Jannet Mitchell

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Chapter 2: In the orphanage

Next morning, Jannet was wakened up by one of her roommates, Sarah. “Jen, Jen! Wake up! You’re gonna miss breakfast” she said shaking Jannet up. Jannet quickly got dressed and rushed downstairs with Sarah. They were served with minimum quantity of cereal with half glass of milk. Jannet wasn’t used to this. She used to eat proper back in her house. Even after she was finished, she felt hungry. She went up to matron.

“Can I please have a refill? I’m still hungry.”

“No! There is limited amount of food here.” She shouted back at Jannet.

Jannet went to her room and she hadn’t even spent a day here but she could not take it anymore. She felt so hungry and weak and hopeless.

Door opened and Sarah, Leneh, Ruby and Mora walked in.

“I am so hungry” Jannet grumbled

“That’s how things are here, you get food and if you ask again you get a very good whacking. She let you off this time because of the exception.” Replied Mora

“Yeah, Mombaka cares a lot about first impressions.” Added Leneh

“Anyways don’t worry, you’ll get used to it” Ruby said

And the other girls nodded in agreement. The conversation went on for an another while when suddenly they saw a chaos outside their room which only took Jannet by surprise because she was new. The other girls looked like it was an everyday routine.

“Wonder whose body they found this time” said Sarah

Jannet looked confused and as if they had read her expression

“It is an everyday routine, Jen” said Mora

“What do you mean?” Jannet kept on getting confused with every word the girls said

“Well, you see everyday a body is found dead in the orphanage” said Sarah

“Gosh! How? Why?” Question after question took over Jannet’s mind

Ruby began “Nobody really knows how these things happen or why they happen. There are many things like this that are a mystery to everyone. S…”

Jannet cut her off “There are more such things?”

“Yeah” replied Leneh

“Some people say the matron kills a person a day for some reason. Others say they kill themselves because they are tired of the rules and they just wanna quit. It has been happening each day for an year as far as I can remember but to this day it remains a mystery to everyone” completed Ruby

“I see, so what do you guys reckon the reason is?”

“I think the matron kills them, there are signs you know. I mean once at lunch I caught the matron smirking at this guy named Mike and that day he was found dead. I tried to believe it was a coincidence but to be sure I caught matron’s eye again and she smirked at a girl and then that day she was found dead. I caught her eye for a whole week and it happened every day. It’s hard to say it’s a coincidence now because coincidences don’t happen every day, every time.” Said Mora

Once again the others nodded in agreement.

“Why do you think the matron does that”

“We don’t know, nobody does.” Said Mora

They were still on that subject when a boy came running in gasping for breathe and announced “Molly is dead” saying this he ran again.

“Oh no!” grumbled Leneh “Molly was the first friend I made here” she whined

“Yea, Molly was super great” Added Ruby

“Who was Molly?” Jannet interrupted

“The long, black, silky haired girl? I don’t think you know her” said Sarah

But Jannet did remember something. She had seen someone as Sarah described but where? Jannet tried hard to remember and suddenly she remembered it all.

“No no no no” Jannet said out loud without realizing

“What happened? Are you okay Jen?” the girls asked

“I remember her, I do. Molly was the first person after the matron that I met! She was the one who escorted me here to my room. She was the one who let me know the place wasn’t bad without even realizing she was doing that. She was an angel. Why did she have to be the victim?”

That night, the question remained the same. Why Molly? Why did she have to be the victim? Was it a normal pick? Why is it the way it is?

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