The London Manor Cronicles

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Scene 9

“Why did you bring us here!” Rose said, sobbing between her words
“I need your help, only 3 or 4 people in the world know about what I did, now everyone knows. One of these people is plotting to kill me and I need your help in figuring out who.” The General's face softened and his expression became sincere.
“You are out of your damn mind!” Laura shouted. She through her hands in the air and started to walk off when General Grabbed her hand,
“Please Laura, this is the only thing I will ever ask of you”
“No!” She started removing her hand from his grip
“I will not aide a killer-”
“I’ll do it” Rose exclaimed from behind her
“You will?” The General turned to face her, his eyes were gleaming. Rose nodded and said,
“I know that it was particularly my fault since the day you…uh…was the day that I, I left”
The General turned to Laura,
“No, just because Rose will, doesn't mean you can't bully me into doing it too.”
“I understand,” he replied
The General's face turned into a worried expression, worried that soon, he might be dead. Laura started to walk back up the winding staircase, back through the secret coat closet but she stopped and hesitated, “You’ve always been that mean heartless person, I don’t know why I’ve always tried to, to help you. But now the one time you need h…help, I, I” Laura hesitated, unsure of what to say next she took a deep breath and started, “Ok”.
The General smiled just a little before returning to his regular disheartened look. He walked to the Easel and pointed at 3 people.
“These people are the only ones who know. There’s Marium, my Ex-Wife as you both know, and there’s Frederick, our brother,” He started, looking at Laura, “And lastly there is my d…d” He sighed and took a deep breath
“My daughter”
“Marigold!?” Rose exclaimed
“But that’s-“
“Impossible!” Laura finished
“You’d think so but, well, as you both know, the car accident was on the night Joey disappeared. What you don’t know was that marigold just came by my bedroom to remember her little step brother when she was standing in the doorway saw Mira dead and actual blood on my hands and ran out, it didn’t care at the time and I still don’t and somehow she ended driving away as if she was scared of me with her boyfriend, whom she dragged along and she became very dizzy at the wheel and the car crashed.”
“How do you know all of this,” Laura asked with a sad expression on her face
“He told me, I went to see him last week when I put the pieces together”. The General turned around to face the Easel
“What do you mean by him?” Rose asked
“What pieces, what game are you playing?” Laura added
”I had forgotten, you weren’t caught up yet. You better sit down then,”
The General told them of all the adventures he went on, trying to find out The Who had rented the room at the Museum and who Blaise was. He told him that his plan was to find Blaise and that he would lead him to who the General called, The Masked Man.
“It had been a month and half,” He had said,
“Till I thought I would just give up, when an Idea struck me. I thought I would comprise a list of everyone who had the power, motive, and reason to kill me and that same list is the very list of people who knew what I did to, to, Mira. And for the past month, I have been following up on those. Rey people, surveying them. I have cleared you Rose of course.” Rose raised her eyebrow to this,
“Well, I knew it wasn’t you because you had no motive and you didn’t have the heart of anger and resentment to do it.” Rose smiled at this, she always knew he was so perspective even if he never showed it.
“And me?” Laura asked
“Well you knew nothing of the tragedy and you have not motive, at least not that I know of”
“Oh dear brother, you know nothing of what I am capable of” she chuckled
“Excuse me, sir” One if the footmen had just arrived down stairs, panting like a dog. He had white slick hair pulled back and small eyes and a large nose. He had on a suite with white stalking and a pair of matching white gloves. The General’s face turned normal, not wanting to appear weak in front of his servants.
“Yes” he responded
“There is a telephone call for Lady Rose, sir”
Rose stood up,
“Thank you, I will be up in a moment”
The footman nodded towards Rose and the General quickly scurried off.
“Well, I must go now, but I shall be back in just a moment,” said slowly walking off to the stairs.
“You know, it is ok to smile now and then, in front of the Manor staff or others you know.” Laura said with a smirk
“It won't make you look weak but rather…human” there was a silence that filled the room. The General wasn’t used to criticism, as he was usually the one offering it or rather forcing it.
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