The S Girl

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The Rogers

“Hello, am I talking to the Rogers Industries’s manager?”

“Yes, ma’am, how can I help you?”

“Well, I want to talk to Mr. Daniel Roger.”

“Do you have an appointment ma’am?”

“No, but...”

“Then, ma’am, I’m sorry. I can not let you talk to sir without a proper appointment.”

“Listen, I...”

“Try to understand, ma’am. He’s very busy with a meeting right now, and he has a tight schedule to maintain. Please, first make an appointment then maybe you can get talked to him.”

Other side remained quiet for few seconds before replying calmly,

“I’m from the R.A.G.E Organization, which is currently investigating your sir’s daughter’s murder case.”

“Ma’am! I was...”

“Tell him if he feels the need and gets some time from his super tight schedule, he can meet us at the El Toro restaurant 4:00 PM afternoon, sharp.”

“Ma’am, I’m so sorry, I didn’t...”

The connection got cut from the other side without completing the conversation.

“Oh shit! What have you done, you fool? Roger sir is going to kill me today.” Manager hit his head with his hand and quickly ran fast to the meeting room.

Sara looked at Arup after dropping the call.

“Let’s go, Arup. We have one hour left for the meeting.” She looked at her wristwatch.

“Hey, what exactly happened? Why were you so rude to him?” Arup asked.

“I wanted to, that’s why. Any problem? No? Good!” She replied with a cold voice and started to walk on her way, leaving a stunned Arup. He shook his head with a sigh before following her on her way.

Sara and her partner were sitting in the expensive restaurant and waiting for Mr. Roger. They took a private corner of the restaurant. Arup ordered for the food and Sara were playing with her wristwatch.

“Just one minute left,” Sara said.

“Are you serious, Sara? You think he’ll come leaving his critical meeting, sharp at 4:00 PM? I don’t believe so.”

“30 seconds.” She counted.

“You are crazy, woman.” Arup choked on her.

“22 seconds.”

“Okay, let’s make a bet, if he comes on time, I’ll pay the bills and if not, you, deal?” Arup arched his brows playfully.

“3...2... and...”

They both saw a well-suited man rushing toward them. The man came to their table and stopped. He was breathing heavily. Sara flashed Arup a winning wink.

“Hello,” He was still breathing tight.

Then he took his seat in front of them. Sara grabbed him a glass of water. The man drank it fully and then leaned back in the chair, leaving the glass on the table. He seemed relaxed now. Sara started the conversation,

“I’ll have to praise of your punctuality, Mr. Roger. Sharp at the time, I like it.” Sara smiled at him.

“I apologize for my manager’s behavior Miss...”

“Saravi, Saravi Hussain.”

“And I’m Arup Roy.” Arup greeted him with Namaste gesture.

Mr. Roger welcomed back the same.

Sara said, “I hope you didn’t have any trouble with the reservation, Mr. Roger?”

“Not at all, Ms. Hussain. The reservation was under your organization name so it was easy to find you both.”

“That’s good to hear. Anyways, so let’s come to point. I want to know what exactly happened from the first on that night of 14th June and about Anita herself too”.

“Sure. I’ll try my best.” Mr. Roger cleared his throat and said very calmly,

“Anita, Anita Roger, she was the only daughter of me and Suzan Roger, my wife. Suzan was a medical person at Green Life City Hospital. She was one of the brilliant doctors in psychology at that time. But her life didn’t last long with Anita. Suzan died in an accident when Anita was only four years old child. It was her birthday, and we went to a forest near Chittagong to celebrate her special day.

We went to Bhatiary. We made a beautiful green tent there in the green jungle environment. We celebrated Anita’s birthday by cutting a green cake. It was delicious. Suzan and Anita liked it very much though I hate pineapple flavor. Huh, that was the best night of my life, and it forever will be.” Mr. Roger said the last words very absently, but he continued soon.

“We stayed in the forest for one night. Next day, we left the place. I was driving, and Suzan was sitting beside me. Anita was sitting behind in our car. We were crossing the forest bridge near a lake, and then I break failed the car, and I tried to control it, but we fell in that lake. We were sinking slowly into the water. I had to do something very quickly.

I opened my seat belt somehow and got out of the car. That moment we already went under the water, and the water was full of crocodiles, so I had to hurry before their arrival to our car for fresh human flesh. I went back to the car and quickly took Anita out of the car. She was already senseless. I took her in my one arm and swam harder to the lake shore. Then, I laid her down on the grass.

When I turned back to save Suzan, it was too late. Crocodiles covered the whole car, and then I saw red blood flow in the water. I even had no time to mourn for her. I had to take away Anita from there and admitted her to the nearby hospital. As long as I can remember, the name of the hospital was something like Bhatiary Memorial Hospital. Well, I saved Anita that day, but lost her mother, forever.” Mr. Roger remained silent for some moment. With him, Sara and Arup also kept the silence.

Then, Sara said,

“So, that was Anita’s mother’s painful death. Did it mentally affect Anita somehow?” Arup asked.

Mr. Roger wiped his tears and said,

“No, literally, she never missed her mother or ever liked to talk about her or that trip. I don’t know why. Anita grew up all alone being lonely. She had not too many friends to accompany her or talk to except Lucy, Lucy Avasti. She was her only friend whom she felt safer and freer. Well, Lucy has another identity. She works as my personal secretary in the office. However, I sent Anita to the best boarding school in the country, let her complete the higher studies by sending her abroad.

She recently had completed her course of psychologist’s training in the USA. She wanted to be like her mother. I was with her at every step of life. I never let her feel the emptiness of her mother. But somehow I failed to be her closer, and Lucy won here. Lucy has been her best friend since her childhood. She used to share her feelings with her most of the time; sometimes she was very close to her than me. Anyways, let’s come to the 14th of June.” Coming at this point of talking, he stopped for a while and took a deep breath. Then he started,

“Well, that day was Anita’s friend Lucy’s birthday. They had a plan for the late night stay at Lucy’s place. I didn’t believe in the beastly or supernatural rumor running around the city. I thought that this is just happening to the poor and unknown girls. So my daughter won’t have to fear for these serial killer issues. So, I let her go to the party. Anita went there in the evening. She was wearing a black gown for the night, and she was looking gorgeous.

After reaching the party, she called me three times there letting me informed about her presence since she believed that the beast might attack her I don’t know why. Then it became late night, and I started to worry. Her last call was around 11:00 PM. She said she was coming home and then her phone was switched off. She was crying very bitterly. Her voice was so wet and sad. I was anxious for her. It was getting 1:00 AM of the night.

Then, we went out and started to look for her. We called the police. They searched the whole Gulshan area and then... then her body... that was laid near the park gate. The beautiful body of my daughter was looking so horrible, oh God! The beast killed my daughter so viciously. If he were in front of me now, I’d have killed him with more brutality, with more sufferings.” Mr. Roger sounded very cold while his eyes started to become red in anger and tears remained frozen in the corner of his eyes.

“Um, sorry to interrupt you, Mr. Roger, but did she told you something about her thinking of the beast attack. Didn’t you ask why she was so scared?” Sara asked.

Mr. Roger calmed himself and thought something for a moment and then said,

“Nope, she didn’t talk about it until that night, and I was worried to hear her crying voice so much that I forgot to ask.”

“What did she told you on her last call?”

“She said that she wanted to come home early, as soon as possible and she will not stay there anymore. That’s all, and the call was disconnected.”

“Where were you all the time that evening?” Sara asked.

“I was at my apartment for the whole time. I’ve cleared out my meetings early and postponed some others so that I could spend some time with my daughter, but when I came back, she said that she’s going to Lucy’s birthday party. That’s why I let her go and stayed at home through the night,” He said calmly.

“Did she have any vision problem like seeing something strange and weird?” Arup asked suddenly.

Mr. Roger gave him a surprised look as if he heard a strange question.

“No way, she was completely okay. She never had any hallucination problem. She didn’t see anything. Wait, what are you exactly suspecting? What she should see?”

“Something or someone very weird or unknown like having a supernatural vision?” Arup said alertly.

“Huh! Nonsense! I don’t think so. The supernatural is just a myth. There is no real existence. You could say it might be a strange beast that does these murders. That one who took my beloved princess from me.”

“You believe that it’s a strange, awkward beast yet you don’t want to accept it supernatural, right? That’s funny, Mister.” Arup said mockingly.

Mr. Roger narrowed his eyes.

“Supernatural things don’t exist, okay? I don’t believe them. They are just something that is suitable for a kid’s bedtime horror or fantasy story,” He said in a cold voice.

“Well, let me remind you two that we are not here for a debate on the supernatural subject. Let’s keep your personal opinion about this remain hidden inside yourselves for the moment, will you?” Sara said roughly.

Arup and Mr. Roger looked away from each other. Sara ignored them and went back to Mr. Roger,

“Okay, Mr. Roger, can you give the address of Lucy?”

“Yeah, sure. Lucy lives at Gulshan-2. I also have her contact number. Here it is.” Mr. Roger put out his phone and gave them the contact.

“Thank you very much, Mr. Roger. This would be helpful for us. We may contact you again if we need to. I hope, we won’t disturb you at that time.”

“No need to worry, Ms. Hussain. My manager or anyone will never interrupt you again. You can call me anytime you want.”

“Alright then, see you, Mr. Roger. It was nice to meet you.” Sara stood up with Arup.

Mr. Roger also held with them and shook hands with them. Then quickly went away.

“This man is really strange, Sara.”

“Yeah, I saw you didn’t like him.”

“I’m not saying this because of that argument we had, but I felt some weirdness in him. That’s bothering me much.”

“We’ll see what’s wrong with him. Oh, by the way, Arup, what about the bet?” Sara looked at Arup with a mischievous smile.

“What? Hey, look, that was just a joke, Sara. Nothing serious,” Arup said.

Sara was still looking at him with that same smile.

“Come on, Sara. That was a simple bet, girl!” Arup continued.

“The bills, Arup?” She asked.

“No way, this is so cruel,” He sounded very helpless.

“And, I’m Cruella de Vil. So...” Sara’s smile turned into a wicked sarcasm.

“Argh, okay, fine. I’m paying, alright?”

“Now, that’s like a good boy. Excellent, Arup.”

“Huh! Even my girl Tina doesn’t torture me like this.”

“And, that’s why I’m not your girl, my dear, your girl friend.” Sara started to laugh.

Sara was about to leave the table, but suddenly, Arup grabbed her shoulder. She turned to him. Then, Arup pointed his finger at the thing resting on the table. It was Mr. Roger’s mobile phone.

Sara was driving her Blue Toyota car on the way to her home. She was thinking about the whole day she met with the people and their statements. Especially, the meeting with Daniel Roger. One thing she noticed about him. When they were interrogating him, she saw a strange cold feeling hidden inside him. Not that she wanted him to cry so helplessly like Melina’s mother, but something was bothering her from the inside. Sara tried to read his mind secretly, but couldn’t get much help from that as he wasn’t speaking anything inside.

“Why he felt too strange to me at that moment?” Sara muttered to herself.

“Was it normal for him to react like that after losing his only daughter? It should be. Maybe I’m overthinking, or it is... Ah, come on Sara he has lost his daughter. So, the silence, the coldness is very typical. Nothing to worry so hard about that. Just throw it away from your brain store. Well, that phone could be a useful element for us... hmm. Tomorrow I’ll go to the office and first thing will be checking that phone out. That would help much in the investigation. But what about Melina and that madman? Did Melina have any hallucination problem? Was she sick or it might be...” Sara’s eyes widened as she faced a man suddenly popped up in front of her car.

Sara pushed hard the break very quickly but couldn’t save him from the car hit. Gladly, it was a minor hit. But that man fell down on the ground. Sara got out of her car and grabbed him, slowly making him stand up on his feet.

“Are you okay?” Sara asked while leaning him on the side of the car.

“Yeah, but you are not,” The man said in a weak voice.

“I’m sorry, what?” Sara got surprised.

“Danger is coming toward you, be prepared for it.” The man started to laugh suddenly.

“What are you talking?”

“I’m saying clearly. You listen to me, okay?” He grabbed her shoulder and started to shake it continuously.

“You’ll die, and I’ll die, and he’ll die, and she’ll die, and all of us will die.” He was laughing like some crazy mad person.

Sara managed to set herself free forcefully from that guy and stepped back. That man pushed her aside and started to run in the middle of the silent highway, very aggressively. Then, a sudden thing happened which didn’t give Sara a single moment to prepare herself. A car came from Sara’s back road and then quite intentionally ran through the middle road with high speed. It was following the man.

The car then hit him hard and with such force, that it almost made that man fly high in the middle air. He rolled two times in the air before dropping down with a cracked skull and bone cracking sound. Soon his body was filled with blood, and his yellow brain was out of his body through his hair and head. The body was laid there in a contorted position. There was a big puddle of blood on the road. The whole thing happened in less than two minutes. It was quick, intense, and a planned murder.

After looking at the dead body, Sara looked at the way where the car went. But what she saw was an empty, dark highway ahead of her. The car that hit that man just disappeared from the 2 kilometers long straight road in just 2 minutes.

“What a killer car! But, how can it disappear so fast like this, strange!” She said while looking at the highway.

Sara then looked back where the dead body was. She gasped with surprise and discovered that there wasn’t any kind of body of that man, nothing. Even those bloodstains and the brain liquid just vanished in the air. As if, someone just cleaned the road very smoothly like no accident ever happened there. More surprising was, there was a black crow which flew away from there, where the man lied few moments before and soon mixed it into the dark woods. It wasn’t there during the whole incident. It seemed like it came from nowhere but suddenly placed in an unsuitable place.

“What the hell just happened!” Sara whispered in the air, surprised and confused.

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