The London Manor Cronicles

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Scene 10

Rose ran up the stairs and dashed for the telephone, ripping it out of the foot man’s hands.
“H, Hello” Rose said, a little out of breath
“Rose I was being polite before, but now l-”
“I can’t do this, I'm sorry. I’ll drive up to York in the morning”
“Rose, you can’t give up”
“Lordes I can’t, It isn’t right”
“I’m is just the messenger, if the boss finds out you wasted his G-“
“Ok, Ok…Fine I’ll do it” Rose tried hard to fight back her tears but they were overwhelmed and started to drizzle down her face. She slammed the phone down, wiped her tears and smiled a warm smile and beaded back down stairs for where Laura and the General awaited.
Since Rose had gone upstairs, the conversation was quite dull. Once Rose had returned and explained who was keeping her unparies on the telephone, the General, continued his story,
“I had retraced all my steps from the night of the accident including all the events that happened. When I came across the medical report, it turns out that Marigold survived.”
The room grew silent, Laura and Rose looked to each other and shamefully bowed their heads.
“Wait, you two knew about this!?” He started to raise his voice
“Well, it was a matter of protection and we would thought we would help her.-” Rose started
“Protect herself...or, something” Laura added
“Protection from me I assume,” The General exclaimed, raising his eyebrows
The ladies nodded in response
“Anyway, I went to see Peter, the old chauffeur” The General continued reluctantly,
“He reluctantly let me in and scowled at me. He was in a wheelchair. When I went to sit in his tiny living room, Marigold came in and poured us tea. After she lied who it was, she sat next to Peter on the couch and adjusted him and they both glared at me. I am not saying that I didn't deserve it but she lied to me for 5 years, I figured she’d at least invite me to her wedding”. The room grew silent, Laura and Rose looked to each other and shamefully bowed their heads once more. The General rolled his eyes and once more continued,
“After I left, I reduced my suspects to Marium and how unlikely this is, Adrik.” They grew silent again and the General knew something was brewing up between Rose and Laura. “Oh what now” the general yelled. The ladies flinched at the sound of his voice and Rose began to speak.
“We believe it was Marium because we think-”
“We know” Laura interrupted
“That Adrik is dead”.
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