The London Manor Cronicles

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Scene 8

The next morning was different, breakfast was the same like it always was, but it had been 2 nights but there was a lot of unresolved tension in the air.
“Kir, uh, I mean General, Hehe,” Laura chuckled to soothe the akardness before she continued. The General turned in her direction and glared at her,
“Yes.” He said, very stiff
“Um, I uh, speak for both of us, Rose and I, that is, um, when I ask what you have summoned us here f, for?” Though it was her own brother, Laura still trembled at the sight of her heartless brother.
“I suppose it is about time I told you, rather showed you.” He said dusted his hands and standing up,
The ladies placed their napkins and exchanged looks of confusion and slowly followed closely beside him. He took them down the corridor and past the drawing room and painting room and the indoor greenhouse, and into the grand hall. To the left of the grand entrance were two small closets. Most people thought that both were coat closets however, the closest to the left was a secret passage underground to a small area that was really the Generals workspace, not the study on the first floor which was just for show. As he led the ladies down the spiral steps and through the long hallway, the torches were lit up by small presence. Once they entered the small area, they saw a red velvet couch and some other chairs in the far left and next to it was a small staircase that led up to doors coming out of the walls, which most looked led outside. Next to this were a series of bookshelves where all sorts of rubbish was stored. In the right corner closest to them was an Easel with pictures of all stores of people taped to it on the far side of the wall. Next to it, alongside the wall next to them was a small desk with papers all over it and coming out of stuffed drawers as well. Right before them was a Persian rug and a small tray of coffee to keep the General going, along with some small pastries that Ms. Gunerson (The cook), cooked up for him.
“Oh my God!” Laura exclaimed
“What is this place,” Rose asked
“Well, this is where I solve it all, where I plot my plans, where I do all my dirty work, Welcome to the bunker!” The General took a step forward and turned towards them. The smile on his face turned back into his regular expression and heartless face. As he confessed all he was doing, he started to pace back and forth till the group made their way to the sitting area in the far left side of the room.
“A few months back I received a telegram, asking to meet me at the British Museum. I thought I would humor myself by going to meet with this man, whom I know nothing of. When I arrived, a letter was there in his absence”. We briskly walked to his desk and opened the top thin drawer where thousands of envelopes lay. After ruffling through them for a couple minutes, he found it. It was a regular small envelope with a red trim. He carefully pulled out the telegram and cleared his throat and began to read,

To Sir General Kiregn 1 / 2 1 / 1 9 2 4

I would like to request your presence at the Musée anglais, the British Museum for a night of comfort et amusant. Please come alone as this is a private gathering.. This event will be held in the private artifacts lounge 537, tell no one. The Code for the door is the 835. Dress in formal attire, attached is a ticket stub per arrival as it is your entrée fee for admission.

Have a lovely day, Au revoir!

Rose and laura looked confused,
“Who is this french man,” Rose started
“He sounds so peculiar,” laura finished
“Well, when I went to the room, there was nobody there but there was an envelope that fell on the carpet next to one of the bookshelves. Once I read it, I was completely flabbergasted. It was a correspondence between this french man and someone else, this other englishman or lady. It went back and forth between 2 people, one of them, Blaise, was the french man that wrote to me. It went something like this,

Blaise, have you done it yet, we are waiting for the job to be finished.

Oui Boss, I will get it done. I already sent him a letter to meet me at the Musée anglais, where I will kill him.

Hurry up, you will only get your money after you do it

Yes Boss

Blaise, have you killed him, is the General dead!?

“Oh my god!” Rose exclaimed, she covered her hands with her mouth
“Afterward,I rushed out of the Museum and once I was back at the manor, I started working on this,” He gestured to the papers lying on his desk and the easel with papers and red yarn connecting all the people to it. I figured out that someone was trying to kill me, or to impresion me. That's why I was arrested for something I did but covered it up.”
“What did you do?” Laura said, her face getting more serious. The General clenched his jaw tighter as he spoke, “I Had wanted Custody rights over Joseph but Mira didn't allow it….Since she was the mother, she had a greater pull over him and i wanted him take over, this place” He gestured to the manor, and his face began to sadden.
“I was so close when Joey was kidnapped. I blamed it on her and I, I killed her. I just got so angry that I couldn't control myself.”
Rose gasped while Laura put her hand on her mouth. Tears were now rolling down their faces.
“I told the police that I had been knocked out and that the people who took joey killed Mira”
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