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Some people believe in perfection. Whether it be the perfect day, the perfect partner or just having something look perfect. Well I’m not one of those people but the man who hunts me does. What he classes as perfect is twisted and he only sees his version which makes him all the more dangerous and right now he’s seeing me. There is one cop however that when I see him, it’s the closest to my version of beauty. He’s one gorgeous man and he’s hunting the man hunting me but it’s not as easy as it sounds and our past history doesn’t make it any easier.

Mystery / Romance
Madelyn Hamlet
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Chapter 1

Some people believe in perfection. Whether it be the perfect day, the perfect partner or just having something look perfect. Well I’m not one of those people. Growing up with neglectful parents and complicated siblings has shown me no perfect life but I wouldn’t say it was the worst.

You see I work as a nurse and I’ve seen my fair share of bad wounds and nasty people but I can’t say my parents are like that nor can I say that my big idiot brothers are either. When I say I’ve grown up with neglectful parents I can simply say they only had time for themselves, children be damned and the only reason I have a life as a nurse is because I have 2 older and how can I put this concerned brothers. The eldest and most stubborn is Chase at the age of 36 and my second eldest who I would say is the more level headed sibling is Tommy at the age of 34. They are the only family I have and the only people that I can say I truly love. Well there was one other but that’s a whole other story.

“Mira?” A voice called me back to the present where I’m currently taking a patients notes.


“Day dreaming again are we? Have you not had any sleep or am I just that boring to you?” Replied my best friend looking at me with a grin.

“I’m sorry Layla you know I’ve been working over lately and I’m tired.”

She studied me for a moment with her head tipped slightly to the right whilst tapping the end of her pen against her lips. When she looked at me like this, I usually didn’t like what she was conjuring up and sure enough this time was no different.

“We should go out!” She suddenly burst excitement showing on her beautifully tanned face. Layla was a beautiful woman with dark raven hair that flows just past her shoulders, blue eyes which look as enchanting as the ocean and skin that no matter what weather is always a rich tanned colour.

“Really, you know I hate parties. I only ever go for you.” I complained even though I could tell with wouldn’t make much difference.

“Yes, look we have finished now anyway and we need a night to enjoy ourselves especially with your brothers coming home in a few weeks.”

She was right about needing to enjoy myself. The last time we went out though she got so drunk we got thrown out that never stopped her from sneaking in places. Whilst she loves a party, I’m quite happy just to sit down with a good book but I figured why the hell not at this point. With work being so busy I haven’t had time to just relax and feel alive.

“Fine I guess a few hours won’t hurt. I will go home and change then meet you there.”

I started walking to the exit after clocking out and the last thing I heard was a squeal before the doors closed behind me.
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