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1160, PRESTONA ENGLAND - The ruler of the Shino empire has tortured and condemned to the dungeons of the dead. His murdered wife's pious blood falls on the sands of the Shino empire, sealing the black fate of Shino..... forever. 2022, BARCELONA SPAIN - The young couple recites the story of separation from their family. Cronlio seeks revenge for the betrayal given to her. 2022, PRESTONA ENGLAND - The series of events summons Megan and Jessica to the Gold universe. The old family cleric bears a chilling secret. Their bloodline carries an ancient curse that will plague mankind - towards its own violent extinction. The mystery of Gonec attracts everyone. What connects Shino palace, Grameth Palace, the Gold universe, Gonec, Prestona, and Barcelona? What was the ancient curse and Who was cronlio? What was the terrible secret behind the fall of the colossal Shino empire? Read on as you travel through a saga of deceit and violence, love and ambition.

Mystery / Fantasy
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2022, Barcelona Spain

Shyna exclaimed, “Manuel, why don’t you understand? We need to return to Prestona by today’s flight. Mom and dad might be waiting for us in this felicitous hour of need. If we will not go, then Megan and Jessica will feel bad". Manuel stood from his place and said while showing anger that “Where were they when we needed them? I know Jessica is your real sister, but what about the misfortune and series of events that happened 15 years back. I think you forgot everything. Is this the day, you were waiting for? They did not help us when we needed them. Why are you expecting that we should go there? Think twice." Shyna went back to her room with a heavy heart. All those thoughts said by her husband
Manuel were going in her head. She called her mother and asked her how she was? Her mother told her that she was good. When is she coming back to London? “Jessica and Megan are waiting for you in Prestona. Someone special is waiting for you." Shyna said, “Mom I will not be able to come but I will try to convince Manuel if he agrees. But what about the newly born child? Boy or girl?" Mom said, “After 17 years of Megan and Jessica’s marriage, Jesus has gifted a sweet little boy but”! “But What mom?” Asked Shyna. “There is a very different symbol made on his neck which is different from the birthmarks people usually get. Our family cleric claimed that it was a symbol of great significance and derived it as reincarnation." “Reincarnation but of whom?" asked Shyna.Mom said in a trembling voice, “someone belonging to the family of the Gold universe.” Shyna became so tensed and started murmuring—“Is this the sign of danger or the arrival of happiness? Were all those things true which Dr. Oliver said 15 years back near that deadly mansion of the Gold universe?It is just because of that deadly mansion and series of events that happened that day - I and Manuel are living far from our family. I wanted everything to be normal soon. Well, forget about all this, When the Time Is Right, Lord Will Make It Happen.”

2022, Prestona England

“Jessica, Do you still believe that they will return?” Said, Megan. Jessica while taking a long breath said, “Off course, both Shyna and Manuel will come. I know there was no conversation between us for 15 years but they both will definitely come for my newly born child. Mom already informed her about the same.”Manuel said, “How many times you called them. But both of them neglect your call every time." Jessica with tears in her eyes said, “But Megan, I think you are forgetting that they are just annoyed with us due to the events that happened in the Gold universe. It was just because of that necromancer. Now, our newly born child is the only medium that can bring them here. Mom told me that, our family cleric referred to our child as someone special and different, in connection with the Gold universe." After saying, Gold universe Jessica stopped and Megan with open eyes, got shocked and could not speak for a couple of minutes. There was complete silence in the room and after that, there was a sudden shriek made by Jessica. She started crying. But Megan tried to stop her and said, "Don’t worry all will be right. Tomorrow, we will meet our family
cleric again and will try to figure out the situation." With a palpitating and quavering voice, Jessica said, “We got this baby after 17 years and this also.........” Megan said, “Calm yourself down, the situation is still blurred to us. We have to dig up the veracity of the situation. The chapter of ‘Golduniverse’ is again going to turn the pages of history.”


“I seem to have adored
you in numerous forms,
numerous times...
In course after course, in
span after span, always.
My fascinated soul has
made and altered the
necklace of songs,
That you take as a gift,
wear round your neck in
your many forms,
In course after course, in
span after span, always.”
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