The unraveled

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A lonely widow seeks to start her life afresh and moves into a small, beautiful community but nothing is always as it seems. Nothing.

Mystery / Thriller
Eve Ade
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Evangel walked through the rooms, with the agent right behind her reciting reasons why this house was a great fit for her- a lonely, unhappy widow. Not that he put it to her in those certain terms but she could read between his words and honestly, she wasn't even in the least offended. It was what it was and it had taken the past 5 years to get used to it. Now, she was beyond mourning and ready to live her life optimally.

They rounded up where they started, the Foyer with the cutest mirror she'd ever seen. Small, the frame that borders it was carved out of mahogany wood with intricate designs around it like plant tendrils reaching toward the middle of the mirror in a sort of desperate manner. It was the first thing she noticed when she walked in and she attributed it to her innate love for art dismissing the other reasons her crazy head was trying to formulate.

"I'll take it," she whispered. Glancing around like she was still trying to make up her mind but that wasn't the case. There was a 'knowing', one she hadn't felt at the previous houses she had seen. She was meant to be here.

Evangel strutted through the house. Finally, it was hers. Signed, sealed, delivered. She was so happy, she had an exciting urge to squeal and jump like a little girl. There was just something special about owning this small, quaint two bedroom bungalow with its uncommon mirrors, solid pale oak dinning table decorated with knife injuries that spelt excessive use and the trees around her home that stood like soldiers ready for battle, proud and unafraid. Quite similar to the way she described herself.

'Life couldn't be any better,' she thought
Evangel woke up with a start, given the loud scream she heard from around the house. Her heart pounding like a weak drum, her eyes traveled round her large beige coloured room questioning the sound and its source. Her closest neighbors lived half a kilometer away by design. There just wasn't a way an argument from that distance would carry through to her house. Something wasn't right and the hairs on the back her neck stood on edge and her adrenaline pumped but she wasn't going to spend the first night in her dream home huddled in a corner, fear eating a steady path through her, waiting for morning to make an appearance. she grabbed a six inch stiletto shoe and took off in search of whoever had given her a fright. It wasn't a conventional weapon but this buried in the head of an attacker, would definitely be a step in the right direction.

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