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Sudden Attack

‘The one who knows how to believe in himself, the one who can be bloodthirsty like Vampire for success and determined like Mount Everest to fulfill his goals can bring the impossible to life. Life only grants them the highest value on this earth. The lazy remains weak even when in wealth, the takers become beggars and hopeless ones collapse on the ground. Keep hoping, keep going, keep running and keep fighting. That’s all you have to do.’

“This is the slogan of my life. I know how to use those words in real situations,” Said Officer Ronal Johns, chief inspector at the Dhaka Metropolitan Police Station, Gulshan Branch.

“Wow! That’s pretty deep thinking. Must have to say, officer, I share the same belief about life.” Said Saravi Hussain.

“Glad to hear that, Ms. Hussain. By the way, you wanted to see that drug dealer. May I know why?” Officer put his hand on the table.

Sara was leaning back in the chair. Hearing the officer, she straightened her posture.

“I want to see him because of some case purpose. I want to meet him now if the visiting hour is still available,” Sara said with a smile.

She knew very well that it was just 6:00 AM in the morning and visiting hours needed two more hours to start.

“Well, Ms. Hussain, if your need is a case emergency, then I can allow it, but I hope you’ll remember about the timetable, ma’am. After all, it’s a police station, and we can’t give you extra facilities no matter if you are from the higher level investigating organization,” He said calmly.

“I’ll never take more than ten minutes.” Sara gave him her sarcastic touch of the smile. Then she stood up and went inside.

The officer looked at her until she got completely disappeared into the corridors. He let out a sigh. Then went back to his desk job.

“Hey, you. Get up. It’s morning!” A police constable called him.

He remained laying on the floor, pretending he didn’t hear anything, even though he was completely awake. But it seemed that his acting or ignorance wasn’t going to buzz away from the constable so quickly.

“Come on wake up your shit, bastard. Are you thinking this is your hotel and you are waiting for your hotties to wake you up?” He yelled at him.

He opened his eyes slightly and rubbed them, but didn’t get up from the floor. Then he said in his former ruler voice,

“Who the hell are you to call me shit, huh? Have you forgotten who I am? It’s me, idiot, me, the Big Boss. It’s me who can tear you apart into pieces just one sign of fingertips. It’s me who can rule the world alone. I’m the king, I’m the ruler, and you are messing with me? How dare you!” He said in a loud voice

The constable choked on him.

“Who? King, Ruler? What’s next, Rustam? A big loser, you fat dumb? Oh my God,” He laughed as he said, “You know, you’d surely do success in writing fantasies. Oh well, let me give you a small piece of advice. Start the writing career in this prison. Because from now on you will have to spend a long life here so boredom may kill you. It’s a matter of sad that your beloved hotties won’t be here to give you company anymore.” Constable kept laughing.

Big Boss aka Rustam, threw a spit at him in reply. He got up and leaned back on the wall.

“Huh, hotties! One hottie got me into this hell; now I will want another? I’m not that thirsty for girls. Not after that bitch anymore.” He threw a spit for another time.

But this time on his right wall. He was undoubtedly imagining her bitter smile and cursing her from all his might. That moment, constable saw someone’s shadow on the floor. He became alert and looked behind. Then saw a young woman coming toward him. He already knew her, so he let her pass. She greeted him with a smile. The constable went to the jail door. He unlocked and opened it for her. Then he went away. Rustam was facing on the right, so he didn’t see her coming inside and probably wasn’t even aware of her presence as he was thinking something deeply with the angry expression on his face. She went near to him.

“How are you, Rustam?” She said calmly.

It seemed like, Rustam had a thousand voltages of electric shock when he heard that voice. The voice which he hated with all his strength. He looked at her feet first, then his eyes slowly went upward and stopped on her face, her smiling face. The most sarcastic, most burning smile in the world. That face, who defeated him for the first time in the whole world. She did not only beat him but also his pride, his reputation. That sarcasm, that smile has destroyed his business and his life. He couldn’t find any word to start with his uncontrollable anger, only hissed in three words,

“Who are you?” He was trembling like a hysteria patient.

“I’m the... entertainer, remember?” Rustam had a flashback of that day suddenly.

“Such a silly question, Rustam! Wasn’t really expecting that from you,” She said while smiling.

Rustam came back to reality from his flashback hearing her. Sara continued,

“You should know by now who I am and what I can do, right?” She said as if she was convincing a little kid.

“I’ll kill you, Bi... Ahh... Oh, God!” Rustam was trying to stand up quickly, but screamed out in back pain and collapsed hard on the ground.

“Slow down, Rustam. Why so hurry? And, I think it’s time for you to control your weight. It’s getting worse, I see.”

“Why are you here, Bitch? What do you want to take now?” Rustam seemed calmed down a bit.

“Yes, you are right. I want to take something. But it’s just some little information that I need from you.”

“Information? What information? I won’t give you any information about anything. Get the hell outta here, now!” He yelled.

“The information about the Gulshan Lake Park, Rustam. That’s what I need,” Sara said in a serious voice.

Rustam looked at her, undoubtedly surprised.

“What I’ll know about a crappy old park you think? I deal with underworld business, not with parks.” He looked away.

Sara sat down next to him on the ground and looked at him. Then said,

“But you’ll need a quiet park to hide or kidnap someone, right? Besides, a quiet park will come in very handy when doing secret dark jobs. Come on Rustam; I know you had a business with that particular park. Now, will you tell me everything in detail correctly or...”

Rustam looked at her.

“Or what? What the hell you’ll do, huh?” He yelled again.

“Or... I’ll go outside and tell people that...” She played with words.

“That what?”

“That... You were involved in the Gulshan Lake Park scene, and the serial killer is none other than the famous Rustam Kamal, once who was a Big Boss and a big man. And you know what, everyone is going to believe me because everyone is curious to see that killer’s face. In this case, if I tell everyone that you killed all of the girls very brutally then you know what will happen? This time, if the court punishes for the lifetime jail, after hearing that you’re the real serial killer, then they’ll punish you to death, Rustam. Now tell me, which choice is better for you? Telling me everything or choosing death like a brave?” Sara looked into his eyes and noticed a hesitation there.

Sara knew, whatever Rustam would say that’d go in her favor because as long as she had known him, Rustam could do anything to save his life. So, he wouldn’t want to get a death sentence for him, at any cost. Hopefully, Sara didn’t need to wait much. Rustam got baited well by her.

“Okay... I’ll tell everything.”

“Ahah, you are really great, Rustam. Now tell me, why you needed to go to that park?”

Rustam looked at her with an annoyed glance. Then he started,

“I had an operation in the Gulshan Lake Park on February 30th. I took a five-year-old boy there. I kidnapped him from a wealthy man. He has a big business of diamonds. I don’t know his name. My boys knew him. So, one day, at the early midnight time my boys kidnapped his kid, and we took him to the Gulshan Lake Park. It was a calm and quiet park to hide someone very easily.

We took the chance and the boys managed to tie him well with a tree. Then, some hours later a strange sound came from near the tree. Boys told that it was a cry of a little girl. They went near the tree but only saw that boy who was tied to the tree. He was unconscious because they gave him the dose of chloroform. But they found no source for the sound, and it was increasing slowly. Then they went to the lake and then someone or something took one of my boys in the water. He never returned.

They haven’t seen the face of that thing. Then, they had split up into teams and searched for the thing. Unfortunately, one by one started to disappear strangely. Those who got disappeared didn’t come back again. Though the leftovers returned, they became traumatized for an unknown reason. After that, that little boy also got vanished from that place suddenly. Nobody saw him again, nor knows who wanted him and took away.” Rustam stopped.

Sara took some seconds to digest the information. Then she said,

“Okay, well, thanks for the information, Rustam. Have a beautiful day.” Sara stood up and walked to leave.

“Wait! How do you know about the operation?” Rustam said from behind.

Sara stopped at the door and looked behind.

“Did you lose a file from that hotel building?”

Rustam gasped in surprise.

“You stole my Operation Blacklist!”

Sara didn’t say anything but only gave a sarcastic smile before leaving. It was enough to burn Rustam for the rest of his life.

Sara went outside the police station. There was much time yet in the office, so she decided to take a walk to the nearest park. Sara was walking in the park beside a small pond. The environment was calm for morning refreshment. Sara stopped for the moment and closed her eyes. She took a deep breath to let the mesmerizing feel complete her. The gentle breeze was very soothing for her. It was touching Sara’s hair softly and then passing through her body. The rising sun was telling the nature to wake up for a new day, with its warm, soft and gentle heat. The green nature was slowly turning into golden with the touch of sunlight. The sound of water waves, chirping birds, murmurs of leaves, whispering air reached deep inside of her heart. It touched her nature-loving spirit, a beautiful side of her complex character.

The hard, challenging and strange life of hers used to become calm, refreshed and blossomed like a new flower when she was by nature. It gave her a different power, a different energy to fight for the worse of the world. It was as if, she turned into someone unique from an average girl.

Sara opened her eyes slowly. She was feeling calm, relaxed and refreshed just like the beautiful morning. Then she looked at the park. A few people were also present in the whole natural scene. Some were sleeping on benches, and others were jogging, doing the morning walk or gossiping with each other. A beautiful park scenery.

In one corner, out of Sara’s eyesight, someone was sitting under a large tree. He was wearing a black mask and a black t-shirt. His eyes were only looking at her, better say more about her movement. Sara started to walk forward, following a single and lonely side of the park. That man followed her silently. Now they were walking, accompanied by nature with no human anywhere. Sara took a right turn to a large pine tree and passed it. The man went there. He brought out a sharp knife from his blade holder while walking, but kept it hidden under his shirt. When he reached beside the tree, he saw no one. She got disappeared from there.

“Argh, missed!” He hit the tree with his hand.

“Who you missed, Mister?” A curious voice asked from his behind suddenly.

He grabbed his knife tightly and prepared himself to stab her. When he was about to turn, a steady hand punched his face and took away his knife forcefully. That punch made him imbalanced for a few seconds, but soon he got back to his position and tried to get back his knife. But the other person didn’t want to give him a chance to move. She tightened her grip on the blade with her hand. Both of them tried hard with that knife. She scratched him in his cheek with the knife and pushed him back. Then kicked his abdomen so hard that he roughly collided with a tree. The man got a hit on his head. Sara was breathing heavily, looking at him intensely while holding the knife. He touched his head back and found it bleeding. Then he spoke out with a humorless laugh,

“Like it rough, Darling?”

“Tell me what made you interested in a knife to kill me?” She said in a calm voice, ignoring him.

The man looked at with his black, darkened eyes, now pissed off. Suddenly, he started to laugh again. Sara raised her brows. She didn’t get what was so funny she said.

“I don’t answer women. I just do my business, and right now, my job is to kill you. So, be prepared,” He said roughly.

He didn’t wait for her reply. He quickly ran to her and before Sara could do anything he kicked her in her left thigh. As a result, she gasped in thick pain, and the tightness of her hand got loosened a bit. The man took the chance and snatched the knife. But he didn’t let his opponent go. He attempted a stab in her neck, again. Sara swiftly dodged on her left. Her swift movement helped her to avoid the attack, but couldn’t save herself from a rather deep scratch. He scratched near her neck, just below the scratch she received at the prostitution hotel.

The girl tried to hit him with the right leg, but he swiftly flipped on the right and saved himself. Then he came back running to her and attempted to stab her again. Sara performed a quick back slip stunt which also hit that man’s face, making him stumble a few steps backward. Sara smirked.

“Oh, so weak!” She muttered in a pitying voice, loud enough to provoke him.

She wanted him furious. It was a dangerous attempt but she wanted him to get wild and attack her. She had a plan in her head. The man, as got provoked successfully, attempted to kill her again. This time with full force, he approached her with his aggressive position of attack. He growled when he was near Sara. Sara stood still and counted his every movement. When the man came more close to her, he raised his hand with the knife and attempted to stab her once again. But Sara grabbed his wrist vigorously. With another hand, she grasped his hair and violently twisted his neck making him scream wild.

She succeeded in her plan of seeing him in pain. This was quite an unnatural act of her during fighting with a complete stranger. But something in her senses told her that this unknown killer was somehow essential for her. So she decided to push his button more.

Sara was going to punch him to finalize the stunt, but couldn’t. Despite the unbearable pain, he lifted up his other hand and grabbed her arm with his fist and twisted it back harshly. Now it was her time to endure the bone twisting pain. But somehow she felt proud in spite of being in that awkward situation. At least she didn’t scream nor gasp to show she was hurt. The man pulled her to him while the girl forced to set herself free, but couldn’t succeed because of his supreme strength. He quickly placed the knife near her throat, stopping her movements. He brought his lips near her ear and whispered in grungy tone.

“Count on your death, Lady. Because you are not granted for your life anymore.”

Sara didn’t reply him nor showed any kind of protest to his words. It was as if she suddenly turned herself into cold ice from burning fire. She wanted to hear him more. As insane as that sounded because no one in her right mind would willingly like to stay in her enemy’s arm. But she needed to hear his toxic voice in order to gain even the slightest hint of information.

That man then slowly took the knife from her throat to her lower lips and then scratched it hard. Sara’s lower lips started to bleed. The man gently took a drop of blood and showed to her. He again whispered in her ear,

“Blood of your beautiful lips. What an exciting sight to see, isn’t it, Saravi? Next, you’ll be seeing the blood of your whole body organs, and I promise, you’ll hate that scenery with your life.”

He started to laugh hysterically while still holding her arms with a strong grasp.

Sara’s lips were hurting in pain, but she didn’t spare him for the next words this time,

“Oh, yeah, the all-holy, sacred body organs of women! How much does the red flesh mesmerize you?”

The man let out a dry chuckle in her ear.

“More than you can ever imagine, but I’d more love to see yours, you know? I want to feed them to my dearest, ever hungry pets. They’ll enjoy you.”

Sara returned his smile with her pained one. She spoke her last word very slowly,

“Alright then... Earn your reward.”

Sara closed her eyes.

The man slowly took his knife to her neck and prepared it for the final attack. When he’s about to cut her throat and tear it apart, he felt a sudden and intense pain in his left leg. A strong foot just contacted his knee very hard with all her energy. He couldn’t help but scream hard. The lady didn’t forget to take the chance. She freed her hands in the process and elbowed him in his lower abdomen. Sara turned around and twisted his hand to let the knife go. Then, after the final round of vigorous kicks and punches, she made him taste the dust. He was now lying on the ground, seemingly tired.

“But still not less enthusiastic about the fight,” Sara added that in her mind.

He was trying to stand up when Sara looked at the knife and noticed the snake symbol. She gasped at the realization of her sudden discovery.

“Black Venom!” Sara muttered.

Sara finally found the connection between him and her. Her eyes sparked with sudden rage. But that lasted just for the mere second. Next, she started to step back. She needed to leave the place as quickly as possible. Even though she wanted to stay and interrogate him, However, Sara’s alertness won over her curious mind. She turned around and ran through the trees. The man soon overcame the pain. After standing up, he followed her. They ran for quite a few moments. But the intensity of their speed reached the park’s boundary wall. Sara stopped and looked for the way out, but it seemed a hopeless attempt because there were tall, thick shrubberies on both sides of her and in front of her was the boundary wall and on the back was her enemy.

The man was stopped seeing her standing. Then he smiled wickedly and slowly started to walk to her. Sara turned back and saw him coming. She saw him coming to punch in her face. Sara clenched her fist and prepared her knife for the attack. The man ran to her, she used the knife to shield herself. It seemed that the knife didn’t scare away the black macho. He again tried to snatch that knife from her, but Sara was also alert and determined not to repeat the same mistake. She touched the sharp edge of the knife and took a deep breath. This was it. It was time to stop him. She knew it’d be a very risky step, however, it was now or never.

The man came near to her and when he was about to grab the knife Sara prepared herself and then very swiftly lowered the knife and made it run through her enemy’s stomach, creating a large gash defining his lower and upper part. It was clear that the knife went through deep in his rock-hard belly muscle while making the split line. The attempt was quite intensive and painful, but also effective.

The attack, however, made him stop on his motion. He touched his wound and looked at her through his mask. Sara took the chance to reveal his face. She ran to him and snatched his mask violently. The face came in front of her was unknown and young. The face was smiling at her with his painful yet empty gesture. That face had many scars and bruise. Most of them looked are recent, but not because of today’s confrontation for sure.

“Who are you?” Sara asked.

She was strangely calm and quiet. Sara didn’t want to expose his secret to him, just yet.

The man choked in reply and looked away. His choking smile was increasing with Sara’s rage and anger, but she decided to stay calm as long as possible.

“Oh, did I humor you? I didn’t know asking someone’s identity would make anyone laugh,” She said roughly.

The man was laughing harder,

“You want to know who I am? Well, then let me tell you who I am. I’m the one you are searching for a clue. I’m the only existing evidence,” He said while still laughing.

“Really? Well, why not just reveal your name, then, Mr. Living Clue,” Sara said sarcastically.

“You know my name, Saravi Hussain. You know me. I’m the one and only Niraj Kumar you are searching for,” He returned his bitter smile while replying.

It was a strange surprise for Sara. She couldn’t believe how she couldn’t recognize Niraj’s face even after seeing him in the photo. Although, that man seemed in the middle of 20 or near that age. But Niraj looked way younger than him. Nowhere, he could match with the Niraj Sara saw.

“Would you stop lying and go for the truth, Man!” Sara said roughly. Her patience was starting to crack.

Niraj or whoever he really was, volumed up his laughter as if he heard a crazy joke.

“You know what? Women... are always the foulest creatures ever made by nature.”

Niraj didn’t give Sara a chance to reply. Despite his painful injury he moved like a leopard and snatched the knife successfully. Sara didn’t stop him this time, although she was ready for any kind of incident. She wanted to test his limits. She wanted to see how far he could go with his injured self at that moment. Next, without any hesitation, he placed the knife on his neck. Then he said his last words,

“Your death is coming for you, Saravi Hussain. Save yourself if you can.”

Sara widened her eyes. Not because of his words but because of the strange psychotic determination he had in his eyes. Sara moved with her quickest reflex to stop him. He, on the other side, started to laugh like a madman and before Sara could get him, the knife already made its way through his neck as if it was slicing some butter. So easy, so fluent. Even the professionals of the professionals couldn’t do it like him. The blood flow came out of his body, but his gurgling laughter didn’t stop.

Soon, he collapsed on the ground with blood all around. He was still smiling when lying on the ground and slowly falling to his death. He closed his eyes with his smiley, bruised, and scary face. A few moments later he died keeping his smile on him. Sara watched the scenery silently, observing every detail of it. Her face was expressionless. No expression could suit the accident that just happened. Nothing could describe the feeling of seeing a man who just committed suicide with a white lie and a happy expression on the face. She wiped her blood from the lip, then, slowly walked away from the place.

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