Less Drama More Love : Before The Demise Of Abe Tagawa

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In The Year 1995 Detective Kayla & Daniel Are On A Mission To Stop An Evil Gang Called The ''Los Diablos '' (spanish for the devils) from taking over Latin America & The USA the events are before abe tagawa is kidnapped

Mystery / Thriller
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Chapter 1

LESS DRAMA MORE Love : Before The Demise Of Abe Tagawa

WRITTEN BY: Kiara Patrice Oxley

Setting : 1995

Place : New York City, New York

February 6, 1995

1 : 00 PM


Daniel : Hey Kayla...It’s Been A Year Since

We Seen Each Other. We Got A Lot On Our Hands

Kayla : I Know.. And I Heard There Was Something Weird

& Fishy Going On...

Daniel : Fishy? Like What? Gimme That Newspaper You’re Reading

Daniel Snatches The Newspaper from Kayla

Daniel : Police Say They Are Looking For A Hispanic Male In His 20’s Dark Hair & Dark Eyes.. And It Says They Are Also Looking For A Asian Male In His Teens.. What I’m Seeing Here Is That They Robbed A Mobile Phone Store In Manhattan...

(Daniel Stops For A Second)

Kayla : Really? Was He Mexican? i think i might know who this guy is he could be Alejandro Fernandez

Daniel : Are You Sure Kayla ? We Got To Track This Motherfucker down before More innocent People Get Hurt...

Kayla : Alright! Time To Kick Some Butt!

Jamie’s Store/Police Station 145 Pm

Kayla : Alright Alejandro Let Me Ask You This...

Why Did you rob a poor innocent old man...

Of a cellular phone store ?

Alejandro : My Korean Friend Told Me That There Was An Expensive Cellphone

That He Wanted For Christmas

I Had No Money...

And I Was Desperate To Buy The Phone So We

Quietly Took The Phones Off The Shelves without being loud

And Took Off...

Kayla : what your telling me is that your friend wanted a cellphone for Christmas is that right But couldn’t afford it?

Alejandro : Yes, but the store manager asked us to leave

And we hid the phone in a secret place... does that answer your question?

Robert Gets Involved

Robert: Look Lady We Didn’t Mean No Harm To Anyone

We Were Just Window Shopping.

Kayla : I think you’re lying

You’re going to jail

Continued ....

Kayla : After Dealing With Crazy People

It’s been a hectic week so far..

We got more people to interview

In Terms Of The Jamie’s Mobile Phone Store

Incident back in February

Daniel : Oh Yeah... That’s Right God.. My Memory Is Starting

To Diminish... who are we going to interview now Kayla?

Kayla : hmm... I’m thinking ...We Have June Molina & Justin Arias

They were at the mobile store when the robbery took place..

Daniel : Do They Speak English?

I’m Going To Get A Translator This Time

Kayla : That i don’t know come on lets go...



Police Station ...

Justin Arias(laughs uncontrollably)

Kayla : Why are you laughing at me Mr Arias


JUSTIN : It’s nothing it looks like you got the wrong man to interview i had nothing to do with this Incident

Kayla : That’s bullshit... you must have seen something suspicious..come on give me answers details.. details

Kayla is pushed by June...

June : leave my husband alone.. whats your problem miss

Kayla : hey that’s assault on a cop...

June : It doesn’t matter you don’t need to be here gringa....

My Husband is innocent

Kayla : Where Is This Woman From?

Daniel : I don’t know you ask her!

4 PM Police Station

Kayla : Ok ... Mrs. June Molina

Where were you when this incident happened

Did you witness any gunfire

& what did you see that day?

June : I was shopping for some new clothes

When i heard someone yell....

& I Ran Fast As I Could.. To See What Was Going On...

And i saw a Asian Boy With A Latino Boy Stealing


They Were Armed...

Kayla Thanked June

Kayla : Where Is She From?

Justin : El Salvador

Kayla : Oh That’s Interesting

We Gotta Run... so that’s 2 down one to go!

8 Pm...

Alejandro’s Home

Police Were Called To Find A Hispanic Male Dead On His Porch ...

With a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head...

Kayla is shocked..

Kayla :Oh God... It’s Alejandro Fernandez... it looks like he was depressed about something... i have a feeling his girlfriend left him?!

Daniel : Yeah Maybe So... Enough Talk Lets Go!

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