The London Manor Cronicles

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Scene 7

“Kirgen, I, I’d thought I would bring you something to eat” she had said, while handing him a blueberry biscuit fresh from the manor, it was stored in her purse so it is a little cold.
“No need, I will be out of this vulgar place in 22 minutes,” He said with a scowl. A fearful smirk appeared on his face, “My lawyers are going to tear this place down.”
There was a long pause, the General was still leaning against the window, looking at his pocket watch and back at the Big Ben though the window was where he was when Rose first arrived at the station a while ago. Rose hesitated a while before searching through her bag, between facial products and lollipops she found the letter the boy delivered to her on her way here. She intertwined the letter through the cell bars and the General, still looking out the window, held out his hand a second before, it was also as if he had eyes on the back of his head.
“What is this?” he said, opening the letter. He slowly read it and his expression darkened, most of the other prisoners around them in the next door cells shivered at this sight, most were terrified he could get any darker or more foal. Before Rose could speak the General read her mind,
“I am guessing this has something to do with the surveillance?” He said
“That’s what I was thinking,” she exclaimed nervously
“Hmm,” the General grunted, he knew exactly what to say,
“So someone is surveilling you to get to me?”
“You should probably-“ Rose started but the General interrupted her,
“Leave me at once, I need space to think”
“And Rose,” Rose had started walking back slouching like she had failed something when she turned back to his call,
“Don’t you ever call me other than General or you will regret it,” he said in a stern tone with his left eyebrow raised, he was dead serious. Everyone who got in his way knew it because at this point, they were all dead.
The drive back to the manor was dead silent. You could hear the trees Whistling and the wolves Howling. Though the most Deafening sound was the generals voice when he barked at the servants first second he stepped foot into the manner,
“Everyone, leave this manor and don’t return until morning, Go! Go! What are you fools just standing there for I said Go!!”
The Entire household staff had just lined up when Rose and the General walked into the Manor. Laura was hiding in the corner, as she didn’t want the General to see her. The Great Hall was now scattered, and the candle lights among the chandelier was now blown and the hall grew dark and the cold night breeze broke the windows out and the air rushed around the room, dancing. The General stomped up the great hall stairs and from the entrance, you could hear his loud steps echoing through the Manor and suddenly a large door shut and with that, Rose and Laura nodded and both made their way up to bed.

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