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this is a story of a family, where the husband gets killed and the wife is trying to solve the murder mystery

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Chapter 1

It was early in the morning. She woke up, took a hot water shower and changed into fresh clothes. Her little family was sleeping. She didn’t wanted to disturb them. She silently headed to the namaz room and offered her prayers.

She was winding up her talk with God, she heard a loud voice. She thought it was from the above flat but her heart didnt agree. She rushed to the bedroom just to see her husband Ishaq is lying on the floor, pool of blood around him.

Her daughter was sleeping through the noise. She checked her, but she didn’t have any marks or wounds. She took off her namaz dupatta and tried stopping the blood, but all in vain.

Tears couldn’t stop, and she dialled 100. She guided the police and meantime she called her father, his partner and their neighbor. Everyone came home in no time.

Everyone were shocked to see what had happened in the bedroom. No one knew who came inside, how they entered or why they shot Ishaq. So many questions were running in their mind. Insiya couldn’t stop crying.

Her daughter was in deep sleep, she moved her to another room. She called the doctor to check on her too. They were on their way.

The police arrived and the body was sent for forensic examination. They checked the windows, the doors, took finger prints, every possible evidence but there was no clue how this occurred.

Did he commit suicide? Why would he try killing himself? They were happy 3, 4th member was on the way.

Insiya was broken. She held her stomach and cried, just kept thinking about the unborn.

The police did little investigation and asked her to report to the police station. Meantime the doctor arrived and checked her daughter.

They found a small red mark on the upper arm of the girl. They suggested if someone has injected her something. They tried to find the injection but no clue. The doctors asked her to keep an eye on her breathing time to time and keep them posted.

She was sitting on the dining table, weeping her heart out. She was to die too, suicidal thoughts made their way in her mind. Just before she could do anything, someone rang the door bell.

She was not expecting anyone, and looked through the door hole. She saw no one. Before she turned to walk inside, a paper slid through the bottom of the door.

“YOU ARE NEXT!” it was written in red blood.

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