince quirked his brows before a slow smirk graced his lips.

“You sound quite attached.”

Vee only smirked. “That’s a trivial matter to notice, Prince. The big picture is-” He slammed Prince’s body against the glass once again. "I'll personally take care of you. Keep that in you fucking mind."

Vee jerked his collar for the last time before leaving him in the dark. He turned around and strode out the door. Prince watched him leave in silence. His lips twitched into a smirk.

"Looks like Boss would have fun with this news."

Sara let out a deep sigh as the warm water dripped down her naked shoulder. It never felt this good to come back and take a hot shower before. She could feel her stiff muscles loosen up with each passing minutes.
Her eyes dropped on the wall-length mirror in front of her. The woman in there looked so familiar yet so different. In this past few days, Sara felt herself changing both physically and emotionally. Yes, she was still that witty mouthed woman. Yes, she still knew how to push a bullet through someone's skull. But, there was something, something she felt different after her short trip to Bhatiyari. It was there but she couldn't touch it.
Sara sighed again and turned around. Her eyes found something on her back. She stared at the long line of ink that traveled from the very bottom of her spine area and reached the upper back.
"What would you like to have?" The guy with tattoos asked.
Sara smiled. "Something to cover this."
She showed the long line of scratch just beside her spine.
He clicked his tongue. "Looks pretty bad."
"I have a sharp rod to give the credit. It went pretty deep."
"I did. It's a miracle you survived."
Sara lifted her lips a bit. "So, about the tattoo..."
"Uh, yes."
Sara took a deep breath. "I don't know if it's possible for you but I have this specific design in my head."
He chuckled. "Just shoot!"
She nodded. "I want a thick vine of rose to sprout through the crack of the spine ground. It'll go up the length of the scar. Small leaves will engulf the vine throughout the whole way. And, on the very top, a beautiful rose will bloom to its full glory."
"That's it? It's pretty simple-"
"But, make sure a burning flame embraces the whole vine, especially the rose."
Sara smiled as she remembered the dumbstruck reaction the guy gave her. He thought, why would someone want to ruin a beautiful growing vine with fire.
"Only if he knew what changed her life."
Sara turned off the shower and wrapped a white towel around her body before getting out of the bathroom. The silence in her room calmed her nerves. She saw the rain had turned into a heavy downpour. She took a moment to watch it in silence before walking into her closet and wearing a light pink loose t-shirt and dark blue trousers.
She towel-dried her hair and put on her night cream before getting out of the room. She pushed the slightly ajar door of her father to watch him sleep.
Sara went inside and pulled the duvet up to his chest before caressing his soft hair. She had been so worried earlier. The broken face of her father would haunt her dreams forever. But, what had her more troubled was the information he gave her regarding her mother. They both needed to hurry and find Sabrina before it was too late.
"But, what happened to her?" Sara bit her lips as she mumbled.
She took one long look at her dad before walking out of the room. Sara came back to her room and closed the door. She frowned when she noticed something on her bed. she walked toward the bed and sat down before picking up a black pen drive. There was a note on the bed too.
Sara picked up the paper.
A small gift of the night. Might be useful.
She smirked and shook her head before looking around the room. Everything looked just as usual. Even the balcony door was shut close.
"When did that sneaky bastard get in?"
Sara decided to check the bathroom as well. But, no, he wasn't there. He wasn't anywhere.
Sara looked at the pen drive in her hand and pressed her lips in a thin line

The door opened with a soft click. Sara quickly shut the metal door close. The sensory light on the ceiling flooded the entire floor with a soft blue ambiance. She walked past a row of shelves and turned into a small corner. This corner was invisible in the naked sunlight. One could only see this in night light if they didn't know the way already.

Sara came across another metal door at the end of the way. She pushed the door open and entered the. Another set of sensory light flashed as she stepped in. Sara spotted the desktop on the far corner of the big IT room and made her way there. She turned on the computer before jumping into the action.
She put the pen drive into the USB port. A few seconds later, she found a folder with documents and papers all under the name of Roger Industries. Sara went through the documents.
According to the files, Roger was about to catch a flight the night Lucy got murdered. But, what made the things interesting was that Roger never made it to the plane. His tickets were never issued at the airport since that night.
"Where is he then?"
Sara scrolled down to read further. What she read there had her eyes bulge out of the sockets. It said Lucy had received a 5o billion-dollar check plus one million cash contract from an anonymous party. All she had to do was send Sara to Bhatiyari.
"So, that's why she twisted the words regarding Suzan's murder that day. But, who paid her for this? Where did she even meet the guy or did she not meet him at all?"
Sara hummed as she bit her bottom lip.
"I need to ask Intruder- Wait! Why do I even need to ask him? I can do this myself. Who knows what that guy is after?"
Sara frowned. "But, one thing's for sure. That riddle the madman gave me has something to do with this information, especially with Dom. I need to keep an eye out on him."
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