The London Manor Cronicles

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Scene 5

Scene 5:
“Your Majesty!” Rose cried out,
“To w...what do we o..owe the ple...pleasure?”
“Well, I have come to discuss the Commander General, or your um,”
“Old friend...Ma’am”
“Yes...Why of course.”
The Queen took a sip of her tea and carefully put down the cup and her easy-going expression turned into a concerned one. Rose studied her face and knew that this wasn't just a friendly visit. The Queen was dressed in a small skirt with a loose blouse tucked beneath her long coat. Her green coat matched her green hat with pink, violet, and blue lace flowers on top. She had a small black purse and tight white stockings and black tiny heels. Though the queen was in her early 50s, she didn't look a day over 30.
“Rose, your, uh friend has been arrested on the grounds of...of murder”
“Murder? How completely absurd. Adrik wouldn't hurt a fly…Ma’am”
The Queen narrowed her eyes and stared at Rose. Her lips pursed when she said,
“Then you don’t know the General dear, on the outside their very different people”
Rose nodded and took a seat across from her. She didn't want to argue with the queen as it would ruin their plan.
“Rose, dear. Please understand that I’ve come for a favor”
Rose looked intrigued and rather excited. Though the Generals Predicament was a concern to her, it was at the back of her mind for just a moment.
“You must prove the General's innocence. With his connections, he will be back at the manor in a couple of hours, long after I’ve gone. Though the entire of England would love to see him rotting in a cell, his work is extremely important away from parliament.”
She paused for a second, unsure what to say next. She began a couple of minutes later…
“His blackmail material is, powerful and,”
“I am deeply sorry to interrupt you, your majesty but, I am not sure how I can be of assistance”
Rose’s eyebrows narrowed and looked worried.
“Just help me out here, please”
“Uh...Yes of course your um...majesty”
“Thank you”
She said as she began to stand up.
“I know you’ll find a way Rose, it was nice to see you again.”
She nodded towards Carson and approached laura,
“I’m sorry, I don't believe we’ve had the pleasure of being acquainted”
“I’m Laura, The um… Generals sister”
“Ahh, yes of course. Well it was a pleasure to meet you, Laura”
“For me as well your Majesty,” she said with a bow
The Queen again at Laura and then at Rose and swung around to reach for her purse. She started a brisk walk out until she paused and pursed her lips, she smiled and with a quiet whisper she let out these 4 words,
“Do make it quick”
She continued out and silence was left by her statement, they could still hear the echoing of her heels as they clicked against the marble floor.

As soon as she heard the Grand hall doors slam shut, Rose got to action. She clapped her hands loudly, bringing everyone back to the present time. With her hands, she gestured for Carson to round up the staff into the big drawing-room and said,
“Ok everyone, I will go down to the station to and Carson, can you show Laura to her room where she may sleep? Thank you, oh and everyone, you can sleep early today but tomorrow, we have a lot of work to do.”

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