The London Manor Cronicles

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Scene 3

A peite voice called out from the french glass doors of the manor,
“Adrik, it’s me…Rose”
Rose took a long stride into the grand hall. Compared to the General, she was short since he was tall. She had short curly brown hair that curled up at her cheeks, she had freckles all over her face. She was the most beautiful girl in the General’s eyes. She had thin long eyebrows and magnificent hazel eyes, she had pure skin and full lips, and a short thin neck. She was always wearing a tight black skirt with shirt heels. Though this time, she wore a short sleeve blouse, one that was pink, not grey. It was not tucked in though, but nevertheless she had her signature white flowered headband with a string of pearls connecting it on either side of her freshly styled hair. Her eyes opened in amazement as she walked up the grand staircase. The staff started in aww to witness such beauty walking towards the generals quarters. The door creaked open and she slowly placed her bags on the floor. She saw a tan colored room with red velvet curtains. To her left, she saw a unormess cupboard filled with his suits and ties. Above the cupboard was a glass box shaped in a rectangle that filled the space above the cupboard. In it were medals and trophies and awards which the General took great pride in. On the far side of the room sood an old an old dresser where the General would set himself up for the world to see. Taped to the Mirror was the last sane thing his son ever said to him,

“Show the World How You Want to be Seen”

Rose smiled as soon as she saw it, recognizing who it was from. A slight whisper peeped out and her smile turned into a concerned expression.
“I see you joey, just know that I am doing this for you”

The Floors creaked from afar, she knew he was coming and she immediately adjusted her posture, she never did want him to see the worst side of her.
“Rose! How Welcoming it is to see you” He exclaimed, opening his arms. HTey shared a long lovely hug before kissing each other on the cheek. He gestured for her to follow as he walked back down the winding hallway.
“Please, you must join me for dinner.”
“Yes, of course.”
The walk to the dining room was a long one. They were passed by large rooms and went down deep and narrow hallways. The General knew what was behind every corner, good or bad. Once they reached the Dining room she was intimidated by how large the table was. It was a very long rectangular table with exactly one chair at the end. The general snapped his fingers and pointed to the other end of the table as to where I would sit. The butler quickly hurried out of the room and returned with a large chair, the size of a throne and pulled it out for me to sit. One thing she would never forget to do, no matter how powerful, was to thank those around her. The General never approved of this, so you can imagine her surprise when he nodded towards the butler as if he were to say thank you for your service, as you can probably tell the butler was shocked by this. Tonight most of the staff, including the inspector either has been or was shocked, it was almost like the General was a different person.
The sight of the Dining room intimidated Rose, as she never experienced this type of wealth before. The dining room was velvet with a gold trim. It had silver draw strings that connected to the silk curtains. The walls were lined with the Previous Commander Generals along with the present one. Though they were never related, they all had the same powerful pull on the people that nobody ever did. Rose was aware of this, but it never seems to concern her. The dinner conversation was awkward but charming. They talked about what they were up to after all these years and it seemed Rose was trying to involve her into something that she had no part in participating in. The evening was interrupted when the detective and the deputy stormed into the manor.
“General, I..”
In this large commotion the General’s legs slowly straighten as he stands up, pushing his chair farther and farther away from him. In the heat of things Rose manages to stand up as well as a sign of respect.
“What matter is so pressing that you can wait till after supper with my guest!”
The plate of food splatters all over the floor and everyone gets the chills.
“Well just spit it out!”
The General walks towards the Dective an snaches the file in his hand. His face looks deadly, like he’d seen a ghost. His face lowers and nervously he says,
“I’ll be in the car”
With that he slaps the file at the detective's chest and walks briskly down the halfway and out the side door.
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