The London Manor Cronicles

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Scene 11

“How do you know?”
“Well I’ve been communicating with him through letters and when he stopped replying. I figured the worst had happened since Adrik once wrote in his letters that if he didn't respond then he was probably…” Laura hesitated before
“Why him, of all people?” He responded
“Same with you, why choose him to thrust your anger and resentment towards and lock up.” Laura exclaimed, starting to get defensive.
“Both of you, now isn't the time to argue,” Rose pleaded.
“What about you,” The General turned to Rose.
“What about me?” She asked.
“How did you know that he was…”
“Laura told me. I was friends with one of the guards that was guarding him and I asked him to slip Laura's number to him so he wasn't, well, so he knew he wasn't alone.” Rose smiled warmly, remembering the time she helped him. The General Grunted disapprovingly, he didn't take a keen interest into helping someone else for no benefit as his sister and Rose did.
“Anyway, enough of this nonsense, I must call the director at once, seeing as I wasn't informed of Adriks...departure, there must be something wrong.” And with that he stormed up the stairs to his study.
“Wait” Rose called out,
The General stopped on the stairs, looking out to both of them,
“What are we supposed to do? You can’t tell us something like that and, and just walk off and expect us to, to do nothing!” Rose’s outburst was very surprising to everyone since this is the first time it’s occurred.
“No!” He barked
“I expect you to help” He voiced lowered in tone as his shoulders rested on his arms. He was begging at this point in time as he felt his chapter slowly come to the finale.
The General climbed up the twisted staircase up to the main floor as Rose and Laura exchanged horrified glances.
“Is this really what is happening, now, here?” Laura sat down with her hands over her eyes. As much as her brother frustrated her, she still respected him, maybe even cared for him.
“I don't know how I could ever help someone like that.” she said. Her eyes were swollen from crying and her voice was raspy. Her hands were pushed to her eyes and slowly pulled them down for her to make eye contact with Rose, who was kneeling down beside her with one hand on her back.
“Because, we know who he truly is.” Rose responded with a sigh.
Many people asked Rose throughout her adventure, “How could such a sweet, innocent, lovely lady, such as yourself, show so much love and compassion to that beast?”
“Because” She would respond
“He can give me something that no man can ever give me, Power.”
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