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Maybe he is a villian in everyone's story, things he did are unforgettable and unforgivable with shaggy black messy yet curly hairs. The locks that always bounce when he walks, eyes as dark and deep as the black Sea, emitting so much power and making people backoff with just one cold stare. Tattoos running throughout his big veiny arms, can easily pass for a giant at 6'5. A bit of a crooked yet sharp jawline walking with head held high and so much power making everyone lower their heads in submission automatically. A walking mysterious God like creature he was. Criminals are always made because everyone is born normal but the circumstances in which they grow makes them criminals. How much they are doubted and classified as unworthy make them doubt about themselves and they end up getting in messes they can never get out of. Talking to him in a normal environment will never give off the murderous vibes. That such an angelic and always smiling face is capable of something so dark . But don't they say "The once we expect the least from end up doing the most heinous acts". But if we try to understand his part getting to know his background why he did and what he did. Extracting revenge for someone so close to him, someone he could have died for so he doesn't mind getting even in handcuffs for that person is understable.

Mystery / Thriller
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Interrogation room

A small , dimly lit 8×10 inches room hardly able to accommodate a medium sized table and two chairs. I was sitting in one of the chairs slightly anxious as I was seeing him after so many years.The room adding more to the creepy and depressed vibes.The door opened with a loud bang and in came him and his deep dark aura making everything suffocating. My light brown eyes collapsing with his dark black pools.As soon as my eyes drifted down I saw his big tattoed veiny arms in handcuffs.

Finally I cleared my throat and spoke "I am not going to ask whether you did it or not. But i want you to be clear about what happened that day and don't hide anything from me"

He sat there as if nothing happened, smirked at me and said "Getting straight to the point I see. No hi or hello. Neither how have you been after so long?."

Though he spoke with so much calm it was enough to make me shiver. "What's the point of small talk. I got only 30 minutes and I need to know exactly what happened so I can protect you in whatever mess you are" a bit exasperated.

Instead of answering my question he replied "Still trying to be serious and a dominant one. You still haven't changed zee zee" with so much casualty as if he was not charged with murder on his hands.

" Can you not pretend as if we are on good terms and actually tell me what happened? I am the best at my field but I need you to corporate with me or it will be a shit show in court" Almost shouting In anger that I had to count from one to ten to calm my nerves a bit.

"Do you think i did it? I was and still am many things zee zee. But a criminal really do you think I will stoop that low? " with a bit of softness in his voice giving me hints of that old him I used to know.

"I am not in a position to think. I am just here to do my business. That's what you are business and a client to me. Nothing more,nothing less" with a sigh. Which in turn erased all the softness,from his eyes turning them into a darker shade of black and he clenched his jaw so hard as if it will break.

"No, miss Jacob I didn't do it" speaking with so much formality and all his earlier warmth gone.

"Then why were you discovered with blood on your hands and clothes and your finger prints all over the dead body? And who was he even to you? Did you know the victim beforehand?"

"Yes I did know the victim beforehand he was my maybe client emphasies on the maybe ,we were going to meet for the first time and going to crack an important deal that would have lifted and helped my business a lot. Before that all the contact we had was between our secretaries"

"How many people knew you both were going to meet? And you just said lifted your business. Was your business in trouble Mr. Malhotra? " I asked that with a hint of suspicion and doubt as that was news even to me that Malhotra enterprises wasn't doing well.

That question earned me a hard glare if there was someone else in my place the person would have fainted with so much murderous vibes he was emiting. "Yes my business is in trouble. But that's what business is about. It has its ups and downs. And from my side only my secretary and driver knew about our meeting I don't know about Mr. Oberois side though"

"You know it can be used against us in the court. The fact that your business was in trouble and you got him potentially killed because he refused to help you". I asked that seriously. There were so many theories adding to it on why he did. What he did.

" Do you think I am that stupid. Ms. Jacob get my only hope killed and to top all that get discovered on the crime scene with blood everywhere!?I thought you were smarter than this" he said with his lips slightly tugging upwards adding more to his god like beauty.

"So what you are trying to say is you were at a right place but on the wrong time?" With a hint of desperation added to my voice. Yes he changed but my mind still wasn't ready to accept the fact that he can be a potential murderer.

"Yes that's what I am saying I don't know why I even went there the meeting was actually cancelled but he gave me a last minute text to come and attend it. It had so much potential that I couldn't resist going. "

"Wait a minute! You got a last minute text. Are you sure that it was him only"

Our eyes colliding the eye contact so raw and pure making me shiver from its intensity.

Before he could answer the door again opened and I came a police officer to retrieve him as the designated thirty minutes were up. Leaving me to process all the new information I got.

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