The short story

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Hi I’m a young writer and my name is Sherlin Enjoy the short story

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The short story

✓ There was this boy he went to school one it was his first day of school because he just moved away he walked to school and Heard a noise in the bushes her was like hmmmm am going to see what it is he went a there was this circle door he opened it a went in it he was uhh this is the same place why I’m I in my backyard and heard a noise say jack come in the house and he was like oh okay coming mom come in the kitchen to eat we made chicken wings and ranch and fries he was like this is my favorite food yay then he ate and went upstairs oh my gosh my room oh is so cool his mom said go to sleep he said okay he hade the best dinner and cool room then he went to sleep then woke up boy it was just a dream oh my jack you woke up son you fell off a tree when you where playing in the backyard wait what I was going to school well I don’t now what happened and your homeschool wait but mom says I don’t now .:the end

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