The Butterfly Killer

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Detective Alona Price hunted a man five years ago who went after young woman with the same butterfly tattoo, but he was too smart. They never caught him, he always was one step ahead of them. What happens when he returns taking more innocent woman lives. Trying to deal with the killer and her growing feeling for her partner, will it all be to much for the Detective, especially when the killer starts to come after her, read to find out

Mystery / Romance
Ambra Friendroad
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Chapter One

Detective Alona Price ran her eyes over the body of a young woman who lay dead in a pool of her own blood, she couldn’t have been much older than twenty at least. The girl lay flat on her back, arms across her stomach, her hands clasped together. Her body was found by a dog walker in Queens Forrest Park, New York, just after 04:00 a.m.

“Emily West.” Alona’s partner and best friend Benjamin Leon murmured, reading the girls ID from a black leather clutch bag found near the victims head “She just turned Twenty yesterday.” He added grimly.

Alona exhaled as she crouched down besides Emily. “We need to find out where she was, if she was out with friends, family. We need to trace her every move.” Whoever killed Emily, shot her point blank on her chest, her throat slit, her dress torn.

Running her green eyes over Emily, Alona noticed some details that resembled her very first case when she first joined the division five years ago. A woman no more than twenty one was raped, shot, throat slit. Alona spent two years just working the case as more young woman were killed, all the same way. But they never did find the killer who was always one step ahead of them, after nearly six months and six dead woman, then the killings stopped. They never did find out who the killer was.

“Alo? Ben uttered, hesitating before taking a step closer to Alona, head cocking to the side when she didn’t answer him. “Alona?” He tried again, voice raising.

“Hm?” Alona hummed, shaking her head.

“Are you alright? Where did you go?” Ben quizzed, placing a hand on her shoulder.

“Yeah, no. I’m fine,” She smiled up at Ben trying to reassure him, but even she knew he could tell something rattled her, with a sigh she said. “She just reminds me of our very first case together. Remember? Just look at her Ben. The gun shoot, the slit throat. I bet she’s been drugged and r-raped.”

Benjamin crouched down, taking a closer look at Emily, letting out a long exhale, his mind flashing back to the very case Alona was refereeing to. It was a horrible sight then and now. “We don’t know that, yet. We don’t know if she’s been drugged. What has it been? Three years? Why start again now? Why wait all this time?”

Alona shrugged at a loss, she slipped on a pair of gloves. “Only one way to find out for sure.” She mumbled, turning Emily’s head to the right, she gently pushed Emily’s blonde hair away. I didn’t take her long to find what she was looking for. Just below Emily’s ear was a bright blue butterfly tattoo, same design and color as Amy, Moira, Lilly, Eve and Sarah. “Ben take a picture of this.” She heard Ben’s phone camera click a minute later.

“Lucy is on her way,” Ethan Roberts announced, coming to join them. “Is everything okay?”

Alona let go of Emily’s head, nodding she slipped off her gloves. “Yeah, everything is fine.”

“You sure? Cause it looks like you and Benny here, have seen a ghost.”

Ben glared at Ethan. “It’s Ben, or Benjamin. I hate that nickname.”

Ethan smirked. “I know, that’s why I use it, Benny boy.”

Alona rolled her eyes when they started bickering. Turning away from the pair dreed filled her. Ben had a point why start again after three years, she knew this wasn’t going to end soon.

“Jesus.” The chief medical examiner whispered, all three Detectives jumped in surprise, non noticing her arrival.

“Dr. Collins.” Alona greeted, stepping away from Emily. “I need a tox screen as soon as you can.”

A short woman, smaller than Alona with bright pink hair, blue eyes her voice soft, glanced at the body on the floor. “Of course, Detective Price.”

“Can you also check to see if she’s been raped.”

Dr. Collins bustled past them, carrying her hospital bag covered in stickers from her favorite TV shows.

Alona watched on as Lucy got to work examining Emily, they were multiple bruises lining her body, small cuts covered her arms and legs. “I can’t tell from just looking at her, I need to get her back to the morgue and run some test and check if she has been assaulted, but from just looking at her, I can assume she has.”

Ben looked away from Dr. Collins to face Alona, his face void of emotion as he growled out. “If it is the same guy, we’ll find him and put him away for good. He’s not getting away a second time.”

“What if it’s a copycat? Someone who watch it on the news, read about it.” Ethan wondered out-loud.

“I doubt it.” Alona murmured, “She won’t be last, Ethan.” As the crime scene team swept in, Alona shook her head and with one last look over her shoulder at Emily she said. “This won’t be ending soon, I can feel it.”


Back at the bullpen Alona typed a report for her captain, ignoring Ben and Ethan’s worried glances, and whispered words. She knew exactly what they’re taking about, but she chose to ignore them. Sighing she stood up when Ben yawned again for the fifth time.

“Where are you going?” Benjamin asked, standing as well.

Alona huffed, rolling her eyes. “To get coffee for you, I can’t concentrate with you yawing every five seconds.” She ignore his protests and made her way to the break room.

“So, we both keep an eye on her?” Ethan spoke up when he was sure Alona couldn’t hear him.

Ben nodded, keeping his voice low. “Yes, if it is the butterfly killer, she won’t rest till he’s caught. We can’t let her get that bad again, it almost killed her.”

“I second that, she’s like my little sister.” Ethan whispered. “She saved my life, I owe her so much.”

Ben nodded, reaching across to pat his shoulder. “That she did, it was brave and reckless and so-”

“Alona.” Ethan finished for him.

Both turn and watch as Alona made her way back over to them, a small smile tugging at their lips.

She placed a cup down in front of Ethan then Ben. “Where’s yours?” Ethan asked.

“I already had two cups before coming in.” She replied sitting down on the edge of Benjamin’s desk.

“Right,” Ben spoke up, flicking his gaze up to Alona before flicking it back to his computer. “Emily, she lived alone, no boyfriend. Her parents stay close by her apartment. Has crime scene been there yet?”

Alone shook her head, “Not yet. We haven’t had her address till now.”

"Right. So her apartment first then parents?“ Ben asked, taking a small sip of coffee.

Alona nodded, running her hand through her light brown, almost blonde shoulder length hair and grabbed her jacket that lay over the back of her chair.

Benjamin stood up a moment later, adjusting his gun and badge and followed Alona out the bullpen.

Their coffees forgotten about.

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