The Truth Below

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Join 5 friends that discover a dark mystery under their school while trying to have fun.

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Normal Day?

It was a normal Friday day Amy, Chris, Jill, Rose, and Tom finished school and met in the school library after school to finish their homework. After the five of them finished all of their homework they need something to do. “how about me explore the school basement?” Jill suggests “YEAH LETS DO THAT!” Tom excitedly exclaimed, ” I don’t know that sounds like a bad idea.” Rose sad nervously. After a minute of arguing they decided they might as well check It out for fun. They headed on their way and after a minute of searching, they found the school’s basement. They approached the basement door though the door was heavy they eventually opened the door and entered. Amy told, Chris “give me that chair so I can use it as a door stopper.” After putting the chair in the door they walked around the basement. Though It was dark and dusty after a minute of looking around they found a radio “Oh guys look at this!” Chris exclaimed, “oh that is so cool!” Rose stated excitedly. After a minute of messing with it, they got it working and then a random CD started playing (the song at the top started playing.) “This song makes me uncomfortable” Rose says as she walks toward Amy and Chris ” don’t be silly it is just a song!” Tom said mockingly but just as he said the chair holding the door was pulled into the hallway and the door slammed closed and locked them in.

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