The S Girl

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The Newcomer

Arup was working on his computer at the office. Someone knocked on his door.

“Come in,” He said.

Then he saw Sara entering the room. He got surprised to see her bruised and bandaged. He stood up from the chair immediately.

“What happened to you, Sara? How you got hurt?”

Sara seemed didn’t hear him.

“Did you check the phone?” She said in reply.

“Sara, first, tell me what happened!”

“The phone, Arup. Did you check it?” Sara said with calm voice.

“Yes, I did. But I won’t give you any information until you tell me everything,” Arup said roughly.

“Arup, nothing happened to me. It was… just an accident. That’s all.” She said calmly.

“I know how an accident happens with this kind of bruise on a body. With whom did you fight with exactly, huh?”

“The less you’ll know the better, okay! I don’t want you to involve in this case so much. There’s a limitation we must maintain in the office” Sara snapped him harshly. “Now give me the information, quick.”

“I’m already involved in it, Sara. So, every single incident and details are important for me to know!” Arup snapped back.

“No, it’s not and I don’t want to argue about it further. Right now, give me what I want!” She said in a demanding voice.

Arup sighed and turned back to the desk where he kept the call records and information. He knew when Sara doesn’t want to say anything she’ll never say it. No matter what happens to her. Arup also knew why she didn’t want to involve him too much in this serial murder case. Somehow she has sensed the danger and trying to keep him safe from that. But Sara had no idea how much Arup was determined and what he would do next.

“Here, all the call records and stuff you needed.” Arup gave the files to her.

Sara took them and looked at the call records. Arup cleared his throat.

“Well, I’ve found an interesting thing in the records,” He said.

Sara looked up at Arup, curious.


“Remember Mr. Roger said that his daughter called him three times at the party?”

“Yeah. So?”

“So, the call records say that Anita called her four times at the party and the last call was a missed call. Hopefully, Mr. Roger intentionally cut the last call and then deleted it because I just restored it from the call lists by encrypting the deleted call data.” Arup stopped to see Sara’s expression.

Sara’s eyes widened in surprise. “You mean he damn lied to us?”

“Not only that, Mr. Roger skipped the part of talking with Lucy in the party.”

Sara furrowed her brows.

“The time Mr. Roger sent a call to Lucy was just half an hour later Anita gets out of the party. Now the question is why did he hide these matters from us?”

“There’s something seriously wrong, Arup,” Sara said.

“We should go to Lucy for the interrogation.”

“No! I should be going. You stay here.” Sara quickly turned to leave.

A sound of door knocking came from outside. A male voice said,

“May I come in, sir?”

“Come in,” Arup said.

Arup and Sara saw an office service entering the room.

“Mr. Morton has told all the employees to come to the conference hall immediately.”

“Why so urgent?” Sara said to herself.

“Okay, you may leave now,” Arup said.

The man left the room. Sara and Arup exchanged looks before heading to the conference hall.

The meeting room was filled with crowds of people. Everyone came here to see why their foreign leader called them. They were whispering to each other and tried to guess the real reason, but couldn’t come to any final decision. Arup and Sara were also sitting one corner. They were also eager to see what their boss brings with him. Although, Sara was less interested than Arup. She was thinking more about the murder case at the moment. But Arup was enjoying the whole environment very much.

“Guess what, we are having a grand wedding reception of our new boss, and that’s why he called us.” Arup laughed low at his statement.

“Temporary boss! And, he’s already married for good old decades. So, why a person like him would throw a reception after a long-term of married life here, in a foreign country? Think something logical Arup!” She said in an annoyed voice.

“Ah, come on, that was just a joke, girl. I’m sure a grand surprise is waiting for us.”

“Argh! you know? All I just need is this drama to be finished off soon and get to Lucy,” She said in annoyance.

Arup ignored her ignorance and gave attention to their new boss’s arrival. But they didn’t have to wait for long. James Morton arrived soon with his smiling face. With his prideful attitude, and confident strides he was looking like a leader of a political party instead of an organization leader. He came in the center of the conference hall so that everyone could see him. But he didn’t come alone. Someone else also joined him in his next. The face was new to everyone.

A well-suited man was standing in front of them. He was good-looking for Sara but breathtakingly handsome to others. He, indeed, was a vision to watch. He had all those quality of a charming man should have. He was tall with a presumably well-built body, hiding under his denim blue business suit. He had that absolute drool-worthy face. He looked like he was in his late twenties.

He was wearing a charming smile that crushed almost all the woman employees on the spot. It’s needless to say that he made a quick impression on the audience with his look. Girls were drooling, but he also gained admiration from the boys. But Sara didn’t fall for that charming smile like others. Her commentary was average for him. When the entry took place successfully, James Morton opened his mouth for the first time.

“Good morning, everyone. Today, I called you for a special introduction to our newcomer. His name is Mr. Prince Rahman. From today he’ll work here as the lead detective in the organization.”

“What? This showpiece? Amazing!” Sara whispered to herself sarcastically.

“Watch out who you are talking about. He’s the hero of our show,” Arup said with a smirk. He heard her whispering.

Sara looked away with an ignorance snort. James continued,

“You will be surprised to know how much experienced and qualified he is. This young man has mastered in most severe, most dangerous cases across the world where many detectives and spies lost their hope. Some of you may have heard him, some of you don’t, but I can tell you will be fascinated by his skills.”

“Really! Skills on charming women right on the spot? He is a master then.” Sara muttered sarcastically.

“As you all know, currently we are handling the most complicated case of the recent time. The mission of finding the brutal serial killer who killed three young women already and possibly he has intentions to kill further, but we have to stop him now. For that, we need to identify him as soon as possible, and our new head detective will lead the mission. I want every involved employee to cooperate him cordially in this task, and I hope you’ll do that with your full interest.” He stopped for the moment at this point and looked at Prince.

“You aren’t doing this, Morton. You. Are. Not!” Sara thought, slowly shaking her head.

She was beyond pissed at James because of removing her from the case responsibility.

James, however, continued his speech,

“For this mission, I want Mr. Rahman to choose his cooperative partner or partners, which he thinks will be worthy of his assistance on this mission.” James smiled at Prince.

Prince smiled back and for the first time the people heard his deep baritone voice,

“First of all, thank you, Mr. Morton, for giving me such honor. I’m feeling proud to work with such a renowned organization. It’s a blessing that I can work as the leading detective here. I’m aware of the seriousness of the serial murder case. So, I want to choose my cooperative working partner very wisely. I’d like to choose someone who can work hard with the case. Someone who is humble and sincere to the subject, and also very much serious. But first I’d like to see who are interested in working with me. Anyone here would mind raising their hands?”

Immediately, almost all the hands rose for the interest. Girls were the top in number, boys wanted to participate too. Even Arup was one of them, but Sara remained the same. All she wanted to finish the whole introduction ceremony. However, seeing the audiences’ raised hands Prince’s charming smile grew more. He said,

“Thank you so much for showing your interest in working with me. Now it’s my turn to choose my partner, if you may.”

“Are you going to choose a partner or a fan-for-benefit, Mr. Prince?” Sara thought in annoyance.

Prince continued, “So, I’ll announce a name for you all. Mr. Morton has introduced me to all of you, and I hope whatever name I’ll take, I’ll have your complete support. So, now I’m announcing the name.”

He stopped to see the audience’s enthusiastic reaction for the moment.

Everyone was holding their breath in anticipation. none of them didn’t want to miss the chance to work with such handsome and worthy being. Though, with every second Sara’s patience was breaking slowly.

“And the only person will accompany me is… Ms. Saravi Hussain.” He looked at Sara with his charming smile.

The announcement felt like a loud burst of an atom bomb in Sara’s ear.

“What the...”

She was looking at that person with unbelievably surprised expression. It was not only surprising to her, but also for the rest of the employees, including the mighty James Morton. Suddenly, for once, all the eyes darted back to Sara. They couldn’t believe how a lead detective could hire an ordinary spy like her for his cooperation when there were more worthy, experienced and mostly, head-over-heels investigators and detectives were present there. It was a question to Sara too. For once, Sara felt like she was something bizarre in the whole scene.

“Ms. Hussain, I hope you’d like to cooperate with me sincerely and help me to solve the case. What’s your opinion?” Said the Prince Charming.

Sara looked at all the persons in the room. Then she stood up from the crowd and said,

“About my practical skill, I’m determined and sincere when it comes to any case. If I need to help someone on a mission, I try my best at the work. Besides, as this recent case is crucial for both of me and Mr. Rahman, I think we can complete the given task together if our cooperation stands equally well. However, I would not promise anything that we will surely be successful. But I can give my words that I’d do whatever it takes to give the suffered people their rightful justice,”

At this point, Sara looked at Prince and continued.

“In the end, the results will tell everything that how I helped Mr. Rahman and how he cooped up with me. That’s all!” Sara finished with her bitter smile.

The room went to silent for the moment then Prince shook his head and delivering a marvelous grin of his, he applauded for Sara.

“Very impressive, Ms. Hussain!” He said.

With him, everyone in the room clapped for her.

“I know, we will make good partners together,” He said as he smiled.

Then James spoke, “So, ladies and gentlemen now we got a new cooperative partner for Mr. Rahman. I hope all of you will work well with them to solve this murder case. We’ve already lost much time of the working hours by now. I don’t want to waste more, so I think with wishing good luck for our mission we should finish the conference meeting. Thank you all for coming.” Mr. Morton smiled and left the meeting.

Then all of the audiences, actually the employees, of course, started to leave one by one. When Sara was leaving, she crossed her eyes with Prince for once. She saw him smiling at her. She also noticed that he was only looking at her until she passed the door and went out. When everyone went out, Prince decided to leave the room.

“This damn shit is getting on my nerve! From the leading spy of the case, now I’m just some rotten helper! God, I can’t help my luck. It’s all because of you, James. You brought that damn lead-detective to make me suffer. Well, I will see how your skilled Prince works out with me. I’ll show you who’s better. You just wait.”

Sara was furiously thinking while walking down the corridor. Suddenly, she heard someone was calling her name from behind. She looked behind and saw a charming smile coming to her.

“Hello, Ms. Hussain.” Prince extended a hand ahead.

“It’s nice to meet you.” Sara shook hands with him.

“Can we have a talk while taking a walk?” He said.

“Sure, Come.” Sara walked forward.

“So, for how long you’ve been working here?” Prince said while walking beside.

“Mr. Morton didn’t tell you?” Sara asked in reply.

“No, he didn’t, unfortunately. I think he doesn’t know about you much.”

“Why would he though? Anyways, I’ve been working here for last two years.”

“Alright. So, you know almost everything about the place.”

“Isn’t it normal to know everything for a two-year-working employee? I do think it is.” She smiled despite the fact that she’s way too much bothered by his silly make-some-talk kind of questions.

“Well, where you have been working before?” She decided to take the conversation-control.

“I’ve worked for various organizations in foreign. But it’s my first time in this country. I see many people don’t know me here.”

“I don’t know about many people, but I personally never heard of you. What kind of cases did you handle?”

“Numerous murder cases I’ve worked on,” He stated with pride.

“Can I get a brief on one? I’m interested to know more about your cases.”

Prince stopped walking and looked at her, his friendly demeanor suddenly changed into self-consciousness.

“I’ve heard you ask a lot question, Ms. Hussain. You know that asking too much question to your authority is on the term called…”

So you are my authority now, huh?”

“Ill-mannered? I know that, Mr. Rahman. But I can’t resist myself from questioning until I get the accurate answer. I never stop searching for the answers I need, not in any situation. Even if I need to be an ill-mannered for that, well, then, let me be a big Mannerless Girl ” She gave him her grim smile.

Prince looked at her for some moment being expressionless. Then he smiled,

“Ah, now that’s the attitude I like, Ms. Hussain. I need that spirit to solve the case. Well, you’ll know everything about me, but slowly. Just have patience. Now, I’d like to hear about the case brief you are handling right now. Will you show me my office?” Prince looked forward.

“Sure, let’s get going.” Sara returned Prince’s smile.

“Sir, come here. We’ve found something,” A constable said.

Officer Ronal wasn’t very far from him. He heard him and replied,

“What’s there?” He said while coming to the constable.

“It’s a dead body. A man got killed here.” The constable showed him the body after Officer Ronal reached to him.

Officer Ronal grabbed his nose with the gloved hand. He sat down and inspected the body. The body has two major wounds. One was near the stomach. An attack with a knife or something sharp that went through the stomach, creating a deep and straight line through that area of the body. Then another one was at the neck. Someone scratched the neck very sharply. Officer scoured the body. Nothing seemed stolen from the body. Everything was in its place, though the items were very few. A wristwatch, a pair of gold earrings, a money bag and a knife-holder near the hip belt.

“Sir, we found this near the body.”

Constable showed him the knife. Officer Ronal took the knife from the constable and scrutinized it.

“Murder,” Officer Ronal whispered.

“Sir, we should send the body for postmortem.”

“Yes and find out his identity as soon as possible and search the whole place very well,” He ordered the constable.

“Sure, Sir.” Constable nodded and went to other constables who were busy in the search.

“I want to see who can murder someone so viciously,” Officer said in a cold voice.

“What!” Sara let out her frustration with loud.

“Yes, Saravi, I think we should go to Mr. Roger first,” Prince said in his calm voice. He already started to call Sara by her first name.

They were both sitting in Prince’s new office. Prince heard the whole case investigation process, including morning’s call record matter. But he doesn’t know about the Big Boss’s file, even after knowing that he was Sara’s partner and they both were working on the same case. She didn’t want to include him in her private investigation just like she didn’t want to include Arup or James Morton.

“Oh, Come on, Mr. Rahman! We should go to Lucy, not Mr. Roger. I’ve told you, he had lied to us, and I think, Lucy will tell us the truth.” She was still in her loud voice.

Gladly, the room was soundproof, and no one could hear anything from outside not even Sara’s loud voice.

“How can you guarantee that Lucy will tell the truth? She can also tell lies, right? After all, she’s his secretary,” Prince said. He was still sitting calmly on the chair.

“Really? Well then, convince me about Mr. Roger is the honest one. Can you? No right? Then let’s go to Lucy and ask her everything.” She crossed her arms.

Prince looked at her for some moment. Then he sighed and stood up to go near Sara. He stopped reaching her nearest distance limit, a limit that will allow a partner to come closer to his co-worker. Then he cleared his throat and said with all his calm and sweet charm.

“Ms. Hussain. I know Mr. Roger has lied to you but letting him know that you suspect him can be costly for our investigation. We don’t know if Lucy is with him or not. We can’t take the risk of letting Mr. Roger aware of our suspicion toward him for the murders and…”

“Wait! Did I ever say that I doubt him for those killings? Why do you think so, Mr. Rahman?” Sara narrowed her eyes.

“No, I didn’t mean to be him the real murderer. I’m saying that he may know something. Maybe that’s helpful for us, no Saravi? So, I think we must go to Mr. Roger for the truth.” He came with her name without adding Miss again. But Sara didn’t miss that point this time.

“Well, Mr. Rahman, I think you are going too much with my name. I don’t think as a new co-worker, you should use your partner’s name like that so soon,” Sara said in a calm voice.

She noticed a slight embarrassment on Prince’s face afterward.

“Anyways,” She continued. “Can you tell me, what’s the point of trusting that Roger again with his words? And about being helpful, I can only see him lying to us from the first time I met him, and the rest won’t lead us to the truth, would it?”

Prince again looked at her for a couple of seconds. Sara felt like he wanted to read her mind. But she knew it was only possible for her to read someone’s mind with such obviousness. The mind-voice comes to her all by itself rather than she reads it. So, she could hear many other unwanted voices too. At the moment she was not interested to hear Prince’s mind voice. But it was screaming and struggling to make her agree with the worth of visiting Mr. Roger. It was preparing many words at once to defeat her in the debate about going or not going to Mr. Roger. Sara finally decided what she would do next. She just let Prince speak his words. Then she’ll tell him about her decision.

“Listen to me carefully, Ms. Hussain. We are going to Mr. Roger for not only hearing his words but also to have the chance to search his house. We can have a clue there just like in Melina’s room. I hope you have no objections to it now.” He seemed confident in his statement.

“Just as I thought.” She thought, then she spoke out,

“Well, Mr. Rahman, You have a good point. I guess I should get agree with you now.” She looked at him with a smile

Prince let out a sigh of relief.

“So, let’s go, Sar... um ... Ms. Hussain.” He started to walk toward the door.

Sara looked at the Prince’s way for some moment. Then, with a sigh, she followed him.

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