The London Manor Cronicles

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The General’s eyebrow naroed and his grip tightened. Though he was the most powerful man in Europe, he felt powerless at the hands of her feet, the gun was in her hand, the decision was hers to own. For they didn’t know yet but someone was going to die tonight.

Mystery / Drama
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Scene 1

The general’s feet tapped against the steps as he made his way down for dinner. The cane in his hand dented the floorboard beneath him as he walked. His face was sculpted in anger and resentment. His long gray mustache was deeper than he groomed it to be. He had white pale skin and darkening black eyes that intimidated anyone who was near him, it seemed to overlook his tall ears and thin gray hair. Yet most people thought it astonishing that his words were articulated with a dark british accent by his ever so thin lips. He was wearing a suite, a tight black suit with a glistening white bow and black hat. His dinner coat was on but he knew that it wouldn't be for long. He wore the same outfit day after day, that people began to think he was born in one.
When he reached the bottom of the stairs his face, that had been looking at his talore shiny balck shoes, had now been raised to see his staff, standing before him in perfect line. Around him, he was in his manor, the most expensive manor in London. The Red carpeted stairs below him were the best in Europe. Where two staircases joined to one and a big grad hall stood. To his left, he saw a big glass double door. To the right he saw a long hallway leading to the drawing room and his study, and across from him, there was another hallway leading towards the dining room (One for brunch, one for the dinner room, and a tea room), where voices echoed throughout the manor. Behind the stairs, was a back door leading to the servants sleeping quarters and kitchen. Scattered throughout the house were various other rooms, including the playing room, the lounge, and of course upstairs, there were the sleeping quarters (He had 2 main rooms, and 3 guest rooms). He had 3 butlers, 5 footmen, 3 henchmen, 2 ladies maids, 2 house maids, 1 housekeeper, 1 cook, 2 kitchen maids, and 2 chaffers. The servants' heads were bowed down, their faces frightened.
The General’s eyebrow naroed and his grip tightened around his cane,
“He’s in the drawing room...M,M,M-lord” one of the butlers said
He began walking again,
Thump, thump, thump. The noise grew as he walked, the shadows followed him and soon absorbed him as he escaped the light into the hallway to where the drawing room stood.
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