Jannet Mitchell

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Chapter 3: Sinbakas

Nothing in this orphanage seemed normal anymore. Everyday a new orphan was found dead which troubled Jannet. They say the Matron really cares about first impressions but she did not have a very good one on Jannet. The matron was kind to Jannet but no, Jannet was not buying it. She was way clever than the matron thought her to be.

“Why is the matron so cruel. This keeps disturbing me” said Jannet

“Keep your volume down, you wouldn’t want the sinbakas to hear you,” said Sarah

“Sinbakas?” said a confused Jannet

“The matron has spies everywhere, you never know who’s a spy of her. Anyone can be one. Sinbaka is a name they call themselves,” said Mora

“Who would want to serve a lady like her anyway” Jannet rolled her eyes in frustration

The room fell silent at it. Mora, Leneh, Sarah, and Ruby exchanged eye contacts. It was as if Jannet had said something bad. Awkwardness filled the room.

Jannet looked disgusted but the other girls fell silent. It seemed as if they were hiding something from Jannet and no one wanted to tell what it was. Jannet accidently saw Leneh nudging Mora and that was when Jannet knew something was not right. Jannet wanted to know things but she just could not. It seemed that there was a thing really disturbing around here which no one wanted to talk about.

“Anyways what’s your hobby?” Leneh said breaking the silence. Jannet knew what Leneh was trying to do. She was just trying to change the topic. How bad could something be that they don’t wanna tell me? Jannet was still wondering all these things. Ever since she first came to this place horrible thoughts had been ruling her mind. Jannet wanted answers, answers to all the things around here. As much as she wanted answers, she wanted not to hear bad news.

“I know you all are hiding something. Please tell me what it is. I really wanna know answers to everything. Things are just so suspicious around here.” Jannet had plucked up the courage to confront the others.

Once again awkwardness took over the room but then finally Sarah broke it

“Jannet, you are new to this place so you don’t know the matron like we do or the paths or anything around here as much as we do so um the bad news is…” she stopped and that disturbed Jannet

“Go on” Jannet said

“You sure you wanna hear this? It’s bad and newbies don’t want to hear such news in their first week.” Said Mora

“Do I want to hear it?” Jannet asked herself

“Yes, I’m ready and I’m sure. I better prepare myself.” Jannet had finally decided.

“This place is enchanted or that’s what they say.” Ruby said

“What? Enchanted as in?”

“You see, the deaths that happen every day?” Ruby said

“But wasn’t that the matron killing people?”

“Well, we don’t really know. They are just guesses.” Leneh said

“This is like a nightmare urgg” Jannet said it out loud without realizing.

“Sorry sis, it’ll just take you time but don’t worry you’ll do just fine” Mora said

Jannet didn’t believe her. How can she be fine when things around here aren’t?

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