The S Girl

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Art of Silhoulette

Water dripped from somewhere, the stench of garbage coated the air of the dark alleyway. Every minute spent there was torture for Sara. She wiped the cool sweat off her face. She had been standing there for the past two hours.

“Didn’t she said ten?” Her brows furrowed as she looked around the lonely lane. Sara huffed. “Five. Just five more minutes and I’m-”

The loud noise of gunshot had her jump. It came from her right side, somewhere far in the lane but close enough for her to hear it. Without wasting any time, Sara pulled out her machine gun from the hip holster and rushed toward the source of the noise.

Sara turned corners after corners before hearing those muffling voices. She slowed down. Her back plastered to the wall beside her. Her instinct told her to be on alert. She pressed the gun close to her face before sliding towards the edge.

“You think you can outsmart us, huh?” Some man gruffed.

Sara peeked through the edge to see two men in black towering over some woman. Their backs were facing Sara. She heard the woman muffle before one of them shoved the woman against the wall and slapped her across the face.

“Let’s kill this bitch!” He said.

“No!” The other guy shook his head.


“Boss’s order. We can’t fuck it up.”

The first guy groaned before pulling out a gun.

“The fuck you think you’re doing, Jake? Put that down!”

“No, Kade. Let’s end this here. You don’t understand this bitch called her. She’s gonna ruin Boss’s plan. Do you think our boss will be pleased to hear that we let that bitch know about the ki-”

“Shut up, dumbass!” He hissed. “The walls have ears.”

“That’s why we need her dead.”

He pushed the gun against her head earning a groan from her. Kade scoffed.

“Let’s just grab the package and run.”

“I’m not the on to run!”

He looked at the woman who was a quivering mess. Tears trickled down her cheeks as sweat dribbled down her forehead. Jake’s fingers were about to pull the trigger when a gunshot made a hole through his head. Kade didn’t even get the chance to around when a bullet pierced through his neck.

Both men got down together with a loud thud before the squeaking woman. Her eyes bulged out watching her death angels lying on the floor. She looked up to find her savior tucking the gun back in her holster.

“S-Saravi...” her lips trembled when she spoke.

“The one and only.” Sara walked toward her.

The woman breathed in relief before slagging against the wall.

“Had you been a minute late...” She breathed before straightening up. “Anyways, I’m-”

“Sonia Ahsan, the junior spy of the organization. You need better training I see.”

Sonia looked away before speaking. “I was just caught off guard.”

“That’s no excuse!” Sara clenched her jaw.

Sonia couldn’t help but give her a cold look.

“Okay, I’m sorry I slacked off. Could you please put that boss act on hold for a sec and listen? I’m hanging on my life thread here, if you didn’t notice.”

Sara crossed her arms before raising her brows.

“What information do you have that got you almost killed?”

Sonia all but rolled her eyes before clearing her throat.

“I think it’s better if you see for yourself. It’s moonlit out there so the chances are better.”

“What chance-”


Sonia walk passed a frowning Sara. Sara shook her head before breathing out and follow Sonia.

“What the-”

“I know. It’s strange but this thing doomed me.”

Sara was looking at the tree which created a beautiful shadow with the help of the moonlight. It was the shadow of a flower that fire engulfed. Sara felt a prickling sensation on her back looking at the artwork on the ground. Legit, they both were different designs but the subject was the same and who knows, perhaps they conveyed the same message as well.

No! Mine is different.

“This makes no sense,” Sara muttered.

“I know. This is insane. I mean who builds a strange cave in the middle of the park and this-this cursed thing...” Sonia sighed.


Sonia paled at her words. She gulped before looking at her. Sara frowned at her behavior.

“I-I did something. I didn’t do it on purpose. I was just- Shit! This is not working.”

She breathed out before fixing her gaze on the tree. Sara noticed how Sonia never directly looked at the shadow on the ground. However, she didn’t push it.

“It was the night you visited the park.”

Sara perked up at her words. Sonia continued.

“You saw me there beside the lake. We talked, remember?”

Sara hummed. “You seemed a little too scared to let out a bone-chilling shriek. Yes, I do.”

Sara smirked at a red-faced Sonia.

“Y-Yeah, that night.” She cleared her throat. “Okay so, after you left I spotted a giant, hairy thing. It was the beast I assume. I tried to shoot him but he was fast, too fast. I ran after him and he led me to this underground cave.”

Sonia gulped at this point. But, continued.

“I-I looked at the silhouette there and...”

“And?” Sara furrowed her brows.

Sonia took a deep breath, clearly trying not to get into a frenzy mode.

“I-It’s cursed,” Sara’s frown only deepened. “I was lost in it within seconds just cuz I thought it was beautiful and then... I don’t know.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I was lost, okay? I just told you, didn’t I!”

Sara pressed her lips in a thin line.

“You look fine to me now.”

“I swear, I was like on high. It’s much worse than being on drugs!”

“Seems like speaking from experience.”

Sonia gave a stink eye to a smirking Sara.

“Anyway, next morning I woke up in the bushes and guess what, I had blood on my clothes.”

Sara stiffened. She could clearly remember the nightmare of that worker’s murder that night. Could Sonia be the one to kill him? There’s no proof she’s telling the truth as well.

“You killed him, didn’t you?”

Sonia paled a few shades more.

“I-I didn’t. Trust me. I don’t know what the heck happened. I was out of my sense. I- God! I hate this.” She took a deep breath. “Look, I know it seems like I did the murder but I didn’t. I swear, I didn’t!”

“But, you were unconscious, mentally I mean. You could do the murder and may not remember it.”

Sonia sighed. She looked like she was on the verge of tears.

“I did not kill him. I don’t know what happened to me after my mental black out but I don’t feel like I did something like that. I was framed!”

“How can you be so sure?”

Sonia came prepared for this question. “I’ve got proof.”

She opened her black leather bag and pulled something out that left Sara gasping.

"Operation Blacklist!”

“The one and only.”

“But how-”

“I’ll tell you. But, please let’s just leave. I’m not very fond of this place.” Sonia looked with a wary look in her eyes.

Sara wanted to argue but refrained seeing Sonia fidgeting. Her eyes wandered back to the silhouette art. She took a deep breath and muttered a soft “Beautiful.”

Sonia snapped her wide eyes back toward a cold looking Sara.

“The fuck do you think you’re doin’, woman! Why’d you say- Oh, God, we’re doomed! You stupid little-”

Sara snapped her eyes back toward Sonia. There was a blazing fire in her eyes.


Sonia was taken aback. “W-What why?”

“You lied, huh?”

“What the- Why would I lie? Wait! You ain’t feelin’ anything.” Her brows furrowed. “But, how?”

“Enough with the drama, Ms. Ahsan!”

“Wait, no, believe me. It worked on me-”

“Then, how am I different!”

“I don’t know, okay! Fuck!”

Sonia was literally in tears but Sara wasn’t going to have any shit.



Both women froze.

“Help, please! Somebody help me!”

It took a second for them to track that woman voice in the depth of the cave. Sara and Sonia dashed out of the room, blindly following the woman’s voice.

Soon they stumbled upon a dark, wet room. The smell of moss, fern and dropping rock filled in the small place. It was an indication that the lake was somewhere close there.

Sonia turned on mobile torch only to land it on the frail figure on the ground. Both women gasped looking at the mud-faced woman.


“Here, drink up. It’ll help,” Margaret pressed the spoonful of soup against her lips as Tina shook her head.

“No thanks,” She gave a sour look to the innocent bowl of soup before letting out a sigh.

Margaret was the next one to breathe out before looking at Sara who was standing beside the guestroom bed and giving Tina a cold look. Sonia made herself comfortable on the couch and watching everyone in the room.

“We need to fit and fine, Tina, so stop bothering us and swallow up the thing,” Sara’s voice was like the November wind.

Tina flinched at the harsh tone before letting out a soft sniff. Sonia couldn’t help but roll her eyes. Margaret was wary when she pressed the spoon against Tina’s lips again. Tina took a glance at everyone with her glossy eyes and finally opened her lips after half an hour of persuasion.

She took her time to finish the bowl before moving her head away. The doorbell rang allowing a stiff Margaret to flee from this room. There was a lot of tension there. She nodded at Sara before dashing out the door.

A few seconds later the door flew open with a rushing Arup entering the room. He took the first chance to throw his arms around his love and caressed her hair. Tina sniffed louden into hysteric sobs and again Sonia silently rolled her eyes.

Dramas and love birds!

For a second she thought Sara gave her an incredulous look before settling back into her cold stares.

“God, baby, you scared me. Are you okay?” Arup looked Tina over, searching for any possible sign of torture.

Tina only cried before throwing her arms around him. Her whole body trembling as she hung on to Arup’s shoulder for her dear life.

What irked Sara was what was Tina doing there at this time of night. It was obvious that Tina was abducted but why? Who would gain what from keeping her there?

“I’m so sorry, baby. I’m so sorry for leaving you like that.” Tina hiccuped in between her words as she removed herself from his arms.

She wiped her tears before cupping his tensed jaw. Arup was shaken by the whole thing. Who wouldn’t if they get a late-night call that his girlfriend was rescued from some shady cave in the middle of the night? He almost had a heart attack there.

“It’s alright, Sweet. I’m here. No need to panic anymore.” He wrapped his arms around him.

Sara gave them a few moments to themselves before clearing her throat. She got their attention soon enough.

“I know you are traumatized, Tina, but-”

“Please, Sara. Not now.” Arup was stern while softly rubbing her back.

Sara looked at Sonia who’s eyes glued to Tina. She looked to be observing something in Tina. Sonia met Sara’s eyes before nodding.

“Okay, Arup, as you wish. I won’t bother anymore.”

She left the room and walked out in the living room. She comforted herself in the softness of the cushions beside the fireplace. Sonia sat beside her after a few moments later. Sara was looking at the fireplace but her mind was far away.

“They were too much.”

Sara flinched slightly at her voice.

“He’s just a worried lover.” Sara’s voice was soft.

Sonia scoffed. “Yeah, she’s as innocent as a buttercup, clinging onto her boyfriend for sympathy. It was too overplayed.”

“Who are we to judge?”

“Of course, we need to judge. Especially, when the boyfriend is a tech head and girlfriend is a fiery colleague of his. She damn well shoots bulls-eye in the field but suddenly playing the damsel in distress is a topic to frown upon.”

Sara sighed. “She was kidnapped-”

“That’s the thing! Tina Rodriguez was kidnapped and instead of defending herself- Wait! Where’s the sign of struggle in her body?”

Sara frowned before looking at Sonia.

“You noticed too!”

Sonia smirked. “We were the only smarties back there.”

“Perhaps, we should double-check tomorrow.”

Sonia shook her head. “Nope! Now.”

Sara pressed her lips in a thin line.

“You saw Arup just now. He won’t allow anyone tonight.”

Sonia only huffed before crossing her arms. The silence stretched between them. It was surprisingly comfortable for two women.

“You were lying back then,” Sara spoke softly.

Sonia sighed and muttered about going back in the circle.

“I would risk my life, almost getting murdered by some shady people only to lie to you? How smart, Saravi Hussain!”

“You know more than you are letting on.” Sonia stiffened.

She was stunned at her observation.

“So, you believe me!”

Sara shook her head.

“Not until you give me valid reasons. How did you get that file anyway?”

Sonia was silent when Sara looked at her. Her eyes stretched beyond the dark tinted window in front of them. She looked lost. Sara frowned.

“It’s Prince.”

Sara stilled for a moment, letting the information sink in. Much to Sonia’s surprise, she let out a soft chuckle.

“Why any dramatic balloon didn’t burst? It’d make the declaration much more exciting!”

Sonia gave her a sour look.


“Anyways, continue.”

Sonia shook her head before clearing her throat.

“It was the morning of the worker’s murder. I woke up in a bushy part of the park all bloodied but not bruised. I left before anyone could find me and got back in my apartment. It was still dawn at that moment. An hour later I got a parcel which included a photo. And, guess what? It was a bloody me sneaking out of the park gate. Next, I got a call from some man asking me to steal Operation Blacklist from your office before you know. When I refused, he blackmailed me so...”

Sara sighed. She didn’t need a confirmation on who that ‘man’ was. She clearly remembered her conversation with Prince that morning. He was getting late for his first day at the office.

“How did you cracked the passcode?”

Sonia looked down, guilty. “I-I sneaked into the tech room first. All the passcodes are stored there with a backup. I just happen to be good at decoding.”

“I wonder why Arup didn’t find it out?”

“I am a professional spy, Saravi, even though a junior.”

Sara almost smiled when Sonia slip up with her name. It surprisingly didn’t disturb her when a stranger like Sonia called her first name. It seemed these trivial matters didn’t bother her anymore.

Since when?

“You broke the camera too,” She said calmly.

“I needed to come out clear.” Sonia shrank into the sofa. “I handed it to Prince when I came back to my apartment. He was standing outside my door with a smirk on his face. I was scared and... I know what I did was wrong but I couldn’t help but... I’m sorry.”

Sara let her words sink in. Now she was getting ahold of the game Prince played. It was him who blackmailed Sonia. It was him who submitted the file to Mr. Martin, her boss. It might have been him who gave police the access of the file as well. And, it was clear who helped him. The mighty Big Boss. He helped to frame Sara while still staying out of the trouble by resigning the very second day of his joining. It was a clever and a fool-proof plan Prince masterfully orchestrated. But, was he the head? Was he involved in her mother’s kidnapping too?

“Now, you’d tell me you helped to kidnap my mother too, right?”

Sonia stiffened and squirmed under the stone-cold eyes of Saravi Hussain. She lowered her head and took a long, deep breath before looking up.


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