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Shattered Flower

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Joey discovers something horrifying about hir best friend that has been kept in the dark for many years. (warning: story may be potentially triggering and upsetting to certain people)

Mystery / Other
Dead account
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Chapter 1

(Joey’s POV)

I have a friend whom I liked. His name is Bernard, but I call him “Burn” as an affectionate nickname as well as because he is interested in anything fire-related. We were very close towards each other and shared all of our secrets during our younger days. Everything is open. From our interests, our confessions...anyways, usual stuff.

However, I felt slightly worried during the time where we talked about family. I told about how I had a mother who did everything to ensure we lived well and happy, a brother that was obsessed with Mixels and a little sister who somehow has a fascination with bugs. I asked Burn about his family. He told me that he had rather "fine" parents who do care about him, but sometimes tend to ignore him in the worst times and a sister that he loved the most and would totally do no wrong. I asked why he loved her. Burn replied with the words "she's my sister, so I must love her, right?".

“Oh, but is there anything spectacular like something that made you love her?”

“Uh, can I say something? She passed away last month. Please do not try to bring it up to me.”

It just ended there. I didn’t really want to bother him on why he loved his sister so much. I kinda felt happy that he really had a sister he cared for a lot, so bringing up the topic of his dead sister to him felt pretty insensitive of me.

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