The London Manor Cronicles

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Scene 4

Rose showed the Gentlemen out and turned the head Butler who was waiting in the drawing room with 2 glasses of whiskey.
“Whiskey Ma'am?”
“No, Thank you” She replied
“I must keep my mind sharp”
The Butler nodded and took a quick sip
“Shall I drive you to the station Ma’am”
Rose Hesitated for a couple minutes before answering
“I..I must make a phone call” She said before walking off.
She followed the long velvet trim back to the grand hall where the stairs awaited her to her left but she felt compelled to to turn and walk right to where the phone stood. She slowly grabbed the phone and started to dial the numbers 829335. The phone rang but know one picked up. She put the phone down and re-dialed but no one picked up. She started to panic and her heart began racing, she briskly clicked her heels back down and started to make her way up the stairs when the telephone rang, she stopped. She anticipated this very moment, she knew she would call her back. She ran down the stairs and lunged at the phone, almost falling to her knees.
“Hello?” She gasped
“Hello my Dear Rose”
“I’ve missed you” she pleaded
“I know, but the..the plan is difficult. I have sent Loura down there, she should be arriving soon.”
“But what am I supposed to do?”
“Be with him, and help him. That's all you can do my dear.”
“Of course. When can I see you again?”
“Rose, its...its”
“You're breaking up. Wait, what are you saying?”
“Rose, it's not time, Remember, I..I..It..It..Its...Its”
“I will wait, I will not fail this. I promise”
Rose gasped and slowly turned around. Clutching the phone she could hear her friend calling and asking for her.
“Oh, Loura. Dear God you frightened me” She laughed. HSe dropped the phone and kissed each other on the cheek.
“Come to the drawing room, I am sure Charles will know what to do!”
“Dear, who is Charles?”
“He is the Head Butler, His full name is Charlie Carson”
“Oh, Carson. Yes, I remember him. He wasn't very fun”
They both exchanged pleasantries and laughs on their walk to the drawing room. When they got to the drawing room, to their surprise, Charles wasn't alone. He was serving whisky and tea to the Inspector and Queen Elizebeth ll.

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