The London Manor Cronicles

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Scene 6

Rose briskly walked, passing and ignoring all the flowers and butterflies. The children on the sidewalk begging at her feet for food caught her eye and she slowed her pace down and and slowly knelt beside a pair of twins and she looked into their eyes and smiled. She suddenly pulled out her pretty purse tucked beneath her coat and tugged at a couple of lollipops and 1 pouch of gold coins...
“Um, Excuse me. Miss?”
Rose Turned her head slowly and stood up, not before giving the children the goodies she found in her purse to see a boy, not more than 18. He wore black overalls and a dirty white
shirt. He had short blonde curly hair and dirt on his face that seemed to cover up his freckles.
“Um, Yes?” Rose said, Confused
“I Believe this is for you” he said, while handing her a thick envelope addressed to Rose. He Smiled and his crooked teeth were shown and his freckles became more vibrant.
“Uh, Thank you” She replied, unsure of what this envelope even was.
The boy nodded in her direction and slowly backed up his bicycle…
“You sent you” Rose said
The Boy turned his head to face her and exclaimed with confusion,
“I can not say Miss.”
And with that, he popped back on his bike and rode down the direction Rose walked from. Rose turned back to the children to face them but to her surprise, they were gone. She chuckled to herself and slowly walked forward. She carefully opened the letter and after folding it, she began to read it and was astonished with what it had to tell her.

To Lady Rose Vera McLare 4 / 3 / 1 9 2 4

We have been pinning for a certain suspect for quite sometime and It is with great pleasure that we announce the arrest of General Kirgen on the gorunds of murder. We believe that over the years, you have been in close contact with this man, and even been in alliance with him and we would like to offer you Immunity from these actions if you testify against General Kirgen on the stand as a Witness. However. If you do not accept this agreement, we will take down General Kirgen and whoever stands in our way, we would hate for you, Rose, to get caught in those crossfires. For your answer or for any other reason you wish to contact us, please go to our home office in Manchester.
Take care Rose and know, we are always watching and listening. Do not tell anyone about this or there will be consequences.


Rose couldn’t believe what she was reading. She quickly dismissed the thought of interpol and carefully tucked the letter in her bag as she approached the police station,
“Your name” The police guard said
“Um, R..Mary, its Mary Clare”
“Ok,name of Prisoner?…”
“Um, The uh, General Kirgen” Rose said, a bit unsure
The gard raised his eyebrows
“The General eh, well what does a nasty person like him want with such a sweet woman like yourself?” He said, stepping closer
“None of your business” She replied and with that she walked past him and down the hallway beside the staircase. There were 2 double doors made of metal and 2 guards on either side. The guards looked at her suspiciously after a couple shady glances from the guards, the door opened and she took a long stride to cell 24. There was a tall man looking out the window. His face was sculpted in anger and resentment. His long gray mustache was deeper than he groomed it to be. He had white pale skin and darkening black eyes that intimidated anyone who was near him, it seemed to overlook his tall ears and thin gray hair. Yet most people thought it astonishing that his words were articulated with a dark british accent by his ever so thin lips. He was wearing a suit, a tight black suit with a glistening white bow though it was not on, his hat was on the bench beside him and he stood in the moonlight looking up at the tall towers above him in the clear London sky through his stone window, every so minutes he would look at his poker watch making sure he was on time, on time for what, rose didn’t know. His dinner coat was folded beneath the hat though he knew it wouldn’t be there for long.

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