The London Manor Cronicles

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Scene 2

“General, why have you summoned me?”
“I have summoned you for the purpose of legal measures.”
“Inspector, say I was to be...killed. What would happen to the manor?”
“Well sir, the manor I believe would be handed down to your heir”
“Not this Manor you buffoon, Manor Johnson, the Police Station”
The inspector turned red, he had always been seen as a fool in the eyes of his superior, The General.
The general was the Chief inspector general, also known as the head of the police station or Manor johnson, named after the former mayor. The inspector was his assistant for the longest time. Until the Generals son, Kirgen, was arrest on the grounds of murder, the General was Humiliated. He resigned from the station and took a new name, one of Honor and dignity, “The General”. To this day, nobody knows of his real name. He is the most powerful man in England, he owns thousands of factories and Police stations all over the world. People tend to say that he is the Emperor behind the Queen, and they didn't know this, but they were right. Elizabeth was frightened of the General, everyone was. He had blackmail on every person in Europe, even if you didn't know him. He manipulated senators, the lady and gentlemen of the court, the bishops, and even the dukes and duchess. He had an image that he had every intention of keeping. He used his power for selfish reasons, including hiding his son from the world. He lived on a remote island off the coast of Hawaii, deserted, garded, and protected from the human world, from outside people, strained from any human contact.
Then there was the general's daughter, Marigold. She died when she was 24, in a car accident with one of the old chauffeurs (Her boyfriend), though the general never cared for her. She always disappointed him, ever since she was born, he was distracted, since the first born was a girl. Though his luck had changed when the second born child was a boy, Joseph, the son that had gotten arrested at 18 years, the one that got locked up. The one that got away was his Ex-wife, Marium. Soon after he imprisoned his son on the island, he divorced his wife, and tried to have another son with his mistress, and he is still trying to this day. All this family history made the general who he is today, and the detective knew that.
“Sir, now that I am here, I was hoping to talk about my resignation?”
“Not Yet!” The General Barked,
“First, did you find her!?”
“Y...yes, I did” He handed him a manilla envelope and a file
He touched the picture of the woman in the file and smiled. The inspector was shocked. The General hasn't smiled in years. The General’s mouth began to open and a slight whisper came out, “Rose”.
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