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Swapped Pairs

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Saad Raza Mir, Dua Rehman, and Noor-ul-Aine are three friends helping each other out during the battlefield- 'life'. Their psychology about life is different but every particular one makes sense. This contains a bunch of true friendships including romantic love but as we all know 'Don't put all eggs in one basket.' The same goes for their friendship. I have been writing this story on Wattpad but due to less reach, I decided to write it on this platform. So, do give your reviews about the story. Happy reading!!

Mystery / Drama
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This story is pure fiction. Everything I wrote here is originally my imagination. Even if a line is taken from somewhere else, I have given credits. The story is set in Darjeeling, India.

Saad Raza Mir is the fame of the country; a soldier who keeps acting as a passion and patriotism as a profession. He is grateful to be able to play both roles at the same time in his life.

Mr. Aadil Raza Mir and Mrs. Aqsa Raza Mir; cheery, gleeful parents to Saad. Mrs. Aqsa is a housewife and Mr. Aadil is a teacher. They run an NGO together. Mir family believes in social work.

Dua Rehman is an actor who is passionate about anything she does. She is an actor who is passionate about anything she does. She is currently working with Saad on a project. She is famous and one of the most demanded actresses.

Mr. Rahil Rehman A.K.A Dua’s father. The same goes for him. He is a loving father. He is a businessman. Mrs. Amira Rehman A.K.A Dua’s mother. She is a very caring mother to her family. The sweet fashion designer in Darjeeling.

Noor-ul-Aine is a patriot. She loves her country so much that she decided to change the negative thought and pessimistic side of her country. She is a motivational speaker. She is not as famous as Saad and Dua but she dreams of the change but the fame.

Mr. Rehaan Azam A.K.A Noor’s father. He is a photographer, a responsible and loving father to the Azam family. He is a fun-loving person and mostly gangs up with his daughter.

Mrs. Yaani Azam A.K.A mother of Noor-Ul-Aine. She is a renowned doctor in Darjeeling, spectacularly handles her family as well. The boss of Azams.

Azam family loves traveling. They all are travel bugs.

That’s all. Do tell me if you liked the cast other characters will be added soon. Parents will play small roles but will be permanent.

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